Title: CWF's Church vs. State: Episode XIV
Featuring: Church vs. State
Date: 28-05-2018
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Show: Evolution 21

Fade in to the beach, from the background looking like Atlantic CIty. The camera pans over the the scene until it reaches two beach chairs in the sand, a big umbrella and a table in between with some cold drinks. Black Church and Charles State both sip on one of them and look very content about where they are.


Blake Church: State?


Charles State: Yes, Church?


Blake Church: We’ve got to work again.


Charles State: Nah, we’re still in Paradise, remember?


Blake Church: I wish, but they’re forcing us!


Charles State: How?


Blake Church: With money...


Charles State (groans): This is “Church vs. State”!


Church vs. State











Blake Church: Hello world, we are back!


Charles State: Not entirely by choice, but better us than Rolash...


Blake Church (chuckles): That was almost mean!


Charles State: Yes, but only almost.


Blake Church: Welcome to Evolution 21, the first show after our fabulous Paradise PPV in Atlantic City and we are still a little sundrunk, so bare with us, haha.


Charles State: 5 matches, 20 people, we will be busy! And the best thing about it is that it all starts with the beginning!


Blake Church: Which usually is us, but that is not the point right now, but Billy Anderson will confront Xander Haze over his still mysterious attack right before his match at Paradise and where Billy still is talking about this “other side” of him we are trying to find, Mr. Haze has proven that he is more than just a man with anger issues.


Charles State: Xander Haze has cut a swath of devastation through CWF since his arrival, not necessarily successfully, but he definitely has been noticed. Billy Anderson on the other hand has secluded himself almost completely after the career match with his brother Tyler and at the moment is only communicating via blog posts, so we are not exactly sure what is happening with him, but hopefully Xander will be able to get some reaction out of him, otherwise Billy will start to challenge Azrael for the title as most apathetic member of the roster.


Blake Church: When is the last time that we have seen MJ Flair come on second in a show?


Charles State: I’d have to check back, but I don’t think ever?


Blake Church: Well, this Evolution she is and for the first time ever she steps into the ring with a member of Ouroboros, in this case Lost Boy gone rogue, Dean Coulter.


Charles State: The break-up of the Lost Boys is the maybe most tragic story we are currently following in this federation, outside of the Highlanders, and given the fact that Elisha and consorts do not take defeat lightly, Dean has a big mountain to climb, if he wants to come away victorious in this bout!


Blake Church: Now if the matches felt too empty for you, here is the solution: Revenant, Azrael, Danger Boiz, Harbingers and two of the Forsaken, all in one ring!


Charles State: Four tag teams meet up for the #1 contender status in the tag team division to go for the Smokin’ Aces’ titles and there is a lot of history involved in this match. Silas and his Coalition has had several run-ins with the Danger Boiz, The Shadow and Silas have not seen eye to eye for along time now, Mia and Autumn almost kind of turned gal pals and finally Mia and Azrael are just coming off one bloody battle in their Hope on a Rope match at Paradise, so this definitely is not your usual Fatal Fourway contendership match-


Blake Church: Why do they call it “fatal” anyways, I, thankfully, have never seen anybody die in one of these.


Charles State: Guess they opened the dictionary on the letter “F” and that’s the first one to jump out.


Blake Church: Sounds legit. The tag team division has been in an odd state since the Bright Young Things were forced to disband, at least for the time being, but now with the Smokin’ Aces having risen to the top and The Forsaken at a full complement now, this should definitely breathe some new life into the whole section.


Charles State: Speaking of Forsaken, we let Blake out and sent him to catch up with Mia Rayne.


Blake Church: Mia, thanks for having me. I guess you can say you have fully arrived in CWF, how has the experience been for you so far as one of our younger talent?


Mia Rayne: You know those fun rides at the carnival? It's the one with the bright lights and spins SUPER fast! At first it's super intimidating to get on it, you stare at all the people who lose their nerve, or their lunch quivering on the side. You get butterflies in your stomach the closer you get, the faster those fuckers flap causing a queasy feeling like no other!


Yet you continue on, because you know for a FACT that you have what it takes to not only get on this ride, but conquer it. It's been kind of like that. But only the heroine of this epic is the one TRUE Psychotic Princess. Yours truly. Nice to meet you.


