Title: The end of the Show?
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 11-24-18
Location: Church Street
Show: Evolution 36

Easy EB: Welcome to another exciting episode.  Fresh off the heels of Northern Crown, heading into Evolution 36, with me as always the Archangel of Death Azrael

Azrael: Humph

Easy EB: Well well, little touchy after Northern Crown.  A bit sour after the loss.

Azrael: No……

Easy EB: So what’s going on with you then? 

Azrael: Nothing is going on.  I’m not even sure why I decided to be here, with you, trying to educate the masses.  They don’t need another lecture or another example.  They need fear to keep them in line.  That seems to be the only thing man understands and respect.  

Easy EB: Alright then, let's get the show back on track.  To recap, so last week I told the story about how my uncle would be overly aggressive towards his children Seeing what happen to him during this time was devastating to everyone in his life.  It was a wake up call for everyone in our family.

Azrael: Why does anyone care about your uncle or any of this? Man is here just to serve himself, while claiming to serve another.  They only serve others when it benefits them.  Man cares about nothing but itself.  

Easy EB: That was hurtful

Azrael: But not untrue.

Easy EB: Okay then, carrying on, let’s talk about the dark ages, since that is where you were headed last week.

Azrael: Ah, the dark ages, a glorious time indeed.  One in which man truly served another.  One in which fear ruled man, fear of the higher power.  

Easy EB: Glorious time? What is going on here Az?

Azrael: Show me some respect as I am a superior being to you.  You shall address me as Archangel Azrael or just Archangel.   

Easy EB: Well, something is clearly off with our guest here, so that is all for today.  Hopefully, we will be back soon with an explanation. Until then…

Azrael: Mortal, you do not get to decide when I stop speaking and sharing my message.  I don’t care about what you want or what anyone wants anymore.  Man is not worth my sympathy, or my empathy.  Man is worthy of one thing, Fear.  

Easy EB: You may think that, but this power switch says something different.  And I’m not going to allow you to damage the good work that you have done because of this.

[Before the signal is cut off, rustling can be heard as Azrael tries to prevent the shutting down of the show]

[Azrael is holding a press conference located within a local monastery, inside one of the large meeting rooms.]

Azarel: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to apologize to you all for my behavior on E-Underground.  Things that were said during that broadcast were hard for me to listen to.  Harder still to realize it was I who was saying them.  I believe I owe all of you an explanation.  Please do not take this as an excuse, there is no excusing my actions.  I hope to educate you on why, to understand my work on here on Earth better.  To help everyone understand that all beings are flawed.  Beings are not flawed because of God’s design or desire.  When you think about it, all beings are amazing things.  You have animals that can climb on anything so they can survive.  You have plants that rarely need water, a basic requirement of life.  Think about how things are able to heal themselves. Think of the animals that know danger even before it is seen.  Those, my friends, are gifts from God, part of his plan to make us perfect.  Where he failed, where he made us flawed, is that He loved us too much.  He loved us so much, that he gave us the gift of free will.  It would have been very easy to just have control over us and to act as his puppets.  But puppets are not what He wanted.  He was so filled with love for His creations that he wanted them to chose whether or not they wanted to love Him back.  God made us flawed because he loves us.  Since He loves us, he gave us free will, which allowed us to not love him in return, but to choose ourselves over others.  So, brothers and sisters, I too am flawed.  I have a single purpose on this planet, one directive from God.  To help people deal with loss.  I am not told how to accomplish this, nor am I directed in which methods.  I have all of the power that God has bestowed upon his Angels to use how I see fit to complete my task.  Using that power has made me the monster that everyone thinks I am.   The monster worthy of the fear that the Angel of Death deserves.  I thought that showing that power would enable my message to get through to people better.  To allow them to see the difference, the easy way or the hard way.  The loving way or fear way.  Clearly I was wrong.  Clearly man has reach a certain point in which the violence that I have brought is no longer enough to put fear into their hearts.  I am afraid that, if it hasn’t already happen that it soon will, man no longer suffers loss. That man has become so selfish and the world such a horrible place, that previous attempts at scaring man have no effect.  Man’s heart is no longer open to getting help to deal the loss.  Partly because they no longer care, and partly they view the kindness as a weakness.  Alex Rain, please give thanks for the timing of your match against me.  I will be at my weakest this week, as I try to decide what to do with man.  What God would like me to do.  The way I see it currently, I have two options, the first is to increase the carnage to ensure the fear returns, hopefully breaking the hard shell around everyone’s heart.  Or I can smother everyone with such love, kindness and care, that it slowly melts the heart of man, so that once again they can care about others.  

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