Title: Family Matters
Featuring: Mac Bane
Date: Today
Location: Texas
Show: Evolution 36

Family Matters

Funny thing about fathers and sons, especially in this business of professional wrestling. You see, we don’t get that much time at home to begin with. So, when we are there we try to maximize it, or maybe I should say you try to make up for all the things you missed. Trent pointed it out to me in his less than subtle way that I had failed. He speaks from experience of his own, wrestlers suck as fathers to be honest about it. It’s not that we don’t try to be good parents but we lack the tools to be effective. Like every second generation wrestler I’ve ever seen, my son did the absolute worst thing he could do. He followed in my footsteps instead of following my advice.

Because of that, he now has one hell of a mess to clean up. The reason it’s a mess is a many fanged beast. First off, he’s not me. He’s not six foot six and three hundred pounds. He’s not out there busting up factions with a sledgehammer, he’s out there trying to kick everyone’s teeth out. Lastly, but maybe most importantly, he doesn’t have the backing of the fans and the office. He’s out there trying to burn his home down.

Jimmy, you need to think about that, would you have torched your own home just for spite? So, now you climb in the ring with a couple of old men. Thing about us old guys, we love going against you little boys who think you’re men. We love an opportunity impart our widome upon you by burying our foot in your collective asses. You may be my son, but you’ll find that when you stand across the ring from me instead of beside me that there is no bond, and you’ll damn sure find no love. 

What you’ll find throughout the course of this match is that I taught you everything you know about wrestling. That’s not to say that I taught you everything I know about this business. Your uncles, all of them, taught you well. Thing is kiddo, you’ve never faced anyone like me in the ring. I’m sure your partner Tobias has, he’s been around a bit longer than you. He’s a veteran and he competes at a high level, always has, but it simply won’t be enough. We don’t care about your titles kids, we do care about the CWF. 

There is one other matter to attend to….


You of all people know how much my family means to me. That the things that they do that touch this business, matter. Instead of offering to help Trent find his son, you simply wanted to argue because you felt you were right. You were trying to make a name for yourself, trying to establish a legacy of your own. Trying to cast a shadow bigger than mine is what you claimed right? You were trying to make a statement. At Evolution, that’s exactly what I intend to do, it’s what we intend to do.

We make statements, not apologies boys, you will be just another in a long line of them. Thing about old fuckers like me and Steel….we take what we want. When we want it. What we want right this moment is for you to learn to respect this business and those who paved the way for you to be here.

You don’t have to agree with what I’ve said.
You don’t have to like what I’ve said.

At the end of the night, it doesn’t matter when your staring at the lights from your back after having taken your last breath.

The Crooked M Ranch
Port Arthur, Texas

The quiet is disturbed by the sound of someone or something walking thru dry leaves. At first all you see is the pair of ostrich quill boots and the bottom of a black leather duster. As the camera travels upward, ripped jeans, black belt with a cow skull logo. It continues to travel up until we see the face of Mac Bane. I smile at the camera man.

Mac Bane: Welcome to the Crooked M ranch boys, I asked you to come out here, so the fans at home and our opposition could have some perspective. See, the wrestling world is full of factions like The Glass Ceiling and The Hostile Takeover. They all want to create their own version of some kind of new world order.

I pause for dramatic effect and allow what I’ve said to hit the viewer.

Mac Bane: In the bible, it says that when the new world order is established, that this will mark the beginning of the end times. 

I beckon the camera man to follow me as we make our way to the old barn where I do all of my training. 

Mac Bane: Notice anything different about this from the last time you guys were here?

The camera man shakes his head no but then he zooms in on the CWF banner.

Mac Bane: That’s right, the Championship Wrestling banner has been added to my wall. I call it my home wall.These are companies that I’ve once called  home and have defended or had been forced to defend against outsiders. 

The camera then comes down to my training ring, they zoom in on the dilapidated state of it. It’s history, the bloodstains tell a story yet untold by me. The rust on the ring post tell it’s age. I smile at the look of shock on the camera man’s face.

Mac Bane: It’s like me, it’s old and it’s been thru wars but it still is as functional as when it was new. The ground that ring sits on, well, it’s much like that wrestling ring. 

The cameraman doesn’t seem to get it, so I smile and wave him off.

Mac Bane: let me explain. You see there is a lot of misunderstanding about Texas and about the people who call her home. You’re from the east coast right? Atlantic City?

The kid nods his head.

Mac Bane: Proud of where you are from right? 

Again he nods his head in agreement.

Mac Bane: Would you die for what you love?

There is a moment of hesitation but then he agrees that he would in fact do that. 

Mac Bane: see, you had that moment of hesitation. Me? I never hesitate. Down here, we defend our home without hesitation or regret. When someone invades your home and their only thought is to destroy what others have built. That’s a problem. Do, you know what makes it even worse?

I pause again and the cameraman waves for me to keep it rolling.

Mac Bane: What makes it worse is when the people who want to destroy it are from the inside. People like Jarvis King and The Smoking Aces. They are no different than The Hostile Takeover. They may be worse for that matter. The real reason I asked you here today is so you understand where I’m coming from and why I’m here. Before I showed up here I had never set foot in CWF before, I had only watched the programming on television. Since I’ve been there though, I’ve seen some people who I call legends in the game come in. I’ve spoken with them about CWF and how much it has meant as their home. There is a lot to admire about that, and it struck a chord with me. So much so that….

I pause again, feeling the pride swell up in my chest again, like the old days.

Mac Bane: So much so that I’ve decided to help defend her. That banner back there now has a permanent home. The so-called new world orders have a new enemy, there nightmares are about to become very real.


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