Title: [CD] New Alliance
Featuring: Alex Rain
Date: 25/11/2018
Location: Unknown

11:59 pm and the night darken the world. On a hill sits a broken down house. The moonlight shining through the cracks. A man standing in front of it. Holding in his hands was a bouquet of flowers.

“It’s been awhile.” The man takes a step into the light revealing his face in the moonlight. Revealing a man from the past. Martin Bailer.

“Hey there!”

Martin looks back and watches Alex Rain panting, struggling his way up the hill.

“Alex? What are you doing here?”

“Gasp! I … gib me a minute… to catch… my breath” Alex fell on the ground.

Martin looked confused at Alex.

“You know I use to look up to you, Martin. On second thought I use to look up to the guy named Pandalike.”

Sensing where this might have been going, Martin replied “Not this again. I’ve told everyone, I’ve retired. I don’t have it in me to fight anymore.”

“But that’s the thing. You say that and yet here you are the birthplace of Pandalike. The place where it all began for you. Are you really ready to throw in the towel?” Alex inquired.

“Yes, I have a family now. The one thing that I never had before. The one thing that I will never comprise with.”

“I understand. The things we do for our loved ones.”

Martin looks at Alex questionably.

“Why exactly are you here? I mean I have not really seen you much in CWF ever since you actually signed up with them. What’s stopping you from competing?”

“Truth to be told I joined CWF because of you. I heard stories about a man who never gives up. I wanted to see that man in action with my own two eyes. But look at my luck. That man goes and retires the minute I joined. The irony.” Alex chuckles.

“I am sorry to disappoint.” Martin laughs.

“No matter. I have been meaning to actually get back to CWF. Since CWF has lost its way over the time that you have been gone. Which brings me to why I am here? I understand that you have retired as a wrestler from the ring. And that might be the end of Pandalike but to be honest, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of Martin Bailer.” Alex grins.

“What are you proposing Alex?” Martin asks.

“I could use a man like you beside me. Join me as my manager. What do you say?” Alex reaches out his hand. Martin looks at it and smiles. He then takes Alex’s hand and shakes it.

“You got yourself a deal.”

The moonlight falls on both men as a new alliance has been formed.

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