Title: Spooky scary skeletons
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 10-29-18
Location: Canada
Show: Evolution 34

//  September 26th

Vista Boys and Girls Club

Vista, California



Autumn crossed her arms, shifting on her feet as she peeked out from the makeshift curtain on the doorway for what seemed like the thousandth time that afternoon.  The decent sized crowd filled the little venue there in Vista, conversations and cheers mixed with the occasional boos here and there reached her ears. She was dressed in her wrestling gear, having been invited to do a few shows for SoCal Wrestling.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity to perform in front of a small crowd like the good ol’ days, Autumn jumped at the opportunity to do so, knowing it would be good practice for her.


??:  Ya look like your nervous.  A big star like you. You should be thrilled.


Autumn turned to look into the blue eyes of one of the guys on the roster, Mike, she believed his first name was.  She grinned, shifting on her feet a little bit as she nodded her head to the action out there.


Autumn:  It’s been a while since I’ve done something small like this.  A long while. I guess it’s the butterflies coming back, my brain remembering what it was like to just start out, to walk through the curtain for the first time.  Just...everything you know?


Mike:  You’ll be fine.  The crowd’ll pop for you, and they got you going against someone pretty cool.  I don’t know who, but it’ll be fun to watch nonetheless. I know I’ll enjoy it for sure.  How’s the action out there?


Autumn:  Eh, it’s okay.  Lot of back and forth going on.  Nothing I haven’t seen before. Decent crowd out there.


Mike:  It’s the usual around here.  People come from near and far just wanting a good show from some familiar faces, enjoy the scenery, and just...chill y’know?  Could be some future stars out there wanting to try this when they get to that point.


Autumn could see him peek out the curtain like she was doing at the moment, watching the match with a careful eye.  She let out a sigh, pursing her lips together tightly, shifting again on her feet. The practice she would get in here today would help her in the upcoming Evolution match that was coming up.  That simple look on her face turned into a scowl, Silas’s stupid face flashing into her head briefly. She shook her head, not wanting to let someone like him ruin her good night.


Mike:  How long ya going to be stickin’ around the area?  Me n some of the boys are hitting the bar afterwards, and I thought I’d ask if you wanted to come along.  Simply as a way to say thank you, and to blow off some steam. Share some war stories from both sides of the fence.


Autumn chuckled softly, tilting her head at him, smiling a little bit.


Autumn:  Sounds like a plan.  I’m in. Could use a little relaxation and I’ve got plenty of stories to tell so it’s gonna be a good night indeed.

The bell went off in her ear, and she glanced out again, watching the ref raise the hand of the victor before letting him go.  She stepped aside, letting the one guy pass her by, then the other a few minutes later. A sigh escaped her lips as she dropped her arms, lightly bouncing on her feet just as a taller male walked up to her, extending his hand with a smirk.


??: Don’t let this go to yer head miss Raven.


Autumn:  I don’t plan on it.




//  Unknown location  




Edmonton, Canada  


Autumn was sitting on the floor, leaned up against the wall with her legs stretched out in front of her, hands clasped in her lap.  There was a calm look on her face that quickly twisted into one of confusion and anger as a sudden thought popped into her head.


“Now explain to me why the boss...why whoever wrote this...decided to tag me and dizzy aka Silas with a tag team name?  What made them think that was a good idea to begin with? Harbringers of Death? Just...oh my god...make it stop. We’re only in this for the sake of the Golden Crown tournament, that’s it.  If I had it my way, I’d choose my own partner but whatever. At least he hasn’t gotten completely fucked up...yet.”


She chuckled.


“Somehow...some...way...we managed to ek out a win last week.  I got the pin, but he wants to argue that he did. Does it really matter?  Us two crazy people actually managed to not kill each other in that ring, and take out the Danger Boiz in this little tourny.  I’m still shocked. I’m shocked that I was actually ‘good’ and didn’t give Silas too much trouble. I gave a little but not more than I’m contractually obligated for.  Maybe, just maybe, we can do this. That’s a big maybe.”


A sigh as she looks at the floor.


“We’ll see however.  If we get through this round without laying into each other, great.  I’m willing to see this to the end. All the way to Northern Crown, all the way to the top.  That’s the only place to be. I’ll get there no matter what. No matter what it takes to get there.  Silas better be willing to lay it all out there and do everything to get there, otherwise I’m not going to be responsible for what happens afterwards.”




“Oh I remember Dorian.  That goofy mug. How could I forget?  I don’t get the same warm and fuzzy feelings as he does, just this urge to bury my head into the pillows and wait until he goes away.  He’s a tough guy, he is, I’ll admit that. He does what he needs to, and that’s that. He can be better than me, but I’m the best at what I do, better than he can even attempt to do.  I don’t do things out there to impress, I do things to get further, get to the top. If eyes are on me, hell, I’m doing something right. If people are talking, then awesome.”


Another pause.


“I know that you and your new partner, and his shiny belt are going to be there waiting for us in this tournament.  Trust me, we will be coming, with guns blazing and our war faces on. There isn’t a punishment you can dish out that we can’t handle...or something like that.  We have a tattered past, and hate each other like no ones business but as you saw last week, we put all that shit aside and took out the Danger Boiz in fine style.


As the Harbringers, we shall be the ones to steal your souls and send you tumbling back to the bottom.  This tournament belongs to us, the punishment will be ours to deal out.


Believe that.”

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