Title: This May Get A Bit Hostile!
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Varies
Location: Varies
Show: Evolution 34

September 26, 2018

Memphis, Tennessee

Sunnie November Recreational Center


What was supposed to be a nice celebration of the life of my father, had quickly turned into a nightmare… Well it wasn't that bad, but Byson was the last person Pops wanted to see. Especially after Yolanda, Sunny and Novie were kidnapped because of him! To be honest I had gotten back in touch with Byson to touch basis on a few dealings. But.. I never thought he would show up, especially of all days this one!


“The fuck is he doing here?” Pops questioned, looking furious at the mere sight of Byson.


“C’mon Pop..Byson said moving closer to Pops with his arms outstretched. “Is that how you're gonna treat your long lost, resurrected son?”


Pops gave me a sideye, my only response was looking in the opposite direction, as if I was oblivious to what was going on.


“Son?” Pops stated with a quizzical look upon his face. “You ain't no son of mines.. What you is, is a science experiment that should’ve stayed in a test tube!”


All the people around, gathered for this would be celebration, watch on intently and with open ears. Trying to at least hear what's really going between my father and twin brother. That feels weird to say now, because for the longest it was just me.. Instinctively, I do my best to intervene and keep the party going.


“Yo! Y'all chill! We here to have a good time..” I yell stepping between to two. “Let's get dis party jumping, get some dranks flowin’!” Turning my attention to the DJ hired for the occasion. “Aye DJ! Let's TURN UP!”


Almost instantly “In Da Club” by 50 Cent begins playing through the recreational center! The guest begin mingling and enjoying this surprise event. Both Pops and Byson give me a “wtf” look as I shrug my shoulders.


“I dunno, but mama paid for him! Y'all two come wit me!”


With an annoyed look Pops follows me, as well does Byson as we make our way through the people, towards an office specifically for Pops. Once we're all inside, I close the door. The three of us stand there silent, a heavy tension flow through the atmosphere. The silence is soon disrupted.


“Some fatherly welcome..”


“You must be out yo’ rabid ASS MIND IS YOU…”


I quickly intervene.


“Pops chill mane! Don't be mad but I invited him here..”


“Why the fuck would do that?”


“Because we family! Dis tha son y'lost all those years ago! He's back, can y'at least accept dat?”


“Boy you swimming in dangerous waters if you keep feeding into that occult science shit! What next…? Are you gonna try and bring your mother back!?”


He went there.


He really went there.




He didn't go there.


I didn't hear that right.


Did I hear him correctly?


I dunno if I did…


Byson stood there with an expression that could only be explained by the words, “OHHHH SHIT!” I tried to speak but no words escaped my mouth.


Without thinking, a punch connected squared with Pops jaw, sending him stumbling backwards. His desk being the only form of support for him to brace his fall! Recovering his composure, Pops strokes his jaw, staring at me menacingly!


“Are you outta yo’ FUCKING MIND!?”


“Sorry Pops, but I gotta go..”


With that I leave both an angry Pops along with a surprised, snickering Byson, standing in the office. Slamming the door behind me.





October 25, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

West Edmonton Mall


Since Sierra told me she was pregnant, we had become close quickly. Honestly, quicker than I expected. She was almost perfect, but I would be naïve to believe that though.


No one is perfect.


But the time we spent together was amazing, and on top of all things she was a true professional wrestling fan. Told me her favorite wrestlers growing up as a kid where people like Killa Kali, Perfectly Marvelous, Titan 3, Alex Cain, the list went on.


Actually quite impressive.


She had dreams of being one of those beautiful valets at ringside, cheering their hero on, as he kicked ass. You don't find too many black women, who were into it like that. But all the less, she was good company, I mean hella cool to be around.


Probably why I decideded to let her come along, on the CWF Tour of the Great North. I hadn't been cleared to compete in Winnipeg, because of a returning concussion. So I took the chance to head on to Edmonton and booked a room at the West Edmonton Mall.


I know.. Crazy right? This some shit I'm not used to. A mall with a freaking hotel inside! How could I pass up the opportunity? I can't lie, professional wrestling had brought me to places that I never thought imaginable.


Not even in my wildest dreams.


But here I was, with Sierra as we laid in the California king size bed. I held her in my arms as she laid her head on my chest. If you told me ten months ago I would be lying in a California king size bed, with a beautiful woman, who would soon become the mother of my child, at the West Edmonton Mall. I'd tell ya to kiss my ass, real shit, I would. But I digress, nothing could ruin the moment, not one single thing.


“How’s your head bae?” Sierra questioned as I flipped through channels on the 37” flat screen television.


