Title: Family
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 11/5
Location: Somewhere...
Show: Evolution 35

Family. Now there is a strange word. Does it have true meaning? Or is it just something that we use to say when we are trying to get out of work? What is a family? Is it an Uncle, Aunt, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, or grandparent? What does it take to settle down and become a family man?

It takes devotion, love, and trust. Those three easy to remember words can make or break a family. Families are so unpredictable. I mean they always can have the stereotypical son, or daughter along with the 70's turn out wife and the 80's rock-n-roll father. It all depends on who is the family man. Retiring to become a family man takes strength.

Letting go of something that means more to you then life itself just to settle down with the one person that means more to you; then your own life. Why do that? Because there comes a time in a persons life no matter the age that they decide it;s time to tone it down. It's time to become a real human being and forget my wild and crazy past.

Take everything in and look out at the same time. Slow your life down as fast as you can because it's no secret that life will pass you by at the blink of an eye. Sooner or later the years will catch up to you and no matter who you are, no matter how important you think you are; life happens to us all. Simple fact of life, and we all have to deal with it.

CWF webcast, a few cans of empty gasoline set to the side of the room, some lucha masks set atop the table in this room, a sign that reads lobe that is hung up on the back wall, and just other assortments of things that was Freddie's past. Finally the door creeps open and in walks Freddie Styles. He stands in front of you, holding his tag title. Shirt and tie along with a vest. His hair styled and goatee shaped. With a grin Freddie looks at all his material.

Life does pass a person by so fast. I have had a lot of ups and plenty of downs in my time and I just wanted to take a moment to look at them all.”

Freddie touches the scar on his ear and you can see the place where there has been work done. Freddie with a sigh rubs is and then continues.

Long time ago, a man named Brett Logan took a portion of my ear off and because of that the nickname "Lobe" was born and I remember walking to the ring that next night and seeing a huge Lobe sign held up by the fans.

Freddie turns and points to the back wall where that same sign hangs.

Yes, gotta love devoted fans, however this is not my point. Being lobe isn't why I have come here; for you see, I wanted to let you know that I have a living past just like you two, Dorian and Trent. Everything I have done in the past makes me who I am right now. The same goes for you and you already know that, but hear me out a minute or two.

Freddie takes the briefcase and sets it atop his lucha masks. Freddie then leans on that desk and looks into the camera.

Take a look at your past gentlemen. Look at all the things you have done. All the things you have accomplished. none of it will compare to being part of our family. Being part of this Glass Ceiling. I'm not gonna be like the cultists or the Forsook and guarantee anything. What you achieve, you will earn. But what we as a family will do is back each other up. We will help you rise to the places you can only dream of. But understand this fellas....we fight as hard as we love. We will not back down from each other. No one gets off easy. That's why they keeps us fighting one another. They don't want us to take over, because once we do, we will rule it all forever. Come Evolution, the four of us are gonna tear up Western Canada....and then we are gonna tear you down. So give us your best, and when they come, we'll show them why we are the Smokin' Aces, and that Aces are always up!

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