Title: Your Champion, My Shiny
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 12/7/18
Location: Multiple
Show: Evolution 37

Austin Bishop? 

Your name… It… It is laughable.

And I know in saying this I, Loki Synn, of ALL people should have something much better than that. 

The Jagged Grin of CWF.

The Janusian Jester.

THE World Champion of CWF, Loki… Synn, should have something a bit better to call her opponent on any given week something more than, “laughable.” Austin, I have to be Frank here, no worries, you can still be Austin. I know you’ve had a LOT of practice at being that lame. 

Did I say that out loud?

Anyways, let me get down on your level. You are not as intimidating as you seem to think you are. Who have your opponents been up to this point? Anyone I should care about? Have heard about? 

Didn’t think so.

So after that, you THINK that you have what it takes to make me turn my gaze upon you? To remotely care about your existence on this plane? You come out of the woodwork with none other than Dick Fury at your side screaming to be noticed by anyone and everyone that was within earshot. Newsflash: Dick Fury will do nothing but drag you down Austin. Look at his tenure in the CWF in recent times. He shows up, makes a vie for the World Title, MY World Title I may add, loses his shot, busts too early as it were; and disappears.

Then he shows up with tall, dark and moody, my very opponent this week. 


Dick screams it from the top of his lungs upon his reemergence upon this fair land, just as underwhelming as it was before. At this point Austin, his presence here can only be described as an oh so stubborn case of herpes. Underwhelming in the fact that no one wants to know about it, annoying enough to make you want to do something about it. He is using you as his instrument of destruction, expecting you to bring an age of destruction to reset all the wrongs caused from having MJ as a champion.

Except… He wasn’t counting on me usurping MJ and bringing about a new age of… Hostility to the CWF. So congratulations I guess? He succeeded and got you a match against the champion of CWF, he got you a match against me. What exactly is your endgame at this point? My Shiny isn’t on the line. Is it because you want to prove something to me?

That you’re worth more than some “big and scary” dude that beats up nameless, faceless people who have yet to make their own marks on professional wrestling history? What more to your life could there possibly be Austin? My belt? Is that it? What happens when you finally win, excuse me, PRY THIS SHINY PRECIOUS FROM MY COLD AND DEAD HANDS?! I wish my title was on the line this week Austin, I truly do, and do you know why?! So I can prove to you exactly how meaningless your existence is to me. So I can have the opportunity of proving to you that me having this belt is NO FLUKE, and a muscle toned nobody with a mouthpiece with a mouth bigger than his DICK, will EVER be able to topple ME. 

I AM Loki Synn.

The Janusian Jester.

The Jagged Grin.

YOUR World Champion and the destroyer of one Austin Bishop, because he looked menacingly into the camera and spoke once during his months of being here, and growled words; that were as impactful as anything his mouthpiece has done in this business.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t amount to much in my book.

But what would I, of all people know?

I’ve only beaten MJ Flair when it counted. What have you done with your career Dick? What have you done for Austin’s?

I’ll see you guys at Evolution. 

Right Parenthesis.

Monday December 3rd, 2018
Church Vs. State TV Set
2:00 A.M. EST

The spotlights shone bright on the set of Church Vs. State, highlighting the usual two seat set up with a third seat next to the first two. Why complicate things that don’t need complicated? Slowly and unsteadily, the show’s namesakes step out from the sides, yawning and in obvious states of disarray. Charles State’s hair was disheveled as he does his best to rub sleep from his eyes while stifling a yawn. Blake Church’s normally crisp appearance has been downgraded to “unassembled” as he tries to straighten out his shirt that obviously is unevenly buttoned as he too tries to stifle a yawn. The two take their usual spots and blink slowly at the cameras, the bright lights, the empty third chair, and back to each other. Finally it’s Church that says it.

Blake Church: Why so early? I just don’t. I don’t understand why this couldn’t have waited, or had Rolash do this instead…

A voice comes up from off camera, causing both men to jump up, Church being startled to the point that he falls off of his stool.

James Milenko: To answer your question, it’s because of me, and I felt the need to announce it now, on YOUR show, because I’m going to be honest gentlemen, your ratings haven’t been the greatest as of late. You’ve needed a spark. A flair. Something to make you a little less bland. Instead of axing your show, I decided to make a major announcement, aired exclusively on our network, right now, to try and save this show of yours. Say what you will about me, but I have a soft spot for broadcast teams that work for me. Remember that, m’kay?

