Title: [CD] Aces' Up! [WCWA]
Featuring: Smokin Aces
Date: December 2, 2018
Location: Manhattan, New York

We pan around the Hammerstein Ballroom, soon to become the home site for When World's Collide. Finally done getting a full view of the venue, the camera rest of the Freddie Styles and Duce Jones, Smokin’ Aces! The former two time CWF Tag Team Champions stand on the stage that on December 4th will become the entrance area. Both men walk down the staircase attached to the stage, as the camera zooms in a bit on them.

“So dis is it huh?” Duce questioned as Freddie and him look around. “Dis is t'mecca of professional wrasslin’?”

“I guess so..” Styles responded, looking impressed with the historical arena.

“They say history has been made right here in dis very buildin’, but come December 4th, even mo’ history is gonna be made..” Duce says looking at the camera.

“Five teams. One goal. One result.”

“Tha Aces are walkin’ out wit those tag straps!”

“We are the epitome of tag team wrestling and the teams pitted to step inside of that squared circle with the two of us.. are going to get an up close and personal view at ‘The Glass Ceiling’.”

“Those otha’ teams.. ain't shit but pretenders, sent to rep they company, only t'get knees t'they fuckin’ face! Thea, Lexie.. don't get me wrong y'all cute and all, but illiterate is probably tha biggest word in ya vocabulary. Let's just say, down south tha vernacula’ is a bit different..”

“You know what they say about blondes..”

“Bout as dumb as a box of rocks..”

“Williams and Allen..”

“Can we not?”


“Let's just not..”

“But they wanted to talk down on how we lost our championships. Say that we no longer have their attention!”


“The Truth!” Freddie exclaims as he turns back to the camera. Before stopping and turning back to Duce. “Have we heard anything from them?”

“Nope..” Duce states in an unimpressed tone. “Fuck it.. They should just hand us the belts. C'mon mane, be real.. a makeshift team, another one that barely has gotten their feet wet, but think we should be intimidated by a legacy?”

“Don't forget about The Truth!”

“I will.. Cuz tha only 'truth’ right here, right now is dat Tha Aces ain't losing!”

“What about Shield Wall, Fluki and Igor?”

“You mean dry wall, cuz dat's somethin’ I'd rather watch than one of those 'intense’ promos...” Duce then begins mocking the Holmström twins. “You're all pigs being led to the slaughter…”

Both men share a collective laugh. Freddie soon continuing.

“When World's Collide, come December 4th, this isn't about reputation. This isn't about namesake, this is about who's the best tag team in the Hammerstein Ballroom that night. Which team exactly will be the last one standing after it's all said and done.”

They both arrogantly point towards themselves.

“The end result is going to be knees to face!”

“Aces Up!”

“I hope you're prepared for the Ballgame!”

“Cuz y'all bout t’be introDuced!”

Both men cockily smile as the scene soon cuts out.

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