Title: Mr. Davison's Opus
Featuring: KC3
Date: November 24th, 2018
Location: Headwaters Park, Fort Wayne, IN
Show: Evolution 36

The mostly bare branches of trees that have felt winter’s wrath are visible in the background. Underneath a white canopy in the metal structuring holding it up, about 50 people or so are ice skating. Though the moon hangs in the night sky behind, the lights above the ice illuminate the slick surface. Some kind of garbled voice comes over an intercom and the skaters begin clearing the ice so the Zamboni can come and refinish the surface. The camera pans to the side where we see our hero, "The Next Generation God", KC3.

Davison is sitting on the bench removing one of his ice skates. He is dressed in a pair of black jeans and an early 2000’s era Scott Stevens Jersey. As he reaches over to take off his other skate off, an attractive redhead, only a couple inches shorter than he, comes over and hands him a cup of hot cocoa. She gives him a quick kiss before walking off camera.

"God, I love that woman. You see, when left to my own devices, I choose to surround myself with the finest things in life. Be at the most beautiful women, the finest dining, or newest clothes, whatever the Next Generation God desires, he claims for himself.

"It's not really by choice that I'm ice skating at Headwaters Park. But, here in a shit town like Fort Wayne, Indiana, there isn't that much to do to cure the boredom. I can’t wait to fly out to Vegas."

KC3 rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh.

"I want you to realize that I could have sat here and made some pointless banter with Ruby. That fine piece of ass that delivered me this hot chocolate, that's Ruby. That's my wife. I could have brought the camera crew out here and forced you to listen to some pointless frivolity. However, I'm going to be real with you. I refuse to waste your time, and more importantly I refuse to waste MY time with that nonsense."

"For those of you who haven't been paying attention, I want to point out what my track record is around here. When I debuted a month ago, they put me in the ring with some Tony Hawk want to be fuck. Not only did I embarrass him, not only did I beat him without even having to use my finisher, I chased his ass right out of here."

"Fast forward one week. We all know that Trent Steel stole my victory. I'll give credit where credit is due. He did what was necessary to get the win. But, I ask you this. Where is Reggie T. Rascal now? He's probably shucking and jiving on New York City Subways, begging for money. Reggie T. Rascal was a caricature of a man, let alone a wrestler. I embarrassed him, just like I embarrassed the man that came before him. Another week, another wrestler that left the company after facing "The Next Generation God. You’re welcome."

KC3 bows at the camera.

"Time for us to do a little time hop and skip ahead one more week. Now, we all know that Autumn Raven is not smart enough to walk away from the company. We all know that she will be forever tethered to Silas. Whether she walks away from him or not, she will forever stand in his shadow. She is the perfect example of what separates me from everybody else. Most everyone knows who my father is. If they don't, that is their problem. I will not speak his name. I will not stand in his shadow. I am the sun. I am the light. I am the only man that's going to the WCWA When Worlds Collide pay-per-view that actually earned his spot. I want to make sure I emphasize the word "earned."

"When I walk into the When Worlds Collide pay-per-view, I am not doing it to represent the CWF. I am doing it because I am bigger than the CWF. I am the greatest single entity within this company. When I was paired up with that dead weight that I'm going to face in the ring this week, I made a conscious decision. I fed the Maestro to Omega and Elijah. I said in the very first promo that I did after gaining my spot in Golden Crown tournament, that I was going to carry the Maestro. I lied."

"Admittedly, that was the original plan. I was going to walk into that show, and I was actually going to make a conscious effort to get as far into that tournament as possible. But then, the scenery changed. When I was given the opportunity to showcase my talents on a larger stage, that is when I made the decision to go into business for myself."

"This week's episode of Evolution, you are going to see the Maestro in a masterpiece. This match will be the Maestro's Grand opus. What is very, so very, unfortunate, for him at least, is the fact that he is not the conductor. I am the man waving the baton. I am the man who the Maestro, like so many before him, will do exactly as I say. He's not going to like it, but he's going to do it. When KC3 enters the ring, it's like Ivory soap. There is a 99.44 percent chance that he is going to get exactly what he wants. Ask Autumn Raven. She's still here. You can even ask Elijah and Omega, if they've been let out of the nursing home. I didn't beat them because I didn't want to. They still did what I wanted. They took my trash and threw it out. They are pawns in my game just as much as everybody else in this company."

"So, Maestro, you can sit there and whine, piss and moan all you want. All your lamentations are meaningless, just like you are. There isn't any sort of hidden message here. I'm not going to make you think too hard because I don't want you to hurt yourself. I want you to understand this, so I'm going to say it really... Really slow."

KC3 pauses, taking a deep breath.

"Inside of the squared Circle, I... Am... Your... God!!!"

KC3 gives a shit eating grin to the camera.

"I understand that you try to be the best. I mean, you're only a man. I know you'd like to believe that when the going gets rough, that you are strong enough and tough enough to make it through. However, I don't think that you're that kind of man. In fact, I know you are not that kind of man. You have shown it time and time again. The victory that allowed you to ride on my coattails was a fluke. I recognized that fact and I pulled those coattails right out from under you. Just as I am going to yank them out from underneath you a second time."

Davison grabs one of his boots from the ground and starts putting it on while he continues his diatribe.

"All you need to worry about is where you are going to go from here. Maybe you could go to HOSS, like Eric Dane did when he tucked his tail and ran. You could, I don’t know, go the to NXT show. It seems they pulled out of WCWA show because they, like you, are not ready. But, so long as you stay here, you will continue to falter and fall at the feet of men such as myself. Regardless of that fact, or, perhaps, because of it, you will fall at my feet because I am simply better than you in every regard. I proved that your mental acumen is far below that of myself when I manipulated you into becoming the sacrificial lamb."

Davison takes another deep, and this time very exaggerated, breath.

"Listen, here’s the reality of the situation. When all is said and done, there is nothing you can do which will turn the tide of battle in your favor. I will purely and simply crush you under my boot because I am "The Next Generation God" and when you are God, you don’t have to break the rules. YOU MAKE THEM!!!"

Davison stands up, and he waves his finger as his wife Ruby walks over. He takes her hand and the two walk to return their skates as the picture fades to black.

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