The broadcast partners mumble their apologies, Blake from the floor as he slowly gathers himself, brushes himself off, curses his shirt, and sits on his stool in apparent defeat. Charles just shakes his head at his partner and turns his attentions back to Milenko, who is now making himself comfortable in the guest’s chair. 

Charles State: Sorry about that Mr. Milenko. We’re just not used to having to do early shows. Or late shows. 

James Milenko: It’s fine, fine! Like I said, I have a soft spot for my broadcast teams and I want to see this show flourish. Historically speaking, having sudden, “AH! Look at what we’re doing now!” moments have the fantastic effect of saving shows such as yours when it comes to ratings and staying power. Having announcements such as what I have planned at odd times gets rumor mills spinning rapidly faster, which in this business, is good news. So, let’s get down to it shall we? I’m just here to let you gentlemen do your job.

The last line is said with oiliness, coyness, and the greasiness of a snake slithering away after whispering in Adam and Eve’s ear to eat the forbidden fruit. James Milenko leans back in his chair and crosses his legs, his confidant smirk giving nothing away as he waits for the two to regain their composure. Blake is busy with his back turned to the camera, doing something with his shirt.

Charles State: Right! Sooo, Blake, why don’t you get us started off?

Church jumps and falls off his stool again with a sudden yelp. It takes him a little bit less time to recover this time around though as he jumps back to his feet to sit back down as if nothing happened. Only this time his shirt is only half buttoned up, a fact he is doing his best to ignore as he looks at his broadcast partner, a look of panic obvious on his face. Charles can only look at the spectacle before him before he returns his attention to James Milenko, who gives Church a chance to finish getting ready.

Charles State: Well, your motives seem genuine enough, but what is this announcement that will save our show? 

James Milenko: You don’t hold back any punches do ya Chuck?

James gives the cameras a sarcastic wink and continues.

James Milenko: I’m kidding with you Chuck, can I call you Chuck? I don’t think it matters. I’m here to announce that after months of being victimized at the hands of Jon Stewart, I’m allowing him a chance to let CWF put up or shut up. I’ve pulled every string I’ve could, called in every favor I could think of, and yes, even groveled on my hands and knees for good reason, THIS reason. Ladies and gentlemen, on December 18th, LIVE on the CWF Network, I, James Milenko present to all of you fans out there; a one time only event, so you WON’T want to miss out…

At this point State is staring at Milenko with rapt attention. Church is also giving Milenko his undivided attention, his fingers frozen around one of his buttons on his once again crooked shirt. James pauses, allowing the suspense to build up to a fever pitch.

James Milenko: It will be a night where battle lines are drawn and people realize that revenge from James Milenko is a dish served cold. One night only, the CWF will get a dose of Hostility when I present to you CIVIL WAR: HOSTILE INTENTIONS! Church! State! I’m here to announce to you gentlemen, first and foremost, the card for MY December 18th show! I…

He stops suddenly as he searches in his pockets and produces his cell phone. He looks at the caller ID quizzically and then back at Church and State, both giving him their attentions. He sheepishly looks at them both and holds up a finger before turning his back on them as best he can and answers the phone call.

James Milenko: This has better be good… I… How much? … Yeah, I guess that is fine. And how exactly am I supposed to work this? … Right… All I have to do is… Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?! I’m James Milenko! Of COURSE I know how to make someone’s life hell! I…

Milenko’s voice softens to the point where no one can hear him as he says a couple more things into the phone and then hangs up. He turns to the camera, gives an awkward shrug, and looks sheepishly between the two stunned into silence broadcast partners.

James Milenko: Right, now where was I? Right! Civil War!

This seems to snap Church and State out of their trances and they straighten themselves quickly. 

Blake Church: Are you able to do that? Like, do you even have a card?

James Milenko: Blake! Of course I can and of course I do! I wouldn’t come here empty handed! I figured you would want to be the first to report on the officially official card for my Civil War show, so why not get started shall we?

The green screen behind the trio flashes to life as a logo for the show appears.

