Title: Why Does The Raven Fly?
Featuring: KC3
Date: November 5th/6th
Location: DIA/
Show: Evolution 35

[VOICEOVER] "Sitting late at night in Denver International Airport doesn’t exactly strike someone as a good time, but travelling away from the crowds appealed greatly to “The Next Generation God”, K. Carlton Davison III. Travelling last minute before a show always presented a chance for something to come up, but as of yet, KC3 has yet to be bitten in the ass. Having already passed through customs, he sat patiently awaiting his flight into Calgary."

Even at this ungodly hour, KC3 seems bright eyed and bushy tailed. He sits as comfortably as you can in the luxurious waiting area of Denver International Airport. Wearing a charcoal gray tailored suit, Davison different than when we normally see him on the streets. His yellow shirt pops from under the jacket, accented with a charcoal tie to match the rest of the suit. He is the reflection of perfection, at least in his estimation. He looks up at the departure board, down at his Rolex, then back up to the departure board. His phone rings, and Madonna’s “Ghosttown” plays. He reaches out of his pocket and puts the phone on speaker.

"Hey, babe."

A think Irish accent comes from the phone.

"Hey sexy. Where are you?"

"Waiting in Denver for the flight to San Fran. After that it’s off to scenic Calgary, Alberta, Canada."

"What time do you get in?"

"It doesn’t matter. Honestly. It feels like forever when you aren’t here."

"You’re so sweet. You tryin’ ta give me a cavity?"

"Ruby, you’re the reason I do this. I just wish that you could be here with me."

"Yeah, I know, but I’m not in any condition to travel. The doctor said it’s not a good idea."

"I’m going to make things better for you. I swear I will. "

"I know, darlin’. Just keep on going on and we’ll be fine. When Kara Jade gets here, I’ll be able to tell her she has the best father in the world."

"Didn’t your parents teach you not to lie? Nevertheless, I appreciate the sentiment."

"United Airlines Flight 423 from Denver International Airport to San Francisco International Airport departing at 10:10 PM Mountain Standard Time is now boarding at Gate B20 for disabled and first class passengers. Thank you. "

Davison reaches down and grabs his suitcase off the floor. It’s a radiant ruby color, one that reminds him of his wife when he has to travel.

"Listen, Ruby. I gotta go. They’re boarding the plane. Hopefully I don’t get stuck sitting next to Kato Kaelin like last time. He’s a nice enough guy, but he talks way too much."

Ruby lets out a stifled giggle.

"Alright, love. Fly safe and let me know when you get to San Francisco. I don’t care what time it is. I have to know you’re safe. "

"Of course. Je t'aimerai maintenant, pour toujours et à jamais."

" You know I don’t speak French."

"I will love you now, forever and always. Gotta go."

Davison makes a kiss into the phone before hanging it up and putting it in his pocket as he prepares to board the plane.

[VOICEOVER] "It would seem that our anti-hero actually isn’t a total asshole. Dare I’d say, he’s like an Ivory asshole: 99.44% pure. As he boards his plane to his next destination, a date with Autumn Raven, and possibly the WCWA Light Heavyweight Championship awaits him at Evolution."

We see KC3 now settled down in his hotel room. He removes his jacket and carefully places it upon the hanger in his closet. He walks into the bedroom, a nice room with gray walls with on off white pattern on the wallpaper. The bed is expectedly pristine, with white sheet and a bronze decorative pillow to break the monotony of ivory. Indeed, the Fairmont Palliser had seemed to live up to the expectations.

KC3 reaches into his suitcase, pulling out an old school New Jersey Devils Starter Jacket. He walks out of the room and down to the elevator. As he reaches the ground floor, Davison walks purposefully through the lobby, stopping only to get himself a cup of coffee on the way outside. In the 17° air, his breath forms a cloud in front of his face. He spots the CWF camera crew he has requested, and waves them over. He looks up at the sky while they get settled, watching the sun struggle from behind the overcast sky.

