Title: Double Feature
Featuring: Colton Mace
Date: Varies
Location: Varies
Show: Northern Crown 2018


So, things haven’t exactly gone to plan. The stunning debut of the Colton Cinematic Universe has experienced some issues in post-production, resulting in some significant delays. It was to begin with an epic Coming of Age story (Mace winning the World Heavyweight Title of course); instead however it has fallen to the wayside for a clichéd side project. The all too familiar Buddy Cop feature of Colton Mace and Mark Carlton, the Entourage.

The Hollywood Hot-Shot is getting the feeling that he’s been typecast into this role, despite all his assertions of being a solo superstar. It’s the danger of creating a recognisable brand or name, forever trapped within its shadow. Those who know Mace, even the smallest amount, instantly know he isn’t one to willingly share the spotlight, but somehow he continues to find himself teamed up with Carlton time and time again.

Not that he isn’t unfamiliar with working with dud projects. Hollywood is always in a constant state of flux, ebbing and flowing. More often than not you have to cop one on the chin, work on a far inferior project and bide your time, in order to seize your moment later and get that award-winning, career defining moment. Problem is of course Mace isn’t known for his patience…

But as far as co-stars are concerned, Carlton isn’t the worst.

Just a bit stuffy.

It’s not like he’s Weapon X, Maya Jensen or either of the Danger Boiz…

In retrospect, Mace can consider himself VERY lucky.

Something else Mace isn’t known for is his restraint as he exits the Beverley Hills Courthouse, all suited up and looking every bit the respectable member of society he is not. His thoughts are not focused on the here and now, the most recent of a string of complaints filed against him, but instead on the disappointing state of his formerly ambitious career plans. Not that it is his fault of course. Everyone else is naturally to blame…

“God damnit Cole! I can’t take you anywhere!”

Danny Tremaine, Colton’s talent agent and manager, falls in beside the A-List Athlete to summarily scold the Squared Circle Superstar. If there is an award for individual with most patience, Danny would be a strong contender. It’s a mystery why he has remained so loyal and supportive of Mace all these years, despite the ‘celebrities’ MANY flaws.

“She said she was there to serve me.”

“She’s a waitress! She’s there to take your food order and bring it to the table. It’s her job! But that’s not an invitation to grab her! God!”

Truth be told, Colton is barely listening. His thoughts are lingering towards the Northern Crown Tag Tournament and of a victory he naturally believes is inevitable.

Danny elbows him in the side.

“What?” Growls Mace, angry at the interruption of his reverie.

“You want to know what your real talent is?”

“Just the one? C’mon Danny, it’s me we’re talking about here.”

“Your ability to wilfully ignore all the bullshit that you cause…”

“What bullshit that I cause?”

Danny motions to the courthouse now several paces behind them.

“Instead of actually acknowledging your mistakes.”

“I don’t make-“

“You continue to run off, playing pretend with the likes of Jaiden and Mark, leaving me ALONE to deal with all of the fallout! I mean I’m just the guy who started and maintained your career. I clearly don’t matter.”

“Wow! What’s got your knickers in a twist? The wife still not giving it up?”

If looks could kill…

There is a long and awkward pause, as Colton mulls over Danny’s tirade.

Until finally….

“Actually. Speaking of Jaiden and Mark…”

He looks to Danny hopefully.

The manager could very well have throttled his ‘star’ client at that moment. Not wanting any more time in a courthouse, Danny summons every ounce of willpower he possesses. He remains calm, cool and collected. A patron saint of restraint.

“Yes, yes. I organised your bloody flights to Vancouver.”

If nothing else, Danny can get some level of satisfaction knowing that Colton is forced to compete yet again in Canada, a country he dislikes considerably.


“Ugh…Canada…If nothing else, I’ll be fighting my hardest in that Tournament, just so I can leave the damn country as fast as possible. Fine. I’ll meet you back at my place. I gotta try to salvage the day with things I actually enjoy doing.”

Without the slightest hesitation Colton Mace jumps into the car and is zooming off. He doesn’t leave any time or space for Danny to interject and leaving his manager in the carpark.

Mace had driven off with Danny’s car.

“Win or lose, I hope someone in one of those teams beats the shit out of him.” Danny seethes to himself as he organises an Uber.


