Title: A Moment
Featuring: Tobias Devereaux
Date: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 37

The scene opens with a darkened hotel room. In the corner is the image of Tobias Devereaux. He's got a cigarette hanging from his lips thr only light the ember at the end lightly illuminating his face.

“You know people around here continue to doubt de abilities of de Cajun. Which honestly I'm starting to get pretty damn sick and tired of mon armies. First they called me the hired muscle then I took the hero of the entire federation MJ to her limit and am the rightful holder of that golden strap. Den dey said me and Jimmay are just afterthoughts to de show that is de jester. Dey acted as dough we had no chance in de title tournament.”


The gleam off the tag championship can be seen in the lap of Tobias. He just smirks.


“We both knows how dat went. Legend, upstart, heroes, villains dey all fell to de might of de hostile takeover. Now Jon keeps playin his games making match after match with whateva tossed together team he can come up wit. Like dat is gonna slow down de train dat is dis team.”


Tobias takes a long drag off his cigarette. The fire dancing against the gleam in his eyes.


“So Trent, I's sorry yews gotta do dis a second week in a row. Duce, you do yes ting plays, handle yew biz wit Trent. De hostile takeover has no issue wit yew at de moment. We still finishing off de Forsaken, den we'll fight de Glass Ceiling if need be. Of course de Aces are rightful number one challengers in our eyes so noting but respect mon amie. “


Tobias runs his fingers over the CWF logo on the title.


“Loki didnt need nobody eh? Ok jesta, yew keep believing dat if'n yew want to. We all knows betta ya damn cooyon. Yew wouldn't have dat gold if not for de rest of us. To be more specific I'd have dat gold if not for yew and yew selfish vendettas. Dis was about taking over de CWF showing dem de power of Hostility, yet yew went off and did yew own ting. But dont worry chere, de piper always gets paid in de end.”


Tobias finishes his cigarette, grinding it down onto an ashtray on a nearby end table.


“Speakin of de power of Hostility, like de proverbial phoenix it rises once more. Names not uttered in years if not a decade. Dey are crawling out like rats.  Tis gonna be fun mon amies, setting de world on fire once more. Let us show dem de true nature of tings back in de day.”


Tobias smirks to himself as scene fades to black.

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