Title: What happen to Tommy?
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 6/1/18
Location: Fireside
Show: Evolution 22

Azrael has returned to his fireside chat location, a place of comfort and familiarity for him.  A place that allows him to be comfortable, to rest and recover.


Well, what a surprise.  Another lost for me, but I did call it, didn’t I.  Revenant, things went exactly as I told you they would.  We didn’t stand much of a chance but I would give it my all.  I helped keep the outside interference to a minimum against you.  I did what I said. I always do. Look back through my history here, you will see I have never promised a victory.  I have never guaranteed a beating. Those are things that you can’t control. There are too many factors that influence the outcome of a match.  To many things that you may not even realize people are plotting and scheming, and it may not have anything to do with you. A simple case of wrong place wrong time.  So I don’t guarantee victories. What I do guarantee is I will push you to your limits. I will give you one hell of a match. Look at what Mia was put through at Paradise.  I impressed and I pushed and I surprised everyone, yet again. I put the legendary Christian Starr through his paces as a new champion. My matches help make him the man he is in CWF.  Time and time again, my matches have been top notch. I am not always victorious, but I am entertaining. Are you ready to get pushed Revenant? Are you ready to find your limits? We know where my limits are, and they include my head and iron skillet.  This will not get anywhere near that. So, what are you going to do at your limit? Will you crack and fold under pressure or will you rise up?


Azrael takes a sip of his amber liquid, feeling the warming sensation into his stomach


Revenant, people think I haven’t been as successful as I could be here because I lack the drive, the focus, the last little something to push me over the edge.  That little spark of inspiration. The emotion that drives people to exceed their expectation. What does that for you? What drives you to find that little bit extra to make it to the end?  You don’t have a past to drive you and allow you to grow and thrive. You don’t have previous experiences anymore to learn and improve from. So, what will give you that victory?


Another sip, and another pause from the valiant Azrael.


I have several messages asking me about the conclusion of my story of Bobby and Tommy.  What happened to Tommy? Who told him that he was now alone? So, shall we continue the story?  Lets, and maybe Revenant, you can find that something that will help give you the victory.



Now during all this the police thought they had an easy case as they had video proof of the events. One thing that they never figured out was the why. They had no motive, other than Tommy claiming he didn't do it and that it wasn't him. The officers onsite and the psychologists who talked with Tommy all felt his surprise and grief were legitimate and genuine. This and the complete lack of motive spared Tommy's life, taking away any chance of him getting the death penalty. Instead he was sentenced to the receive treatment at the state run institution.  He was sentenced to undergo evaluation to determine if he has a mental illness that can be controlled and regulated. This has lasted several years, as they are still trying to figure out what is wrong. The hard part about mental illnesses, there is no standard test. There is no scan that can be done, and based on that, see what is the matter. It’s all subjective and based on individuals. Symptoms can and will be different from person to person. So, with Tommy claiming innocence and no recollection of these actions, they were hoping to diagnose something along the lines of a multiple personality disorder.  They never could, as he never meet any of the other traditional triggers, nor did it ever happen again. So here Tommy sits, waiting for something, anything to happen. >


So Revenant, why does Tommy continue to fight?  What drives him? His family is gone. His home is gone.  Even his freedom, is all gone. Public opinion has ruined his name, so that’s gone too.  Even if he is able to get his freedom, finding a job, a career, a life will just about be impossible.  So what causes him to continue to move forward, to think that his life still has meaning. What drives him to get up each day and continue to fight?  Can you figure it out? You will need to. For at Evolution, as I have said before, I am going to push you. Push you to points where have never been before.  How will you handle it?


If you ask me these same questions, I have one word for you to say how I will.  Memories. My memories of past glories. My memories of where my limits are, and how I have been pushed beyond what I thought they were and survived.  Memories of the things I have had, things that I lost, things that were taken. Memories of the dreams that have come true, only to turn into nightmares.  Memories of pain and torment of those nightmares. Memories of the power of hope.


So, have you figured out why Tommy kept fighting for his freedom?  I will tell you. It is quite simple. He doesn’t know there is another option.  His brain isn’t wired to allow him to see the a way out. He doesn’t even consider that quitting is a possibility.  It never has occurred to him. He wants to right the wrongs. He wants correct the mistakes. He wants to avenge his parents, and find out who or what is responsible.  He purpose on this earth isn’t done yet, so he fights away until it is.

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