Title: [CD] [WCWA Match] RP 2: Straight Talk
Featuring: KC3
Date: December 2, 2018
Location: CWF Offices

KC3 stands in front of a black backdrop with the CWF logo on it. He is wearing a customer made shirt with Maya Jensen getting fucked by a horse. There is nothing fancy going on. No meeting, no other people, just “The Next Generation God” and the camera.

"I'm sitting here and I'm beginning to wonder how seriously my opponents are taking me. I am offended that Cool Corey J couldn't even pull his head out of his ass long enough to say “Hello.” I can understand it's trepidation as I am easily the greatest physical specimen in this match."

KC3 flexes his arm for effect.

"Then we got Maeve Russo. What is this bitch’s problem? A better question is what the fuck is Jennifer Enema’s problem? Who in the bluest of blue hells sends a camera crew to someone’s house at three in the morning? It's like Shrouded Enigma Entertainment suffers from a severe case of trickle-down idiotnomics.

KC3 does his best Valley Girl impression.

"KC3? I like him. Oh, and I don't eat meat because I'm a veterinarian."

KC3 lets out a dead on Valley Girl giggle.

"Listen you Thundercuntasaurus, let me make this clear in case I haven’t said it yet. I don’t like you. I am nothing like you. I don’t care if you came in first in the SEE dog show, at the end of the day, you’re still nothing more than a little bitch."

KC3 scoffs loudly enough that the microphone picks it up.

"What you are, Russo, is an example. You can blame your friends the Daughters of Darkness for this. Well I am not a staunch sentinel set upon defending the honor of CWF, I will not allow those two Mongoloids to sully my good name just because they have an issue with the way Duce Jones speaks. If by some fluke, I don't walk away with the Lightweight Championship, they had better hope and pray to whatever God they believe in that they win the Tag Team titles. Because if we end up in the same ring together during the Internet Championship Match, and I'm going to say this really slow so you, and they, can comprehend this.... I… Will.. End... Them."

"This brings us to Impulse. I don't even understand why you're here. By your own admission, you have not even wrestling match for HOSS. You have not earned your place here. You are here on reputation only. I get that you're nice guy, but this isn't a movie. This isn't a fairytale. The good guys don't always win. You have heart, but you lack killer instinct. Whatever I need to do in order to bring home the WCWA lightweight championship, I will."

"Simply put, “The Next Generation God” will be walking around with the WCWA Lightweight Title around his waist because when you are God, you don't have to break the rules. YOU MAKE THEM!!!"

KC3 smirks at the camera as the picture slows fades to black.

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