Title: Christian STARR Diaries: Chapter Eleven
Featuring: Christian STARR
Date: May 26, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Evolution 21

OOC Note: Sorry for such a short RP this week. It got crazy busy for me between work and home, so this is what I could do in the short amount of time I actually had this week.

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The Christian STARR Diaries:
Chapter Eleven

May 26, 2018


Cue the streamers and balloons, motherfuckers, it's a goddamned party up in here! Fifth grade birthday style! The familiar STARR living room has been decorated, ceiling to floor, with all kinds of bright blue birthday decorations, complete with a banner reading "CONGRATULATIONS" in big bold letters. Sitting front and center is the familar entourage of Christian STARR, Allison Hollywood, and Payne. The burly bearded man blows on a noise maker, making the glittering foil coil out as it makes that all too obnoxious sound. Allison wears a pointy pink party hat over her lazily pulled back blonde hair, she's waving her hands in the air like she just don't care. Then, there's Christian. The ever stoic former Paramount Champion doesn't seem to been so keen on joining in on the fun, instead choosing to simply slow clap.

Allison Hollywood: "Congratulations Taxi! You did it! You really, really did it! You retained the Impact Championship! In the heat of the battle, in the sewer of the nation, you prevailed against all odds over three of the toughest opponents you've ever had to defend you're precious little toy against."

The sarcasm in Allison's voice and eyes is all but shoved down our throats. She is clearly not impressed by the accomplishment of our Impact Champion, and by the way Payne leans right into the shot, once again blowing the obnoxious noise maker, it's clear he isn't either. This time he blows the toy whistle so hard the whole thing comes flying out of his mouth. His face turning from joy, to instant unbridaled rage in the exact instant that it flies past the camera.

Payne: "You beat three nobodies, Ataxia! And it took the joined efforts of your entire little misfit family to beat me! What is that supposed to prove to anyone? Because to me it just proves that the burlap prince isn't so much a champion as much as he is a paper bag coward! If all you can do is beat the riff raft than you're entire mindfreak persona is a fassade to hide you're true colors!"

Christian places a hand on the shoulder of his partner. He gently pulls Payne backwards as he himself takes center stage of the shot. He takes a moment to adjust the leather jacket that hangs over his shoulers covering almost the entire Underarmor logo of his white t-shirt beneath it.

Christian STARR: "Cassandra, Autum Rain, and Billy Anderson. Not exactly the cream of the crop there is it Ataxia? That is the handpick contenders you chose for Paradise. You plucked the bottom of the barrel for that yet you want to walk around here with you're head held high as if you're some sort of deranged genius? The only genius thing about throwing yourself into that fourway is that there was no way you could lose, not to those maggots. Not without tripping over your own feet. You're too smart than to throw yourself into an actual challenge; But I think you've come to a point where you've become too smart for your own good, Tax."

Christian STARR: "You've gotten soft. You've put yourself into a position that makes you look strong, while at the same time becoming the weakest link in the Forsaken. While you're fascination with taking control has taken control of you, Shadow has been making headlines, putting on a tear against Elisha and the entire SSRI. While you've been wasting time designing little toy championships in a pathetic attempt to get under my skin, you're little girlfriend, Mia has been quickly becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the company. Fuck, even Dorian and his quote unquote surprise induction into your ranks, which even a blind man could seen coming a mile away, has outshined anything you've done in the last month!"

Christian STARR: "Let's be honest for a minute here Taxi. What exactly have you been up to? Because it seems to me that ever since you're so-called blood feud with Dorian came to a head you've just been spinning your wheels. Suddenly you're mind games aren't as direct as they once were. You're master plan seems like nothing more than a child's imagination running wild; Jumping from one fairy tail to the next. One minute you're a suave business man, ready to take control of the entire industry and twist it into you're sick fantasy world covered in blood and burlap. The next you're a sadistic madman, hell bent on nothing more than systematically tearing apart the very foundation the world is built on. And then there's the Ataxia I had the misfortune of running into in Atlantic City. The Carrot-Top of Ataxia's. Mister Props and Gags himself. The master manipulator, right? I don't think so."

Christian STARR: "You're mind games may have worked on weaker men Ataxia, but not Christian STARR. You may have made madmen out of fools, but you've stepped up to a man that won't be faltered. I know what I want. I will get it. Nothing you, or you're band of bastards do to me will stop me from getting where I'm going. Christian STARR is heading back to the top! Look into my eyes and tell me I'm wrong!"

Christian STARR: "You can't! Because when you look into my eyes, you look into the eyes of a determined King! You look into the eyes of a man that will take you're fucking burlapped head off and hang it on his goddamn wall as a trophy if you get in his way! You look into the eyes of the greatest champion this company has ever seen! You look into the eyes of the Undisputed, unwavering KING of Wrestling, and I can't say the same about you. Sadness. Jealousy. That's what I see behind that crimson smile of yours Ataxia. And after Evolution, whether I pin you or make you tap out to the King's Cross, all I'll see when I look into your face, as a man won't have any choice but to.."

Payne: "HAIL!"

Allsion Hollywood: "To the King of Wrestling!... See you Monday, Taxi"

Allison blows a kiss to the camera as Payne flexes his enormous muscles, letting out a roar as he does. Meanwhile Christian flashes his trademark cocky grin as he flips off the camera. The scene fading to black, leaving a the shot of the three burning into your retinas.

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