Blake Church: When did we get a green screen?

The other two ignore him as the image changes and we are show three relatively unknown people under Team Hostility and Autumn Raven, Alex Rain, and The Lost Soul making up Team CWF.

Charles State: Sooo, a six man tag match to start things off? 

Blake Church: Yeah, and who are the other three?

Milenko smirks before replying.

James Milenko: Why, that’s Autumn Raven, Alex Rain, and some guy named The Lost Soul that Stewart managed to drag up from the icy depths of wrestling obscurity; go Team CWF, am I right?! Or, did you mean Team Hostility? Surely you recognize BBD and Lucas Greene right? The other man is the one and only Bubba Love. All three of these men are integral parts of Hostility history and I couldn’t be prouder than to have all three of them fighting for my legacy. I’ll let their actions in the ring do the talking though, how about we talk about the stipulations for the evening and how these matches will work? I promise, most of these will be unlike anything you have ever seen, and the end result will be a show in itself. The winner of these matches gentlemen, get a Milenko surPRIZE.

The two look at each other uncertainty clear in their eyes.

James Milenko: Allow me to explain. A surPRIZE is something that I’ve always adored because one doesn’t know what they are fighting for, until they obtain it. I’ve ALWAYS been fond of surPRIZES and don’t see any reason not to employ them for this event. I’ve always used them in Hostility and why would I want to give someone who isn’t sticking around a promised title shot? This promises a fair competition and in the end, the winners feel like they actually won something. In terms of the match stipulations, yes, the first match starts off as a six person tag match, elimination rules, CWF versus Hostility. BUT… At the end of the match, the surviving members of the winning team will enter into a ladder match, the winner of course winning the surPRIZE. And let me tell you gents something, this will be a surPRIZE I reveal at the show. I am going to spoil it at the start of this match and it will be something that will not only be talked about for ages to come, but cement my legacy among the greats.

Church and State exchange looks of disbelief but Milenko doesn’t stop there.

James Milenko: Time is money gentlemen and I realize how tired you must be, how about I press through and do all the work for you so that way you can get home and process some of this?

The other two give James nods of aquiessence and Milenko proceeds.

James Milenko: I’ll do what I can, but please be advised, this card will serve as your shots of adrenaline though. Now next up we have a match that honestly took me by surprise. In a requested rematch from Northern Crown, Elijah and Omega have asked Jon Stewart for a match against the tag team champs. The weirdest part of this entire thing? They asked for this match to be specifically non-title so that it wouldn’t be about the straps, they could make sure it was about one thing and one thing only. “Vengeance,” their word, not mine.

Church and State can barely comprehend the match that Milenko just lumped out. In two matches he had established an opening match that hasn’t been seen prior and a tag team title rematch, requested by the challengers to be non-title so they could focus on making Jimmy and Tobias pay. James allows them several moments to try to process before he continues, an almost gleeful tone overtaking his voice.

James Milenko: This next match, I don’t believe anyone is ready for. Now, I’m a big fan of innovation and the “Blood of My Enemy” match was just that. So, why not reuse the concept because it fits just oh so perfectly in this event? Christer Lundmark has been on a tear lately, facing off against Azrael and proving he is a force to be reckoned with. My pick to go up against him, is the one and only Ozric Mortimer. Now, Oz was a tricky one due to a checkered path. You think Loki Synn is bad? Oz can put her to shame without pause, without remorse, and only too happy to do it. Ozric isn’t just a mere man, he’s the thing that nightmares are made of and I do NOT envy Christer’s position. Sure he can stand toe to toe with Azrael but what does that say for him? Watch what Mortimer can do inside that ring and THEN come back and tell me I don’t have what it takes anymore. The winner of Blood of My Enemy II will walk out with a surPRIZE of their own.

Milenko’s eyes take in the look of shock on Church and State’s faces. Their open mouths tell the entire story. Ozric Mortimer is a name now only to be known, but to be feared.

