Title: Beginning to an End
Featuring: Most Known Unknowns
Date: December 4, 2018
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Show: Evolution 37


April 20, 1993

San Juan, Puerto Rico


The sounds of children shouting and laughing can be heard, as the scene opens up we see two young boys wrestling each other inside of a homemade wrestling ring, other small children cheering them on as they compete back and forth. Of those children, one is recognizable as a five year old Nina. Gleefully clapping her hands in excitement, she watches on in awe as one of the young boys performs a moonsault from the top rope onto the other young boy. The boys, no older than ten and eleven, go at it like seasoned veterans for their ‘sold out’ crowd, as they watch on, on pins and needles.

Nina: ¡No! ¡Angelo se levanta! (Angelo, get up!)

He does not though, the other boy pinning him for a count of three. A disappointed look befells the face of Nina as majority of the children begin cheering like crazy! They all rush the ring as Angelo rolls out, Nina rushing over to his side.

Nina: ¡Angelo! ¡Angelo! ¿Estás bien?

Breathing heavily, Angelo gives Nina a hearty smile.

Angelo: Estoy bien hermanita. No hay nada de que preocuparse. (I'm fine little sister. There's nothing to worry about.)

They both smile and hug each other, now seemingly headed for their home, leaving the children to enjoy the celebration. Gathering his things, Angelo leads Nina home, as the sun begins to set. Angelo was training to become a professional wrestler, however due to the Ruiz financial state, paying for training was not an option. However performing for free for the duration of your training was how majority of the wrestlers got their start in the business. There never was really an age limit when it came to becoming a professional wrestler in Puerto Rico, plus ends had to be met, so extra bodies in the workforce was more important than education. The two walk along the streets of San Juan, Angelo holding Nina's hand as a security mechanism. However the two move along as Nina bombards Angelo with questions.

Nina: ¿Por qué siempre pierdes? Eres más fuerte, podrías vencerlo fácilmente. (Why do you always lose. You're stronger, you could easily beat him.)

Angelo: Es todo un show de Nina.Soy un chico malo y el chico malo siempre pierde. (It's all a show Nina. I'm a bad guy and the bad guy always loses.)

The two carry on in conversation, the route they took had become second nature as they barely paid attention to their surroundings. The streets had become a ghost town, but the excitement from the wrestling show could easily be mistook for the culprit. Making a right, the siblings come to a complete stop as in front of them, a convoy of men in military uniforms have some people rounded up on the streets, harassing them. Grabbing Nina's hand tightly, Angelo pulls her back behind the building they've just rounded. Placing a finger to his lips, instructing Nina to stay silent, Angelo peers around the building to check out the scenery.

“Get on your knees!” One of the men yelled at the people, guns drawn and pointed at the civilians. Turning towards his sister, Angelo tries to keep her calm.

Angelo: ¡Mira! Cuando digo correr, corres bien. (When I say run, you run okay.)

With bravery that could be compared to an adult, Angelo now crouching down, along with Nina begin to move backwards. The two go to change directions when their path is blocked by one of the men in uniform! The siblings are trapped with no sign of escape. With an assault rifle trained on them, the man shouts out instructions.

Soldier: Get on your knees and place your hands behind your head!

Tears begin to flood the dirt roads, the screams of Nina echoing through the air, her crying now evident as she fails to comprehend what's currently happening. Suddenly the sound of gunfire let's off through the air, the right side of the soldier's head exploding open as a bullet comes crashing through the left side of his skull! As the soldier slumps to the ground, a bandana face covered man rushes over.

Refugee: ¡Ven por aquí ahora! (Come this way now!)

Angelo: ¡Nina corre! (Nina run!)

As if off instant, Angelo grabs the assault rifle off of the ground, covering his sister as she runs for her life. The clacking of boots on rutted soil can be heard, Nina running for her life, looking back not even being considered an option  She ran for miles as the sounds of a gunfight ensued behind her, she ran until the sounds were no longer audible. Coming to a stop in a field of crops, she finally turns to look behind her, but no one is there, just her and her alone, feeling abandoned as she had truly thought the worst of her older brother.





December 4, 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico


We find ourselves in the same exact field were Nina had ran to so many years ago. As the drone hovers over the field, we can see that the year’s crops have already been harvested. For as far as the drone can see the field is completely empty, saved for the soil. Panning around, a visual can be seen of what appears to be three figures standing in the distance. The drone getting closer, we now notice them to be the trio that makes up the mysterious V.E.N.O.M! Sitting firmly and comfortably on her throne. Nina pets at her brown recluse, both Espinoza and Martinez chained to her seat. With her right leg crossed over her left, she stares at the drone as it nears them.

Nina: There once was a little girl, who sat right here and weeped. She weeped because that was the last time she ever seen her brother alive. Vanished without as much as a single trace.

Espinoza is still as a stone, as a Puerto Rican boa comes slithering over his left shoulder, Nina continuing.

Nina: That little girl had to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. Become a very different woman.. one with only one instinct.. Survive.. Now I know that many wonder why we are here in the CWF. In due time, the blindfold will be lifted, the eyes of the masses will be open and they will all finally wake up..

Nina continues to pet the spider as it rests comfortably within her palm.

Nina: At Northern Crown, there was a bit of an awakening, and soon our intentions will become clear.

She smiles her signature grin.

Nina: They will finally become clear and the masses will… wake up.. They will wake up and see things for how they were all along. The veil will be lifted and they will bow to their knees and rejoice! They will all wake up and see, that what they thought they didn't need.. They needed all along..

Martinez begins to run his dirty fingers through his sweat dripped hair. The intensity within both Espinoza and Martinez's eyes ever apparent.

Nina: You're all sheep, following blindly, hiding behind falsehoods and own self inflicted defense mechanism. Unwilling to accept the truth for what it is, turning your nose to the ones who try to help open your eyes. Soon you all will be woke to everything you've slept on, and their return is imminent.

Both of her guards snarl as Nina carries on without missing a beat.

Nina: While the sheep distract themselves with hostile insurgents. The true reign of terror is on the horizon. We warned of the incoming chaos, we warned of the oncoming destruction, and we warned of the impeccable madness. You did not heed our warning as phase one begins. Maestro, Autumn Raven and Christer Lundmark. All lambs being offered as sacrifice by James Milenko and Jon Stewart, which we happily accept. Lundmark has stepped inside of the ring with us once before, and no matter if he and his partner were not getting along, he left like a coward. Or maybe he saw facing us as a waste of his time, just as we feel the same about these people. Yet…

She says holding up a finger.

Nina: A point has to be made! Lundmark! The proud Viking warrior, the man who likes to unleash the berserker rage. The one who thinks we want the sheep to fear us, when we are only the prelude to the nightmare. We are that voice that develops the idea of what the darkest of dreams are made of.. We do not accept fear as it's a worthless emotion, just as pride.

Espinoza begins to breathe heavily, Nina motioning her right hand, commanding him to calm down.

Nina: Lundmark. Your foolish pride will be your end. You express with such dismay about your partnership with Azrael during our first encounter. Now with the likes of Maestro and Autumn Raven by your side, you must truly feel at a disadvantage against me and what did you call them? 'Pets?’ How cute. But you bring to battle a wingless bird and a tuneless conductor and you expect victory. Hehehe… The three of you are only the beginning to the end.

Y la infección ha comenzado…

Nina begins to laugh hysterically, both Espinoza and Martinez menacingly stand at her sides staring into the drone as the scene suddenly blacks out.

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