“I’m good..” I replied, finally finding the station, I was searching for. “Doc Leggett told me, a couple weeks rest and I should be aight. Just gotta avoid gettin’ hit on the head. But let's not worry bout all dat. Let's just check out Evolution and see how the show goes.”


“That's fine baby..”


This was the first time, I'd have to watch the show, from somewhere other than the arena. Made me feel like a fan for a moment. We sat there quietly, as the opening scene is outside of the MTS Center. Two CWF Boardmembers having a conversation with some mystery guy. Something about respecting Taxi’s wishes.


“I wonda’ what t’fuck dat was all about…” I stated as me and Sierra kept watching. The opening of the show begins with shots of Hostile Takeover. Then begins to show still shots of Hellbound. Closing with a final shot of Flair, Synn, and Mace.Finally the show opens up with Gunt and Rolash.


As the two bicker back and forth and run down the card, my attention is caught by the main event. Synn, Devereaux, and Allen vs Shadow and Hawkhurst. 3-on-2 handicap match… A part of me, felt a bit of joy, because no matter how bad no one wanted to admit it. The foundation of the Forsaken was crumbling.


“I knew it was only a matta’a time befo’ she stepped out.” I stated as the CWF World Champion made her way out.


“Why you say that?” She questioned, looking up at me.


“Dat gul there.. Is tough as shit.. I don't even think she in ha twenties and she done settin’ tha CWF on fire!”


“I thought you were like, a bad guy or something… Why are you giving her props?”


“Respect is respect, point, blank, period.”


She only rolled her eyes as I kept watching intently. Honestly, impressed that she's even able to walk to the ring after that brutal Barbwire Match with Loki Synn. I was thoroughly impressed, Synn did what she wanted, when she wanted. The chick was a beast, and whatever hellhole she climbed out of, was surely glad that she took a leave of absence.


I watched on as MJ did her thing, until she was interrupted by James Milenko! Now things have gotten interesting. Since Hostility made their presence known, I've felt fine type of way. A lot of people have the whole image of The Glass Ceiling misconstrued. We're not here to destroy the CWF, that was never the objective. We only wanted what's best for business. That's it, that's all it’s ever going to be about.


Enter Hostility Takeover, now I must admit. As much as I've loved the help dismantling the Forsaken, that was were the comparison ended. But I digress, it seems Milenko has a message and he wants everyone to listen closely. Sierra and I both obliged as he produced a piece of paper from his jacket pocket.


Then he drops the bombshell.


“Come again, say what?”


Sierra looks at me quizzically as my attention is glued to the screen. The show soon for to commercial after the stunning announcement.


“Tha Board must be gone fuckin’ crazy. Dis muthafucka? Really? Him?”


“What's wrong with him?”


“Let's just say, I might come home a lil mo’ fucked up than usual. Cuz dis shit here, can't ride..”


“What are you talking about, what are you gonna do?”


“Probably some dumb shit, but I kno’ I can't let tha CWF go out like dis.. I just can't..”


“Boy fuck that company, if bad comes to worse, there are other promotions!”


“Not like CWF…” I reply coldly, as the show comes back from break.


The show went on without a hitch as numerous things happened: KC3 getting his first win over Dynamite Dynamo, Colton Mace and James Milenko exchanging words, Azrael being Azrael, Silas looking for the Board, only to find out they've left already.


There was so much going on: Maestro beating Reggie Rascal, earning the opportunity to team with KC3 in the Golden Crown tournament.


A couple hours later.


Evolution Thirty Three had come to a conclusion, and I couldn't help but to have more questions than answers.


“Hold on.. Wait… So there two commissioners?”


“That's what I look like.”


“How t'fuck is dat gonna work?” I asked rhetorically, not really seeking a response. I'm soon caught off guard from my cell phone buzzing.


During the show Sierra had gotten off my chest, because I was so enthralled with the show. I can't help it, shit was getting real. Grabbing my phone off the nearby nightstand, I thumb to the message I just received. It was the card for the next Evolution, and my heart just about dropped out of my ass, when I seen who me and Freddie were scheduled to face.


“Duce.. You alright?” Sierra question, sensing my change in demeanor.


“Shit just got real..”





October 29, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Undisclosed Location


4:54 AM


The sun begins to rise as I stand in the cold Edmonton weather. Admiring the beauty of the sunrise, I stand there taking it all in. It was beautiful, the sun hadn't got risen yet, casting an orange glow over the sky. With my portable handheld camera, positioned on a tripod, I begin.