KC3 leans casually against a light pole, looking off into the distance, deep in thought. He seems to snap out of it right about the time the camera crew finishes setting up.

"We all do things for different reasons. Some are motivated by fame and fortune. I, obviously, fully support that decision. Others, such as Dorian Hawkhurst, do so to support their families. A noble cause, one would certainly think. There are some people, such as Ataxia, that do it because they think it’s… well, fun, I suppose. Then, Autumn Raven, there is you. What is your reason for being here. Why do you do this? I wonder…"

Davison flashes a wistful smile at the camera.

"From the start, I have made it clear why I came here. I came here to prove that I am the best wrestler in this company. I proved it the first match I wrestled here. This fact is furthered by the fact that Trent Steel, who is, as we all know, something of a legend around these parts, made the choice to pin Reggie T. Rascal last week. He did so because he knew that he simply couldn’t defeat me. Reggie T. Rascal was the weak link and had Trent not stolen the opportunity, I would have done the same."

"I come from a certain pedigree. That doesn’t give me any sort of entitlement. That doesn’t mean I expect people to kiss my ass because of who my old man is. What it means is that I was born into this business. I was bred for this business. I was surrounded by this business from the moment I came home from the hospital. That gives me a tactical advantage that few can rival. You have the audacity, the unmitigated gall to tell me that you are going to make me submit? Sweetheart, some places charge you twenty bucks for that kind of action."

KC3 stands upright, removing himself from the pole.

"Here’s the thing that is, in my estimation, you biggest detriment. I’m already in your head. I’m not saying you are afraid of me or anything like that. Hell, playing mind games with you would be like playing Monopoly without money. What I mean is, I already know why you do this. You do this because you are angry with how Silas has treated you. You are tired of standing in his shadow. I get you, Autumn. I understand you. That is why I refuse to speak my old man’s name. We are kindred spirits, you and I. That my dear, is where the similarities end. "

KC3 lifts his hood over his head, leaving his face visible to the camera.

"You see the shadows as a bad thing and I can see why. It is because you stood in the shadow of Silas by choice. You were nothing more than a sheep, a lackey who did his bidding and even then, you didn’t do it very well. I was born into the shadow. I see the shadow for what it is and I use it to my advantage. People make the mistake of thinking I have gotten to where I am by riding on my father’s coattails, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I have used my father for knowledge. I have picked his brain to gain an extensive knowledge of how to be a ring general. I took that knowledge and parlayed it into a tag team championship reign with Jimmy Allen. But, you see, that isn’t enough. That is why I am here. Day one I said I was a commodity. Day one I said that I was the man who was going to shift the paradigm. Here I am, telling you now that I am the man who should be the face of CWF, representing this company while carrying the WCWA Lightweight Championship. I will go forth and bring glory and honor to not only myself but also to the CWF."

There is a certain conviction in Davison’s voice, almost that of a controlled rage.

"I will go forth and I will return as the conquering hero. I cannot think of a damned thing you’ve done in this company, let alone in this business. So, here I stand on the precipice of greatness. One day, you will be able to tell your children, should you be fortunate enough to meet a man with low enough standards, you will be able to tell them of the greatest moment of your career. That will be the moment when you can stake your claim as the wrestler who propelled “The Next Generation God” into the trajectory of legend. You will be the woman who will be able to tell the world that it all began with you. You are nothing more than a stepping stone on my path to the Parthenon. Autumn Raven, you are capable of many wonderful, amazing things. "

KC3 takes a moment to catch his breath before he lowers his voice to a near whisper.

"Beating me is not one of those things."

Davison brings the volume back up to his normal level.

"They say there are only two things in this life that are certain, but I assure you, Autumn, that there is a third. The first is death. The second is taxes. The third, and more important, is that you cannot defeat the “Living God of Professional Wrestling” because when you are God, you don’t have to break the rules. YOU MAKE THEM!!!"

Davison folds his hands in front of him and bows his head, holding the pose until the camera fades to black.

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