Title: ZachQuest: Two-Player Mode
Featuring: Zach van Owen
Date: 28th October
Location: Trans-Canada Highway
Show: Evolution 34

“Hey Dorian, Dude, it’s Zach…Again. If you could PLEASE call me back when you get this. Just want to check to see how you’re holding up. Looking forward to teaming up and beating down that dastardly deviant Silas. Hear from you soon…I Hope. Catch ya.”
Leaning against his parked motorbike, Zach van Owen pockets his cell phone as Leona Gainsborough returns from a brief jaunt into the general store. They are on the road together, cruising along the Trans-Canada Highway to Alberta, Canada for the next Evolution. Zach is teaming up with Dorian Hawkhurst as part of the Northern Crown Tag-Team Tournament. A surprise for the new Impact Champion. Their opponents for the opening qualifier match are the Dysfunctional Duo of the underrated Autumn Raven, and the incorrigible Silas Artoria, calling themselves the Harbingers of Death.
“No reply?” Leona asks, stashing their supplies and readying herself for the rest of the journey ahead.
“Still nothing. I’m beginning to worry. Should we stop by Philly and check up on him?”
“I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s a grown man and doesn’t need you, or anyone, fussing over him.”
“He was there for me and I want to make sure he’s ok.”
“Zach, sometimes the best thing a friend can do for another friend is give them time and space. Dorian’s going through some shit obviously, but he knows who he can rely on, and whose relying on him. He’ll rock up to Evolution and together you’ll take down the other guys no muss, no fuss.”
Leona’s assurances are enough for Zach, at least for the time being. God knows Dorian could probably use the win, and if it means pulling him out of his current funk, Zach is prepared to go to great lengths to help his friend out. Together Zach and Leona they hit the road once more. Since he once again didn’t compete at a CWF show, Zach didn’t need to waste time recovering or preparing himself and instead is able to use that time for more enjoyable and recreational things, such as this road-trip with Leona. An acceptable compromise if ever there was one. Truth be told however, Zach is more than a little surprised he hadn’t heard from Freddie Styles regarding the Impact Title and a rematch.
He’s still getting used to calling himself Impact Champion!
“So, who are these opponents of yours anyway?” Leona asks, calling above the roar of the open road zipping by at speed. She can see the cogs over-thinking inside his mind and brings Zach instead to the here and now.
“The Harbingers of Death…”
“They sound a like a team of bumbling minions from a Saturday Morning cartoon.”
“The name is a bit over the top, but they are not child friendly. The consists of Autumn Raven and Silas Artoria, both baring the adage of Psychotic in some way shape or form. Once upon a time they were a fighting front united, looking to reshape the face of the federation and by association pro wrestling…But the game has changed since then and they no longer see eye to eye. In fact, I’m a little surprised to see them back in the same corner. At best, they are the Joker and Lex Luthor, bound to turn on each other to serve their own purposes. Back in the day, I would’ve considered Autumn a kindred spirit, underachieving and under-appreciated despite the effort she brings to the ring daily. We may not agree on an ideological level, but she at least was determined to be somebody. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried she never seemed to catch a break. One of the highest points of her career was when she pulled herself out from the shadow of her partner. It’s a little sad to see her back there again. Autumn is talented, but she isn’t my main concern. It’s the other guy. The Main Villain of the CWF. Artoria. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t happy unless he’s in control of everything, everything you’d expect in a Villain. He has one hell of a mean streak but is clouded by delusions of grand megalomania and to this date, his machinations have ended in failure. I aim to ensure that trend continues. I promised to stand fast against the tides of darkness corrupting the sanctity of the CWF and as luck would have it this Random Encounter pits me up against a more than suitable candidate.”
Zach eases up on the throttle somewhat as his profound monologue pulls his focus, once again his thoughts deviating towards concern for his friend and partner, Dorian Hawkhurst.
“Word around the locker room is he’s more Robbie Rotten than Machiavelli.”
“Not a chance I’m willing to take.”
Winning the Impact title was an unintended bonus for Zach’s first step. Not that he’s complaining. He knew he had his work cut out for him if he ever hoped to save the federation, his friends within it and the CWF universe at large from the growing forces of evil. Those of the Glass Ceiling, Loki and Hostility, and who knows what other nefarious threats that lay waiting in the shadows. It is the very reason Zach has come back. To be the hero the federation needs. But first he needs to focus a bit closer to home and do what he can to save a dear friend.
Win or lose, there is no going back.
Defeat is not an option.
Zach and Leona continue zooming off into the uncertain horizon.
The Game has well and truly Changed…

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