Title: Score to settle
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Right nao
Location: Canada
Show: Evolution 35


//  Los Angeles, California


Santa Monica Pier


Days before Evo 35…  




The scene opens to a shot of the inside of the Funland arcade at the Santa Monica Pier, and the currently busy skeeball lanes being occupied by a few kids, their parents, and Autumn...with her one guest sitting on a lone stool just a few feet behind her, sipping from a cup of soda.  The activity at the pier was medium level at best, what with most kids being in school and whatnot. All Autumn wanted to do was relax and throw this skeeball around for a while, rack up those tickets and enjoy what time she had left here before she had to leave it. Family had been visited, caught up with all the latest comings and goings with friends, all that fun stuff.


??:  Are you ever going to throw that ball?  You’ve been tossing it around for 5 minutes now.


Autumn:  When you stop asking me that question.  I’m trying to concentrate. Damn. Relax a little dude.  I bring you down here to hang out, and you want to give me shit.


Shannon:  Hey I’m trying to be here for moral support.  You won’t let me try to throw a few.


Autumn:  I let you try a few and you ended up throwing two of them behind the machines.  The last one nearly hit a kid. You’re lucky their parents weren’t around.


She narrowed her eyes at him, shaking her fist lightly before turning back to the machine in front of her.  Arm reared back, and the small little brown ball rolled up the ramp, landing in the second to the inner rings.  Autumn smirked, tilting her chin up, watching the lights flicker and dance as the points racked up. She kept throwing the balls, watching the points keep rising until the last ball was thrown and disappeared into the machine.  It wasn’t exactly the high score, but it was pretty darn impressive. She chuckled and snatched her tickets, swiveling around and waving them at her friend. All he did was smirk and shake his head.


Shannon: Ok, ok.  You won, now what do you want to do?  Classic pinball? Those rigged crane games?


A shrug.


Autumn:  Eh, can we play some shoot ‘em up zombie game?  Not in the mood for some pinball stuff or air hockey.  Plus the DDR machines are all taken, so zombie shooting it is really.

She sighed, heading straight for ‘the walking dead’ machine that she had spotted just after entering this place.  Luckily no one was in it, probably still mourning the last episode of the show. Charlatans. It was a great show.  One less of a character wasn’t going to ruin anything. People loved to live in their fantasy worlds, and anything that challenged that was a sin.  A sin that threatened to shatter the mirror and reveal the truth. She sighed and sat down, plopping the plastic bag full of her stuff at her feet, waiting for her friend to take his seat for this.


Shannon:  Sorry about that.  Had to take care of some business back home.  Are you ready for this?


Autumn:  Yeah. It’s just a bunch of zombies, what more should I be worried about?


Shannon:  I don’t know, Bob Ross coming back from the dead?  Silas ambushing you in public? Should I keep going?


Autumn turned her head and glared at him, slipping her coins in the slot.  Of all the stupid things he could bring up.


Autumn:  Neither one of those are going to happen.  Now let’s do this.




//  Calgary, Canada


Calgary Zoo


Pandas are fun...so is a kick in the head  


AUtumn leans up against the enclosure that houses the pandas, eyes carefully watching the creatures wrestle and play with one another.  It was quite the thing to see such an elusive creature in person instead of on tv.


“I’m not surprised at what happened last week.  Not in the slightest. Silas has the ego the size of the universe, and when he realized he was going to have to deal with me again in another tag match, he bailed.  He *fucking* bailed on me. Couldn’t take the heat so he got out of the fucking kitchen, at the worst fucking time. Would have given Dorian and Zach a run for it, but it is what it is.  I took the fall for it, but I put up a hell of a fight going down for it. Damn proud of myself, for what I did. No one can take that away from me, not even him.”


Her fist clenched.


“So When world’s collide is a little over a month away, and already people are buzzing about this inter-fed deal that’s going on with WCWA for it.  This thing is huge, like massive. Different companies will be there, each representing their brand, their passion, what they do best. It’s no surprise that CWF will be there in fine style.  Which is why these matches have been set up at Evolution, to see who will represent CWF at the pay per view.”


Autumn chuckles, a slow smile crossing her face.


“A chance to represent CWF.  Now that would be sweet. To qualify, to move on, and to be center stage at that event, knowing that you have a chance to hold that belt high above your head.  I would love that, you have no idea. To crawl out of the shadows that continue to haunt me, to push past the opposition. I have no doubt that they will be pushing hard for it, but I have my reasons for wanting this.  I don’t need to explain them right now. All I need to do is explain to KC3 that this is going to be a really short match.”


A sigh.


“New or not, I have plans.  And they don’t include you winning.  They include you submitting to me. I will have what I want.”

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