“Hold your ground! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come when the Entourage may fail, when the CWF forsake their only stars, their only hope and break all bonds of sanity. But it is not this day. An hour of woes and shattered hearts, when the age of the Entourage comes crashing down. But it is not this day! This day we fight and win. By all that you hold dear on this mediocre Earth, I bid you stand, Man of England!”

Mark Carlton stares up in disbelief at Colton, once again considering how unlucky he is to be teamed with the A-List Athlete. Meanwhile Mace looks down at Mark, seated at the foot of the bed in their hotel room in Vancouver. Mace is looking very smug and proud of himself, staring expectantly at his partner. Carlton gives him nothing in return.

“Mace look, if your hoping to inspire someone, it’s probably best you don’t bastardise a quote from a famous move.”

“What? What movie?”

“That’s Aragorn’s speech from Return of the King, the third in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.”

“Pffft, why would Colton Mace care about those low-brow Indie films. Especially ones he's NOT in.”

Mark catches his tongue before he can reply. It best not to get into such things with Mace.

If he knows anything about the Hollywood Hot-Shot, and after many years of dealing with him Mark is confident he does, he’d bet that Mace is actually nervous. He is even talking in third person!

“Mace…just sit and calm down.”

“Colton Mace can’t remain calm! First off we are forced to shack up in this god forsaken country and wait for a Pay-Per-View event that doesn’t even have Colton Mace fighting in the Main Event. What about any of that would bother Colton Mace?”

Because, perhaps underneath that egotistical and arrogant exterior, lies a sacred man who has a crippling fear of failure.

Is what Mark thinks silently to himself. It wouldn’t serve to further aggravate the action star.

“Because you’re about to drive me up the bloody wall! I get it. The Pay-Per-View tonight is kind of a big deal.”

What better way to have Mace onside then to use one of his common lines.

“Only because Cole-ah-I am in it.” Mace retorts.

“Of course. I mean who is the Hostile Takeover, or any of the other teams, compared to Colton Mace?”

“Exactly! I may be forced into this façade of a tournament, drawn farther away from my true reward, the World Heavyweight Championship, but if this is the role I must play for the moment, then so be it!” Mace finally stops his pacing and collapses onto the other single bed. “This really stinks Mark! My talents are gravely wasted on this tournament, especially when most of the people involved I don’t even know. Why then would they even be worth my time?”

There is no way Mark Carlton could reveal the entire situation, of Mace’s return and allegiance with Jaiden, is in fact an elaborate manipulation by the Order to ensure the CWF is protected and safe from further negative forces. He has the inclination that Mace would not respond well to that.

“Because the show must go on?”

“Ugh. I fucking hate that saying!”

“I get it. In fact we all do. You’ve complained about it enough. But this is where we’re at Mace. You and I, teaming together once more. And through this tournament we have a golden opportunity. You want to prove you’re still a superstar of the highest order, of championship quality. Then buck up and prove it! Show the Hostile Takeover who the true star of the CWF is. Show the Smokin’ Aces, KC3 and Maestro and every one of those teams why it was US that made the Tag-Titles as presitigous as they are now. Without the likes of the Entourage the tag-team division would be little more than an after-thought, barely a blip on the radar. Show the entire god-damn world that the name Colton Mace still holds some prestige…That World Title isn’t going anywhere. So perform for this B-Grade Tournament and then I can promise you that rematch that title opportunity will be yours again someday.”

At least with the likes of Mace, manipulating him wasn’t that difficult. Perhaps Mark also has a career as an actor…

Mace is clearly invigorated, shooting back to his feet in an instant.

“Alright, we’ve still got time before the curtain is raised. I’ll be in the gym. I’m gonna make Northern Crown a Summer Blockbuster with no equal. When we win the grand0final of the tournament they won’t even want to see the Main Event, cause nothing could even come close to being better than the tag-match. My hand will be raised in victory and then we can roll the damn credits!”

Mace is out of the room in the blink of an eye.

Mark almost felt bad for him…almost. Though he may be competing under false pretences, Mace was by no means a pleasant individual and in truth, Mark wasn’t exactly pleased to be competing the tournament either.

But you have to do the best with what you’re given. Especially if duty-bound.

With a resigned sigh, Mark leans back onto his bed, to while away the time until the Pay-Per-View with rest and relaxation, and mercifully in peace with Mace out of the room.

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