James Milenko: Next up, we have a match that I am personally excited for. A match to prove brand supremacy and give a deserving individual that was sometimes overlooked from Hostility’s history to be our flag bearer. On the CWF side of things, my hand picked opponent will be, Dorian Hawkhurst. Now, the person I have representing myself and Hostility, is none other than The Australian Submission Machine, Nathan Paradine! Paradine has always been a Hostility staple and a shoe in for a hall of fame position, if the fed wasn’t burned down by CWF way back when. If anyone can subdue a so called “demon” then it’s going to be him. Now of course the winner of this confrontation would also get a surPRIZE, but this isn’t your average match. This will see Nathan Paradine be chained to Dorian Hawkhurst by the arm. The only way to win this match is to raise your federation’s flag in all four corners. No rules, no submissions, no count outs, just two men chained together, and fighting for the pride of their homeland.

Church and State barely have time to exchange looks of complete shock before Milenko plows right into the next match.

James Milenko: Now, this match, when I heard back from my person that he was interested in a match, I couldn’t resist putting this match together. Azrael, being the “angel” that he is, will be going one on one with the one and only, Simon Marks! No special stipulations in this match, winner will get a surPRIZE. I just fully believe that Simon Marks will make Azrael feel completely and utterly violated before the night’s end. 


Gentlemen, those were all appetizers compared to the semi and main events. First up, in a match served up the those lucky enough to be live and for the ones watching at home; in a tornado street fight, The Smokin’ Aces will be defending the CWF’s honor against the two men I hand picked to defend Hostility. Chris Bond and the one and only man I, James Milenko, would EVER claim to be the “Hero of Hostility,” TALON!

Milenko pauses, thinking he’s going to hear gasps of surprise, or excitement, instead he just gets crickets as Blake and Church instantly pull out their phones to Google search who those two men are. James rolls his eyes and pushes onward.

James Milenko: Really guys? I make a landmark announcement like this and you pull out your phones? Chris Bond and Talon are the two men that Hostility has to its credit that BLEED for it. You know how MJ Flair was CWF’s figure head until Loki literally threw her from her pedestal? Yeah, These two were the figure heads of Hostility no matter what. If any of my former roster members could take on CWF’s resident tag team of choice, I would give it to Bond and Talon, bet everything I own on it, and go into that match with complete confidence that my two guys will come out on top no matter what. I wouldn’t put my name on the line for too many people. These two happen to be two of the only people I consider to be up to this task, everyone else is questionable.

That said, that brings me to the main event…

At this point having Church and State even there is just for show and because the product that is airing this content IS named for the two. Still, there is a look in Milenko’s eyes that makes the two step backward and let the man talk. With any luck, he’d lose steam at some point in the near future. Maybe.

James Milenko: The Unholy Carnival. Picture if you would, a ring surrounded by 8 pods. Inside each of these pods resides a superstar representing their brand. Team Hostility versus Team CWF. There will be two stars starting this match, locked inside this cell, surrounded by their enemies and allies, and from the ceiling of the cell encapsulating these ten people? Weapons hanging for all to use. Completely legal and all are encouraged to do so. The teams of course have already been set and the match itself will be fought under elimination rules until members of one team remain. The dominant team. I warn you now, with the people that I have picked up, one might say that I have… Hostile Intentions. Jon Stewart has sent me over his choices for a team, and I have to say things are looking dim for CWF. Good luck boys…

Team CWF will be: Duce Jones, Freddie Styles, Jarvis King, The Shadow, and a mystery figure Jon wishes to remain a mystery until the show, which… Is fine. Because these men have no hope against MY team.

Team Hostility will be the returning Jay Rayez and Brock, The Heroes of Violence! IM Hate, a man that Hostility was built using his blood, sweat, and violent tendencies. When I called him to ask about joining, he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get his hands on a couple more victims. I also have Hostility alum, Tobias Devereaux, and last but certainly NOT least. World Champion and Hostility alumni in her own right… LOKI SYNN!

James Milenko takes a moment to allow his words to sink in and enjoys the look of complete disbelief on the faces of Blake Church and Charles State. Stunned to silence, they can only watch as the man who controls half of CWF gets up and walks out of the room, full aware that he is throwing the CWF into a complete state of Civil War. However, in his reverie of enjoying the effect of his words on the two men and the looks on the faces of everyone that was able to see the broadcast from home; Milenko completely misses a bleach blonde faux hawk, peeking out from behind designer sunglasses, his words to no one hiding an ominous message.

Christopher St. James: Bet everything on Hostility you say???

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