Title: [CD] [WCWA] Waging a New War
Featuring: The Shadow
Date: 22-Nov-2018
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Total darkness. The sounds of wind howling and heavy rains lashing against the roof and walls fill the void, a loose shutter somewhere banging against the window frame. Slowly the darkness lifts, showing a darkened room, the only light coming from a blaze in the fireplace, revealing two armchairs in front. Some of the buffeting wind coming down the chimney stokes the fire, sending sparks flying onto the hearthrug and beyond. As the camera turns around the chairs, it shows The Shadow and Myfanwy, the flames casting ever-dancing shadows across their faces.

The Shadow: When Worlds Collide, a fitting name for an interfed PPV, pitting five of the best the feds have to offer against each other in their plight to call themselves the first ever WCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Now the biggest challenge is that usually in these case you do not know much, if anything, about your opponents, also given that some of the federations participating are fairly new.

So what drives us to thrive in this, what is our ultimate goal, why are we doing this? Is it the hunger for gold? The drive to prove that you are the best? Is it the bragging rights? Some people see holding as many belts and championships as possible as the highest achievement, their way of proving their supremacy over everybody else. In my career I have held several belts and I lost them. Did I lose my stride? No. I lost against better competitors and that is it. I picked myself up and moved on. Does this mean that I am lacking the drive, the competitive edge to go to the limit and beyond to achieve what lays ahead of me? No, if anything it sharpened my senses.

At this moment a particularly harsh gust of wind travels down the chimney, showering the area in front of the fireplace in sparks.

The Shadow: So speaking of guests, who do we have here…? Johnny Vegas, walking posterboy for the fact that Elvis never left Las Vegas and has found a way to skew the space time continuum to be able to regenerate in ever changing incarnations, now arriving in wrestling. I have had my fair share fighting walking anachronisms, but you seem to be taking this to the next level, from the name to the hairdo to the clothes. Obviously looks can be deceiving and many a book has revealed to have far more exciting content than what the cover had promised.

Aiden Dempsey. A self-made man, joined the army and now SEE to take any opportunity you could lay your hands on and run with it. An admirable trait, for too many wait until things fall into their lap and then complain when they aren’t going anywhere. On the other side stands complacency, though. Once you escape your humble beginnings and ascend into the upper echelons of a company, the lavish and luxury can corrupt your senses, dull your mind and edge, making you more susceptible to the distractions that come with the business. 

Gabriel Tuck, king of the clowns, so it seems. An interesting visual, looks like a farmer and surrounded by deranged clowns… I’m happy to see that you hold us in such high regard to spare us your precious time with us mere peasants, seeing that you mentioned us all by name, if not anything else. The higher they come, the harder they fall and I will make sure to make your landing on the hard floor of reality as hard as I can...

A deafening thunderclap booms in sync with a flash of lightning, briefly interrupting The Shadow.

The Shadow: And then when you thought that you would walk into everything with complete strangers, fate deals you an interesting hand. Here we have the elephant in the room, the ivory hunter, the epitome of the glory hog. Eric Dane. Now you are a special case here, actually having wrestled you before in CWF. Where you came in with a splash, brought your cronies around you, rose to the top and then - ran. Vanished without a trace. Rarely have I seen a cult of one like you before, I am surprised you haven’t applied for changes to the encyclopedias and scientific journals around the world to demand them re-written with you as the centre of the universe. After all everybody’s adoration seems to be gravitating towards you all the time, right? Oh wait, that’s just happening in your head and your immediate vicinity of the ones trying to ride your coattails and lap up whatever spoils fall off your table.

You are a prime example of the fair weather fighter. When everything goes well and you are the centre of attention, all is fine, all is dandy. But woe upon all, if that is not the case, if the wind actually changes and blows you straight in the face. But I just find it highly amusing to see this tournament here pop up and all of a sudden you sign a special two-event contract with HOSS and waltz right into the main event. Fits your modus operandi to the “t”. None of the effort, all of the spoils.

Well Eric, want it or not, the target is on you. And I would be surprised, if you could keep your ego in check long enough to even consider any of us remotely your equal in this bout, even though I am pretty sure that I will have a special place in your heart, haha.

So everybody will say that they are the best and that is why they will win the title. The line between confidence and arrogance is paperthin and blurry to boot. Am I the best? Who am I to say? How do you qualify and quantify being “the best”. Have you scoured the countless federations out there and scrutinized every single athlete to see, if he or she is better than the other? Have you come up with an exact scientific template you can squeeze everybody into? Or have you managed to wrestle everybody to really be able to claim that you are the best, because you beat everyone out there? 

Well, to be honest, not just in this match, I don’t have to be the best. I don’t have to be the strongest, the most technical, the most daring. All I have to be is better than all of you. On top of that, this is a ladder match, where suddenly strengths can be turned against you. Where one false step can spell doom and cost you every chance to grab the belt, dangling from that thin wire, just out of reach… No, I am not lacking confidence to win this, but I am realistic, I know my flaws, I know my weaknesses and trust me, my dear competitors, and Dane, that I also know how to find yours and exploit them to the max.

The camera zooms in on The Shadow’s face, the flames casting their dancing shadows across his features.

The Shadow: See you in New York, gents, welcome to future world…

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