Title: Face 2 Face
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: November 16, 2018
Location: Canada
Show: Northern Crown 2018




I wish these folks would get outta my way, so I can fuck dude up!

You might want to chill mane…

Fuck that… ain't nobody scared of him!

I'm just sa..

Shut tha fuck up! I got an opening!

It was as if the both of us were on the same wavelength, climbing up onto the apron, eluding the grasp of security. This was my time to shine, show this face painted nut job, I'm just as pyscho as him..

“What was all day shit y'was talkin’!” I screamed, charging towards Trent.

Oh shit!

Y'know you fucked up right?

“Got'cha bitch…” Steel stated calmly as I was up on his shoulders.

Yep.. I fucked up.. Before I knew it…





… …

I told you not to go for it.

Don't… Just don't…

“This is only the beginning… Hahaha! hahaha!”

“Fuck you…” I stated.


I should've thought that shit though…

“Duce! You good?” Freddie asked, rushing over.

I would've responded..

But my fight to respond… was a losing battle. Soon I find myself fading, losing consciousness.

“Still think you can take on the world?”

When I came too, I was staring directly at myself.. at least what appeared to be myself..

“You seem surprised..”

“T'fuck is dis shit?”

“This is where we have a conversation..”


“Yeah, a conversation on how you're taking us down a dark path.”

“Dark path.. I'm tryna let these folks kno' dat y'don't fuck wit us.”

“Is that so.. How's that going so far?”

“Eat'a dick..”

“This thing.. you call yourself doing. Isn't gonna end well.”

“Let you tell it..”

“Duce! Wake up! Duce!”

What the fuck!? Why he sounds like Freddie?

The reflection began to fade into a light.

A bright light.

A really bright light.

Why can't I move..

Something's holding me down..

When I finally came to, I was staring into the bright lights of spotlights, the sounds of booing fans now invading my eardrums. “Undead Lullaby” overtaking their jeers.

What the fuck.

Looking over I see Freddie walking along with me as I'm pushed on what I soon realize is a stretcher. Glancing over to my right, I see none other than Loki Synn as she makes her way down the aisle, towards the ring.


The show must go on, I guess..





Here I was… alone yet again, forced to face myself. The setting was more of there same as before. An empty white space, nothing more, nothing less. For lack of the unknown, I'll just call it ‘transition’. But there he stood, staring at me with disgust.

“That's because, everything I've worked hard for, you're just about to throw it all away.”

“Right… y'can hear me..”

“Of course I can..”

“I don't get it.. F'real bruh, what's that big deal? Y'wanted t'win tha tag straps.. we did dat..”

“By stealing the win…”

“Y’wanted to get dis Glass Ceilin’ thang jumpin’. And we got dat shit goin’ in full effect.”

“The Glass Ceiling was a drunk conversation between me and Jace, only as a countermeasure for the Golden Paradigm. We both had come to the conclusion that they didn't have the best interest for the CWF in heart. But this thing like mentality that you guys are doing in absurd. Then the sickening thing you guys done to Mia..”

“Are y’done… or are y’finished? I don't get why y'so but hurt bout shit. Tha Glass Ceilin’still got tha CWF's best interest in mind. Dat's why we done got rid of all tha trash round here.. We both see eye t'eye when it comes t'what dat place should be. And when it comes t'Mia. It is what it is…”

“It is what it is? Are you serious? What you and Freddie did to her was downright despicable! And for what… money!?”

“Wasn't like y'was brangin’ tha dollas in.. But like I was sayin’, tha Aces been dominatin’ since we won tha straps f'tha second time! Team afta’team had fallen t'us.. It's got so bad, dat now we gotta put the belts up in every match of dis bullshit tournament.”

“Bullshit? This tournament is made up of the best of the best. You guys may be in trouble with this one.”

“In trouble? I highly doubt it.. Freddie and me.. we run dis tag team shit! Who gon beat us? Hodge and LaRusso? Yeah… okay, dem muthafuckas couldn't hold a candle t'what we do in the ring. Bloodsport? Whoeva’ tha fuck dat is.. Tha Forsaken? Tha Entourage? Seriously bruh, I'm not gettin’ y'point.”

“My point is that you're getting complacent. You're starting to think, you can't be touch. Like you're invincible or something, and two weeks in a row, you've been proving wrong. That high tide you're rolling on is slowly coming to an end.”

“Boy fuck you! These straps ain't goin’ nowhere. Y'kno’ why? Cuz tha Aces are thank best fuckin’ thang t'touch dat division. Befo’ me and Freddie took tha reigns, dat division was dyin’ slow death. Hell we were so good dat no team could take tha straps off us… even on they worse day. Tha Aces were so fuckin’ dominate dat they had to throw dis tournament t'get tha belts off us! It was tha only fuckin’ option.”

“That doesn't make you feel proud? That management would go to such lengths?”

“I feel disrespected.”

“You should be honored.. this whole tournament is because of the to of you.. Walking out with those belts would be the highest honor and accomplishment.”

“We leavin’ wit those straps because dis is where they belong. I'm not fucked up about no honor'a none'a dat shit. I got one job t'do. And dat's makin’ sho Freddie and me leave wit those belts. By any means necessary.. Nothin’ mo’, Nothin' less..”

“I want this as bad as you do, but you shouldn't go all out. Do what needs to be done to move on to the next round. There shouldn't be any unnecessary risk..”

“I live hard.. but I fight even harda’. See y'worried bout t'wrong thang.. See Y'might thank dat we in ova our head, but what I see is an opportunity.”


“Check dis shit out.. Freddie and me, don't get tha respect we deserve.. No one takes us as a viable threat!”

“But we've earned it respect already.”

“Have we? Twelve teams in dis tournament and not one of em thank we gon be there at that end. I guarantee ya, all their sights have a focused target. And I guaran-fuckin-tee ya, outside of Hodge and LaRusso, no one gives a flyin’ fuck bout us. T'focused on otha’ agendas, while tha Aces are gonna cruise right on t'tha finals. Beatin’ whateva’ bum fuck team they throw in front of us. Y'kno’ why? Cuz dat's what tha fuck that Aces do. We get taken f'granted and a muthafucka'll slip up. Hell Hodge is too old, LaRusso is too coked out wit a dick up his ass t'be a threat t’his own fuckin’ safety. Elijah and Omega have seen betta’ days, c'mon mane! Elijah walks wit a fuckin’ cane, how hard would it be t'get by dem? Umm… let's see… Tha Entourage haven't teamed since Paradise, hell they don't even like each otha’! We've kicked Tha Forsaken's ass mo’ times I can count. Specially Big Hawk, I'm startin’ feel bad f'tha fool! Bloodsport Inc. Who that fuck? V.E.N.O.M!? Who or what that fuck? KC3 and Maestro? As much as I like KC3… it ain't happenin’! The mystery team? Gimme a fuckin’ break! Whoeva’it is, it don't fuckin’matta’!”

“What about Bane and Steel?”

“What about em? Fuck Steel! If he wants t'end careers! Two can do dat shit betta’!”

“Just leave well enough alone..”

“Naw fuck dat… what he started I'ma finish..”

“As I recall, you started it.”

“Shut tha fuck up!” When y'get down t'it, Tha Aces are leavin’ Canada wit tha straps! And afta’ dat Steel is gonna get his, and dat's that end of it!”

“I hope you know what you're doing..”

“I do.”

And with that he was gone, leaving alone in my room, until there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!”

The door swings open as Jarvis King and Freddie Styles walk in.

“You ready?”

A sly smile comes across my face as the scene soon comes to an end.

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