Title: [CD] {CD}[WCWA] Open Invite, Plebians
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 11/27/18
Location: Undisclosed

"You're all idiots.

Each. And. EVERY. One. Of. You.

Hi. How are you? is this thing on? What? You strangers from a distant land want to talk about MY federation, call us illiterate, and THINK that there wouldn't be any reprecussions? Did you all just think that AS THE champion in the CWF right now, after all the work I put in to getting to this point...

I'd let shit like this slide? Oh, no children, this isn't how this is going to work. Allow me to introduce myself and maybe by the time you're done, you'll rethink tactics when preparing for any kind of a match when you find youself across from one of the CWF elite.

My name is Loki Synn. I'm the CWF World Champion and I don't play nicely with others. Ask around. See what kind of reactions you get when you bring up the mere mention of my name. My actions speak for themselves and if you're reading this and gearing up for When Worlds Colide, you need to know one thing.

I hate everyone on this roster but when it comes to ANYONE who thinks that they can live in willful ignorance and decide that it's alright to insult an entire federation with blatant lies, is something that I will not tolerate. The CWF is in this mess. I AM CWF. Therefore, allow this to be a message for all of the uneduated masses.

When it comes to anyone thinking that they will get away with messing with things that they don't know about and most certainly don't understand, I will stand with anyone from this roster and ensure that you know that the CWF for one, will come out at the end of this event as a name that will not soon be forgotten. You don't have to know about us, but after the dust settles, and those champions are crowned with their new title belts...

There will be three letters on everyone's lips.




If you're reading this, think of it as Loki's personal invite for you to come to CWF and learn what we are about. If you don't become one of us, you will be tossed right back out with the rest of the trash. Don't like me already? I urge all of you plebians to come and do something about it. Come learn what the CWF is all about. Do you think you have what it takes to make me care about your existence?

Spoiler alert: I don't."

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