Title: Who is coming to Evo this week?
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 11-5-18
Location: Center of Town
Show: Evolution 35

[Azrael is standing in behind a pulpit.  This pulpit is not located in a giant gothic church, or a modern megachurch, no this is an old small town.  Near the center of town, next to the single room building, white washed, with a steeple.  He is next door, in town’s cemetery.  It is a shadowy place, as the trees once planted to provide shade have matured into full grown trees.  Not the picturesque trees that young Jimmy draws in his homework.  No, the knotted, twisted trees of orchards and halloween.  The type of trees that hide things of ill intentions. The tombstones have blended into the surrounding environment, from age and neglect.]

Azrael: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to clear up a few misconceptions about me that have come to light.  These misconceptions I can no longer let them slide.  For those of you who believe I have other, more important things on my mind during matches, you couldn’t be any closer to the truth.  Yes, I have other things on my mind.  As matter of fact, I have lots of things on my mind.  My thoughts are with these people who call this dark place home.  My thoughts are with the thousands of other places just like this littered throughout the world.  My place on this earth is of a higher purpose then providing entertainment for the simple man. I am here to help those who have suffered a loss.  I am here to make the world a better place, by removing the one of the lead causes of anger, loss.   I have focused on this small promotion, which is rife with anger as my current starting place.  What I did not decide was which individual I would assist first.  That individual was chosen for me, by a higher power.  His loss is so severe, so ingrained in the individual, that my first attempts failed.  Fear not, I have not given up on the viking.  He will release his anger, for I have many tricks up my sleeve.  Now, it appears as if I have been given an opportunity to try and help more by becoming a champion.  Now, in the past, the performer who occupied this place in the company had been given chance after chance at a title, without luck.  Some say it was his attitude.  Others said talent.  But the most accurate reason that I have heard is that he wasn’t as available, and management conspired to keep him from the title. Had he won that title, his life may have been different.  He may of had a different ending, given the opportunity to succeed, who knows what that opportunity would have done to his psyche to his confidence and self image.  A small change and a chance taken could have changed the world for one individual, and who knows what change he may have had on others.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not going to let this opportunity to help countless others pass.  My work is too important to too many people to let it slip without providing it my undivided attention.  Now, all I need to do is determine is this victory worth a sliver of my humanity.  Is it worth a little bit of me to save others?  That friends and fans is something I am going to have to pray and meditate to determine if this is the best course of action.  Zach van Owen, you will need to pray as well.  Pray that the powers that be that guide me will choose that this is not worth the sliver of humanity, that the cost is to great.  Pray to any and every higher power that you can think of and believe in.  Pray that it is the Angel of Death who appears in Calgary. Pray that you see me entering from the rafters, descending from heaven.  Because the Angel of Death appearing in the match, is the only way you will have a chance at retaining your title.  But what other option exists, you may ask? If you have not figured it out, I am considering bringing out the Avenging Angel.  The only time he has made an appearance in this day and age, he took down Fenrir in a blink of an eye.  Do you believe you have a chance against that from the start? The power I displayed in just a blink of an eye, was one of the most powerful displays any man has seen.  If I come to the ring as the Avenging Angel, I do not take things lightly.  I do not pull any punches.  I use each and every ability I have to accomplish my mission, without a shred of doubt.  If the Avenging Angel makes his way down to the ring, pray that you leave Calgary with your life.  For that is the only thing you will be able to leave Calgary with.  Look to the sky and pray.  If you see me coming, then breath a sigh of relief, as you will only fight for your title.  Otherwise, Zach kiss your loved ones one last time, for it may be the last chance you have.

[As he bows his head in prayer, a bolt of lightning strikes one of the trees, setting it ablaze, transforming the old cemetery from place where evil may lurk, to a place of fire and brimstone.  A place worthy of the old testament in the Christian bible, a place reminiscent of the destruction of God’s wrath.]  

[Azrael is back in the studio, sitting with Easy EB, for their weekly chat]

Easy EB: I see you don’t need me anymore.

Azrael: That’s not true

Easy EB: You mean that?

Azrael: Of course, I’ve never needed you or this show.  I’m here because I enjoy it.  [Azrael lets out a hearty chuckle]

Easy EB: You are not very nice, giving me a heart attack like that.  

Azrael: I knew you were safe.  A little stress for the heart is good for it.  

Easy EB: I’ve got questions about your comments to Zach van Owen, and the possibility of seeing the Avenging Angel in his full glory, or we can talk about the middle ages, and that intriguing era in human history.

Azrael: Well, it appears we are going to be talking about the Avenging Angel today, and not the Angel of Death.  

Easy EB: We can talk about both if you want, you just have been avoiding talking about the Avenging Angel.  

Azrael: Well, that has been intentional.  There is enough confusion about the Angel of Death, that having the Avenging Angel part of that conversation, will only muddy the water and create more fear about the Angel of Death.  

Easy EB: Since you have brought up the Avenging Angel, let’s talk about how that persona is different from the Angel of Death.  

Azrael: That is a great idea.  Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once again

Easy EB: I will take that as a compliment

Azrael: Okay

Easy EB: Since you want to focus more on the differences between the two, let's start with how they are similar

Azrael: Perfect.  First of all, they are both warriors and servants of God.  The ultimate goal of both is to help the world and  help the children of God.  They both do what they can and what they think necessary to help those who have been determined to need the assistance.  

Easy EB: that doesn’t seem like a lot of similarities.  

Azrael: Well, I’ve simplified it alot.  Ultimately they are the same, except for one thing.  They both have the same mission, it’s just how they accomplish it, and the types of individuals.  The Angel of Death, will guide and lead individuals towards the afterlife and will provide support for thoses who are suffering the lost.  The Avenging Angel will eliminate the threat  and extract justice for those who have been harmed by any means necessary.  The Angel of Death will help those who can be helped and want to be helped.  The Avenging Angel will help those who refuse help or have committed such atrocities that there is no chance to rehabilitate the individuals.  The loss they suffered at some point in time, has consumed everything that makes them human, Has eaten away at their compassion, their empathy, and their willingness to make sacrifices for others.  Those people are the ones who will only respond to the ultimate level of power.  Sometimes to build someone up, you first have to tear it down, and see what kind of foundation there is.

Easy EB: Almost like what they claim to do in the armed services, in order to change their instincts and have more of a group think.

Azrael: Sort of, without the group think aspect.  More of eliminating the bad habits by force, since nothing else works. 

Easy EB: Makes sense.  

Azrael: Of course it does.  Look at the time.

Easy EB: Ah man.  Well any parting words?

Azrael: No, because I need to decide what to do with this opportunity.  Sell out to help more with a title, or give it a go as is, and see what happens.   

Easy EB: Sounds like a plan.  Until next week, when we continue our conversation with CWF’s  new Impact Champion, an Archangel.  The Angel of Death, Azrael.

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