There are people that like to try and state their claim on the past, when I was just a wee lass finding my way in CWF. Everyone starts somewhere and I've moved onto bigger things. Let them say they've beaten me once upon a time. I'll come back and not only make them regret it, but use their failure to fuel my success.


Blake Church: Shortly after you signed with CWF, you found a new, uh, frand, in Ataxia, which was a very unlikely sight to behold, and you also joined The Forsaken. How have these happenings changed things for you and how do you see your position now?


Mia Rayne: I would have had to be considered a dummy if I didn't take Shadow up on his offer to join him in The Forsaken. One would be blind if they can't see the obvious perfect fit for me here. Not only that but the irony is just amazing! Think about it, I was cast out of the general populace, branded as 'too crazy to be with us...' only to join a group called 'The Forsaken.' It's an obvious match and it's an honor to be a part of this group. Mark my words, The Forsaken will be the ones writing the history books. As far as Ataxia is concerned...


Mia pauses and bows her head blushing slightly. Her voice is quiet and she starts kicking her feet back and forth, forcibly reminding people of a young prepubescent girl talking about a crush. Admittedly it was kind of a cute and endearing view to behold.


I've never felt this way about anyone, and he's so much more than just 'anyone.' We just 'get' each other? There are times where there's no explanation for what is happening, it just makes the most nonsense in all the right ways. One of those situations one just has to ride the wave and go with the flow. This is one of those moments in history. Either accept us for the amazing couple and partnership we present, or lose yourself in the madness of trying to 'make sense ' of us. Either way, I assure you all that we will be the ones laughing in the end.


Blake Church: You went through a grueling match with Azrael, the Hope on a Rop, at Paradise, which roughed you up quite a bit. Aren't you concerned that matches like this one could bring some lasting long-term health problems with them?


Mia Rayne: The one and only long term and lasting impression I'm worried about is making sure that people who try to assume my character, realize their mistake, and count themselves lucky I didn't put them out for good. There's a reason I do things. People see me and think "crazy," "insane," and best of all "psychotic" and just assume these are all negative traits. I laugh every single time this happens. I would hope that at this point I've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is not the case. Being crazy, insane, or psychotic are all positive traits to have! Look at all the benefits that they have afforded me!


At this point Mia bursts into a fit of high pitched giggles. She doubles over laughing and glances up, finally remembering where she is. Slowly regaining her composure she coughs a couple times, trying to cover up her fit of laughs. She twirls a loose strand of her hair around her finger and smiles politely before saying.


I'm sorry, what was the question again?


A devious smile is on her face and her eyes only give away one thing... Mia Rayne is anything but innocent.


Charles State: Yes, definitely not your usual lady next door.


Blake Church: No, but she at least did not seem like the total nutcase many would make us believe she is.


Charles State: Good! Onwards to, well, Ataxia actually, who is facing none other than Christian Starr in a non-title match, but with or without it, this could be an epic clash, not least since the Participation Award belt that Ataxia bestowed upon our former Paramount champion.


Blake Church: Master of Mind Games vs. the Motormouth, title or no, none of these gentlemen will hold back and if anything it should be highly entertaining, I mean, after all there is Ataxia!


Charles State: Absolutely. Which leaves us with the main event and this is a really interesting and at the same time odd hodge podge. Caledonia, our current World Heavyweight champion, the Unhinged Briefcase holder, and with that number one contender, Amber Ryan and Omega, former friend and ally of Caledonia turned...we are not exactly sure what she turned into, on one side.


Blake Church: And the Smokin’ Aces Freddie Styles and Duce Jones have been lined up with the latest Forsaken recruit, Dorian Hawkhurst, who seems to have found his inner demon again and quite honestly, I have no idea how that one is going to play out.


Charles State: A match with just as many question marks as anything else, I’m not even sure what exactly to say about it, because, well, I am not sure what to think of it myself!


Blake Church: Well. There is one way to find out and that is to tune in tune in tomorrow and if you sign up for the CWF Network today, you will get your first month free, which this time around includes our big Golden Intentions PPV, so this really is an offer you can’t really refuse! See you in Baltimore! Maybe...


Blake Church: We hope to be able to welcome you again next week, I am Blake Church and this was CWF’s Church vs. State. Good evening.


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