Title: [CD] Dis Is Why I Don't Fly... [WCWA]
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: November 25, 2018
Location: In The Air

There was a time, when I wanted to be a student of the game. Learn all the tricks of the trade if you will.. Usually there was a time when Duce Jones was the last guy to leave the arena, the gym, wherever it may be.. just so I could hone my craft.

Northern Crown was mildly successful, but the ending is what left a sour taste in folks’ mouth; the fact that Hostile Takeover… Prove true to their name, whereas The Glass Ceiling came shattering down.. At least that's what they think..


There's always a but..

We will rise again.

You honestly think that people can read your mind? The only person who hears you, is me, and even then.. I wish I weren't able too.

Fuck off! This doesn't concern you.. Now where was I? Right..

After returning the favor of making sure Trent didn't walk out with those tag straps, just as he’d done to Freddie and me. I decided the ‘Great North’ had to be in my rearview. Nothing good ever came from my tours here, just failure.

That's it.. Failure…

I mean you could say things were starting to look real bleak for me, however this is the wrestling business, and there's always opportunities.

I hadn't spoke on it much, but in a way.. It still weighed heavily on me, the chance to be double tag champ!

Could you imagine the photo ops? The press, the paychecks? Would it be worth it?

But that's only a thought.. Now my attention had to be placed on a number of things.

First there was Trent.. A man who I could say I adored as a kid, watching the pain he inflicted on people. Him and Jason Blood, forming the real Unstoppable Force, unlike those two Anderson boys who didn't know what they wanted to do in life. But Steel he was automatically at the forefront.

Second, I don't know if Freddie feels the way I do about those tag straps. But I'm coming for them. But that leads me to what's third. Freddie and me have the chance to show everyone, who think they know a damn thing about tag wrestling, that the Aces run this tag shit.



For a guy who doesn't like planes, I was sitting comfortably on a flight headed back to the United States. It might also be because I smoked a few blunts before getting on the flight. So. I was good..

With nothing but time on my hands, I figured I'd thumb though my smartphone, at least to do some minor scouting for a five team elimination match for the WCWA Tag Team titles. These were a bunch of teams i was unfamiliar with, and I hate going into anything unprepared.

I check the WCWA site, seeing that one of my opponents for the match, Lucas Williams and Cade Allen had already done a promo. I click on the video, watching about three minutes of it, before exiting out.

“T'fuck is dis shit?”

I say to myself with a slight chuckle. Fuck it, I'll just look up another team.

Hmm.. The Truth from Vegas Wrestling.. Let's see what they're about, I click on the link to the Vegas Wrestling website. Skimming through a few shows I get a feel of what they're capable of; vicious dudes, Brother Simon and Brother Judas were. They might be a team to keep an eye on.

“I don't see us losin’...”

“What's that?” A man questioned, sitting in the seat next to me.

“My bad… I was lookin’ at my next assignment.”

“What kind of business you in?”


“Oh.. you're a wrestler?”


“Pretty cool, what company?”

I sideye the guy, curious to what his angle is.. but I play ball.

“Championship Wrasslin’ Federation..”

“I remember that company, haven't watched in many moons. Too busy working, really haven't had a chance to keep up. But that's pretty cool man.”

“Umm.. thanks?”

“So when's your next match? What do you go by, are you one of those guys I should.. keep an eye out for?” He states, pointing his finger at me with an idiotic grin on his face.

“I'm Duce… I'm headed to Indiana for a show, but my next match is at tha Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.”

“That place holds a lot of history if I'm not mistaken. A bunch of great matches have been held in that building.”

“True..” I reply nonchalantly.

Not gonna lie, I've had my fair share of weird encounters with people. Especially being associated with the wrestling business. But there was just something off about this guy.

“So who are you facing?” He questioned.

Maybe he's just trying to make small talk to pass time.

“I'm in a tag elimination match..”

“Cool… cool.. that would mean that you have a tag partner?”

“Is it not obvious?” I respond back, now getting annoyed with the questioning. “I don't mean to be rude or nothin’ but is there a reason you're questioning me. I'm from the hood and ya sittin’ here givin’ me tha twenty one routine, not gon fly. Especially since y'not askin’ for an autograph.. What's tha deal bruh?”

“Oh I apologize, I'm just intrigued by the lives of people I meet. Not much to do when you're constantly catching flights. Figure I get to know someone better, it at least helps pass time.”

“Yeah… well ya questionin’ session is over.. I got film t’study..”

“Oh don't let me stop you, study on..”

This guy was too friendly, where I'm from, someone being too friendly was never a good thing.

Here I was headed into the next chapter of my career. Opportunities were coming left and right, and at every turn, there was a distraction. I couldn't afford distractions right now; the focus was the WCWA Tag Team Championships. And so far the competition was looking kind of lackluster. The only viable threats I saw were The Truth and Shield Wall.

I saw The Truth as a threat because of their size. But we all know what they say about size. However, Shield Wall were an immediate threat. Hell they're twins… I'm sure they'll try some type of fuckery if it came down to it. Plus, I was very familiar with the Viking War Cult. Don't know if the rest of the group would become a factor.

Who was left for me to catch up on? Hmm…

Scrolling through my smartphone, I come back to the lineup, scanning the card over again.


Daughters of Darkness..

Clicking the link for SEE, a fed I had never heard of; I scan the site for any info on the duo. Finally coming to their profiles, I click on the link.

“Mane.. they fine then a muthafucka!”

“Who are they?” The man next to me questions as he leans over my shoulder, looking into my phone.

Annoyed, I shrug him off my shoulder. “Well if y'must know.. these two are one of tha teams I'm facin’ in New York..”

“They are cute, but they barely look old enough to do anything..”

“It says here, dat they are just startin’ out.. Good thang they're bout t’get introDuced!”

I begin to laugh as the man look at me nervously. Soon an unnerving laughter escaping his body. I can't do shit but shake my head as I continue to check the sister's background.


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