Title: Semi Colon. Fuck Right Off.
Featuring: Austin Bishop
Date: 12/6/18
Location: Does it Matter?
Show: Evolution 37

Dear Mr. Jon Stewart,
You sir are a real piece of work. Week after week, The First Apostle has proven that there is no match for him in the CWF. When challenged to make the right decision, you half ass it by giving Austin Bishop a match with the champion, but no title on the line. You sir, can fuck off.

Yours Truly,
Dick Fury

Semi colon.
Fuck Right Off.


Dick Fury puts his pen down and looks over the letter. There is nothing like a strongly worded handwritten note in this day and age to really show someone how you feel. Fury carefully folds the letter before placing it in the envelope he has next to it on the desk. He will have it delivered later and only wish he could see the commissioners' face when he opens it.

Fury pushes the chair back, stands up and begins to walk. Exiting the room, he begins down a hallway. As he passes an open door, Austin Bishop exits the door and begins to follow Dick. The two men turn right and then make a left at the second door down that hallway. This leads to a large production room. They head across the room toward where a green screen and a camera are set up.

"Time to do this damn thing?"

The production assistant looks up from his clipboard.

"Sure is Mr. Fury!"

Austin and Dick step in front of the green screen and position themselves. The cameraman counts down... 3, 2... 1... the green light turns on. Austin Bishop towers behind Dick, fist clenched with a serious look on his face. Fury, not his usual snarky self, stares into the camera.

"Loki Synn... the one who dethroned Flair..."

Fury takes a moment to spit at the mention of MJF.

"Loki Synn... the one who can lay out an open challenge to anyone in the WCWA."

He pauses.

"Loki Synn... the one who can show up at the WCWA show, be seen at the SEE offices, and chase Eric Dane around the country."

Dick takes a breath, letting out an annoyed sigh.

"Loki Synn... the one who can do all of this, but can't be bothered to actually put their title on the line when the only person in this God damn world that matters..."

He points at Austin Bishop.

"...The First Apostle... The destroyer of all so that the Savior can rebuild... Austin.. Fucking... Bishop."

Austin cracks his neck.

"You can stretch yourself thin for everyone else, but you won't put the title up for a match with Bishop? A man who is undefeated... A man who is leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes... A man who Dick can sit here and loudly proclaim is the God damn future of the CWF?"

He scoffs.

"Loki Synn... the one who had their neck broken by Austin Bishop right before Christmas."

He looks into the camera deep.

"Semi-Colon. Fuck Right off."

He smirks before they begin to leave. The production assistant yells for him.

"Wait, is that it? Mr. Fury.. Mr. Bishop?!"

Fury just raises an arm in the air, his middle finger bending up as they continue on.

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