Title: The teetering school bus
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 10-29
Location: Studio E-1
Show: Evolution 34

Easy EB: Welcome back to the Azrael show, I mean E-Underground.

Azrael: I can always leave and not continue these interviews.  I can find another platform to share my message.  

Easy EB: Oh no, that’s ok, we can continue.  That was a rough beating you took this week from Chirster.

Azrael: That it was, another epic battle.  A different result, one that hopefully cracks the shell that he has put up around his heart. Maybe the victory is what he needed to listen, and open himself up for assistance.  He doesn’t have to deal with whatever loss he is dealing with alone.  I am here for him, to listen, to do whatever is needed.  

Easy EB: Giving him the victory, didn’t seem to make much effect on his attitude.  Listening to his reaction after the match, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

Azrael: No, suffering a defeat nor earning a victory hasn’t seemed to work.  I am going to have to work a little harder to get through to him.  Fortunately, I have a large bag of tricks in which I can draw from.  If he needs to rack up more victories, then, starting this week we will, defeat the group known as venom.  But I will say one thing to him, that my God was there with me.  It was our decision to take the loss, to open our body up for sacrifice to help you.  God is always with me, just like he is always with you.  We just need you to open up and deal with the loss that has turned you into the angry beast. That is no way to live life, to be angry.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Precious moments to be treasured.  Simple miracles to cherish.  That is the only way to live life.  Unfortunately, loss is a major obstacle to overcome to get to where you can live life the way it should be.  Christer, I will help get you there.  

Easy EB: That almost sounds as if you are pushing your religion on him

Azrael: Not at all.  All religions, all credible religions have the same basic principals.  Treat everything with love and compassion.  Enjoy the gifts you have.  Very simple doctrines that while are said differently, and have different ways of achieving them, are all still the same.  Actually, they can all be boiled down to one word.  Love.

Easy EB: I am sure we will be hearing some blowback on this oversimplification of religion.   

Azrael: Of course.  Religion is one of those topics that people are passionate about.  One of the big three.  Religion, Politics, and Money.  

Easy EB:  I can’t tell you how many arguments I have gotten into with family or co-workers over one of those topics.  

Azrael: When people are passionate about something, the tend to not listen to alternatives.  They close their minds, as they have found their answer.  If you question their answer or don’t agree with them, they view it as a personal attack and will defend it vigorously

Easy EB: Before we go to much farther down that rabbit hole and I piss off my golden goose, let’s talk about Venom.  

Azrael: What is there to talk about?  They are a stable, one who I’m assuming knows each other very well.  I am going to be competing with a man who at the last two events has tried to rip me limb from limb. Which one do you think has the upper hand here?

Easy EB: You never know though.  Sometimes these bitter rivalry teams make for an amazing tag team, almost unbeatable, until they beat themselves.  

Azrael: True, sometimes they are just on the same page but usually that page is trying to beat each other.  There is a sense of familiarity between the rivals.  Still, any miscalculation can be taken as a slight or a personal attack.  

Easy EB: It’s like the school bus that is teetering on the cliff, and all it takes to send the bus over is a little boy to sneeze.  

Azrael: That is so sad, but a pretty good analogy.      

Easy EB: Thanks, I do have moments of brilliance every now and again.  But what are your thoughts on them?

Azrael: It is a collection of individuals that has suffered some great losses and are trying to make up for them.  They are overcompensating because they don’t know what else to do.  Anger has been the only tool they have ever been taught to deal with these losses.  That is what they are going to use.  But you and I have both seen it before.  No matter how much violence they inflict, how much damage they cause, they will never get rid of the anger.  Because the cause of the anger is still there.  It’s an undealt with loss.  It’s like a weed, you can chop the parts you see off, but if you don’t deal with roots, it will just keep coming back.  

Easy EB: More words of wisdom by the greatest Archangel of Death, Azrael.

Azrael: They only

Easy EB: Doesn’t mean you still aren’t the best.

Azrael: True

Easy EB:  Goodnight folks.  

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