“Y’kno’ when I first got dat message, sayin’ who Freddie and me was facin’ at Evolution 34. I got a bit concerned, I'm not gonna lie, I got a bit worried…”


I stand there quietly for a moment, the wind chills cut across my face.


“Aight I'm just bullshittin’, but oh my this may be a blessin’ in disguise.. Y'see where most folks, fear the unknown..


I embrace it.


Cuz I was always taught, what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronga’.. And f'many years I've believed dat.”


Unzipping my jacket, I reveal my half of the CWF Tag Team titles, wrapped proudly around my waist, for display to the camera.


“F'weeks.. Freddie and me begged these folks f'real competition, viable opponents. Someone who could stand tha test of time and give us a run f’our money.


Real shit, look at the folks dat was put in front of us. The Forsaken as a collective unit, the Lost Boyz, T.B.D, Danger Boiz…


In their prime, all were great teams… Dat is until they met tha Aces. Every single one of those teams went down at tha hands’a tha Aces only t’be former shells of themselves. Some even t’neva be heard from again.


But then, dat brings me t’tha Golden Crown Tournament! A tag tournament, where the Aces can truly prove how dominant we is!


First though, we gotta Clown and a Cajun t’worry bout.. I mean Jester.. Who gives a fuck..”


I soon zip my jacket back up, the cold weather getting to me a bit.


“A lot of unstoppable monsters have walked through tha doors of CWF.. Y'know what though, I neva backed down… Shit just not in my blood.. If y'tell me you a psychopath, then I'm tha muthafucka who's gonna encourage ya towards the straitjacket.


Help ya embrace dat muthafucka.


I think we get tha point though Loki, y'not all there.. Willin’ t’go t’whateva lengths t'prove y'lil points.








Heard it all befo', y'don't put fear in my heart. Not in the slightest, see what these fine folk at home fail t'realize is dat her and Tobias really got me fucked up.”


Producing a blunt from my pocket, I set it ablaze trying my best to inhale the smoke along with the cool breeze.


“Y'all knew dis shit was comin”


A sly smile comes across my lips as I inhale and exhale the smoke.


“Y'lil ordeal wit Tha Forsaken is all fine and dandy, but now! Now you've come cross the Aces! Not only dat but y'threaten tha very foundation of what I love. Championship Wrestling Federation ain't just a company, tha shit my home. Y'see me and Taxi wasn't so different when it came t”dat. But we did have a different vision on what tha CWF should be.


Then here you come, waltzing in as if y'were tha Lord Almighty herself. Thinking we should just bow down t'ya.


Fuck no!


Come Evolution Freddie and me are gonna show ya and ya hired gun Tobias why we ‘Run Dis Tag Team Shit!’ Why we are tha current reigning and defending CWF Tag Team Champs! Why whenever ANY combination of two folks put togetha NEVA’ beat us!”


Takes a hit.


“Loki. Tobias. I don't think tha two of ya are even grasping tha reality of it all. Smokin’ Aces is firing on all cylinders. We're mo’ precise, efficient, and any other fancy ass word dat screams we'a cohesive FUCKIN’ unit!


Hostility Takeova’ is a fuckin joke. A cataclysmic disaster waitin’ t’happen. Tobias is only in it f'tha money, Allen as good as he is, just got sucked in, and Loki is just doin’ whateva tha fuck she wants.


But dis is tha threat? Dis is tha be all end all tryna destruction of tha CWF? I doubt it, and y’kno’ why I doubt it, cuz no matta’ how stagnant or transparent Tha Glass Ceiling may be…


We always in control…”




“Three business minded like individuals, who also share a brotherhood.. A bond dat can't be broken until we say tha shit ova.


Which is no time soon.


I study my films. I watch tha tapes, I dissect every instance of it. I know how talented you both are.. Don't mean shit t'me though. I know how violent, and how sadistic, and how sick you can get.. I could care less about dat too. Y'all betta check tha resume, cuz we don't do dis for play and we damn sure don't do it f'fun!”


I spit towards the ground.


“Toby, you think you're some kinda mat wizard? It's not gonna mean shit when the ‘Greatest Technical Wrestler’ ‘Mr. Ballgame’ Freddie Styles shows y'what's real! And f'all I give a fuck Loki, y’could run round here like a nut on tha loose.


Y'still ain't got no Juice!


But y’bout t'be introDuced ta Krayzie's boy, and like they say.”


I begin to drift off into space.


“Tha apple don't fall far from tha tree.”


With a wink, I continue to smoke my blunt, headed towards the camera. I remove it from the tripod, hitting the stop button.



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