Title: The Unpredictablilities of a Sane World
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Sugared
Location: Places
Show: Evolution 34

“Hello all.

Your favorite jester, Loki Synn here. Who am I talking to? You of course, I see you there. You like watching don’t you? Got a thing for chicks in masks? How about bloodstained, burlap ones?

Sexy and I know it. You will too, eventually.”

Loki appears, her appearance as usual only her usual white with purple “smile” mask replaced by the mask that was taken from Ataxia and The Shadow. Her jester headpiece jangles, the skull shaped bells moving and emitting ring-a-ding-dings. You all know the ones, don’t lie. She moves her head to illustrate this point.


The power of words. See how we, the voice you’re reading this as and Loki herself manipulate your thoughts and perceptions to force you to hear what we want you to hear? We could tell you that there are a million ants crawling over you and we all know that there are no ants on you…

But you still swat because you feel your skin crawl as they engulf you. You twitch but that only increases the sensation. 


You’re all incredibly easy. We hope you realize this when it comes down to it. Everyone was worried that Loki losing to MJF was the final nail in the coffin of the very real threat that is Hostility. We failed to topple the smallest giant that CWF has to offer when she used my own weapon against me, stooping to methods that were at one point beneath the likes of her.

Loki looked closer Mariella and she sees you. You can have your belt, I’m after something much more precious to you than that. You’ll find out soon enough MJ. I know you’re reading this, trying to find a weakness, chip away at the slightest dent you find to find…

A whole fecking slew of Madness and Chaos and everything in between spewing out on top of you. Will your conscience survive another encounter with me? Do you have what it takes to put me down? You barely escaped the last time and now Milenko has taken over in some capacity. Loki may have lost the CWF World Title, but Loki doesn’t care about that. 

Loki was asked to make Hostility a name to be feared. A name to be uttered only when needed due to fear of invoking something misunderstood but oh so deadly. Loki did just that didn’t she? She took the best that CWF has to offer, chewed her up, let her walk away with a worthless title in exchange for making her think twice before stepping back into the ring with yours truly.

And now?

Now Loki gets to get her hands on the CWF Tag Team Champions, members of the cracked and fragile Glass Ceiling, The Smokin’ Aces; Duce Jones and Freddie Styles.

That was a lot of words for two guys that bring nothing different to the table, come out every week against the same opponents, beat said opponents, and then act like they are allowed to talk.

Oh boys… You’re missing a very important piece of this puzzle and I don’t know if you’re going to be able to handle it once you find it out.

Loki knows something the Aces don’t. Loki laughs every. TIME Loki thinks about you boys. Oh Aces. Maybe one day I’ll tell you but until then. Thank you.

Thank you for being a decent punchline to a very tired federation.

Edmonton - That’s all you really need to know for now

The further into Canada they were dragged, the colder it got, and if there was one thing that James Milenko disliked, it was being cold. He huddles inside his coat a little further and makes his way down the sidewalk of Edmonton, the site of the very next Evolution.

James paces back and forth a little further at the spot he was told to meet. He didn’t like it, C$J was never late. Or was he? Money did solve a lot, what exactly was the going rate for a person’s time? Milenko follows the train of thought and starts doing the calculations in his head to pass the time. It wasn’t like HIS time had any value it, being a commissioner of a high profile federation once again.

Even if it was under the most suspicious of circumstances. TWO commissioners? HOLY CRIPES! Minds were exploded on that night and that was EXACTLY what James was after. The show after a high profile pay-per-view is ALWAYS a nightmare from a ratings perspective. Spike the ratings, give the people something to watch because love him or hate him, Milenko generates must watch TV. What did that Stewart guy do to make people say his name? Handcuff a guy to a chair and have show up with a claim that Ataxia left him in charge, “just in case?”

Fecking Ataxia. 

James would have much rather dealt with Ozric. Or maybe deal with Simon Marks showing up with his… Well, let’s not give Loki any ideas. But Ataxia? Dude was good and anyone who knows anything knows, it isn’t over until there’s a body. There was no body and James only wished that Loki would be a little more careful with that mask. She insisted once she found out about it though and who was James to oppose? She made it quite clear that as long as James didn’t get in her way or oppose her, she would listen to him to a certain extent. Booking-wise?

However. Her words, not his.

Milenko shivers, not from the cold, as the memory floods his brain receptors, Loki having this discussion, a cold calm in her voice as she picks the barbed wire out of her skin. He gags at the recollection, the skin pulling, the blood, Loki taking the time to crack her stiff limbs, and once all the foreign objects were removed, she went into the showers, away from James’ view.

Of course James looked, but only got her backside. The curves though…

Again though, he doesn’t have a deathwish and he had a feeling that if Loki wanted him, she would take him. The thought terrifies him down to his very core and he pushes it away, filing it away in the mental archives that never get opened up. There’s no happy go lucky wizard at the end of that brick road.


The familiar limo pulls up to the curb that Milenko has been pacing on for the last hour and the driver hops out to open the door for Milenko. The commissioner of CWF glares at the driver before getting in, jumping slightly at the second, unexpected presence inside. 

C$J: Would you get in and sit already so we can go James? You were so eager to pull the trigger last week, now isn’t the time to slow down any.

James hops in and sits down in one of the remaining seats before fixing himself a drink. 

C$J: You may want to hold off on that James. Meet… Well, you can call him Mr. Finkleton. He’s one of the board members of the CWF and the ONLY board member that happens to support you and your bid for the CWF. He’s one of the more influential members and a process like this takes time. So, way to go on that one.

James stops mid-sip at the news and sets the drink down before swallowing, hard. 

James Milenko: Pleased to meet you Mr. Finkleton; and thank you for your support.

The man known only as “Mr. Finkleton” only nods as Milenko coughs to cover up the awkward silence.

C$J: Right. Now that that’s out of the way, what the hell were you thinking Milenko?! I only sent you word that you had the support of ONE board member because I made a generous contribution to… Well, the details don’t matter. He was going to steamwall anything that had been planned, but then YOU had to go whip out a metaphorical dick, wave it around, and yell for everyone to look at how amazing it is. Was that just because just like with the ladies, you just got a wee bit too excited a smidge too early? 

James Milenko: I know it looks like I showed my hand early but…

It’s at this moment that Mr. Finkleton chimes in.

Mr. Finkleton: Not only did you show your hand son, you came at the idea of MAYBE winning the big one, and went a whole ten seconds with the idea, then you got caught with your hands down your pants thinking it was the next big thing. 

James Milenko: Right… Well, sorry, but take a look at the ratings and see what happened as soon as I got there, higher when I made the announcement, and throughout the night. What did that Stewart dude do? What does he bring to the table?!

C$J and Finkleton exchange looks. C$J looks out the window, his perfect chin resting on his perfectly manicured hand. Milenko looks from one to the other and huffs before falling back in his seat, grabbing his drink and taking a sip.

James Milenko: That’s what I thought. I came in with a plan to be put back on top and here I am, executing said plan. Did I blow my load a bit early?

James takes a drink from his glass and savors the flavor, taking his time in drinking it as if committing it to memory.

James Milenko: Yep. Yep I did. But had I sat with my thumb up my ass like the two of you wanted me to, no offense meant Mr. Finkleton, I honestly believe that it would have been too late. Now I get that I’m toeing a very… Precarious line right now and the only thing I have riding on me is you, Mr. Finkleton. I have you. That was enough for me last week and now I’m looking to continue to make YOU look good. Just imagine the amount of prestige you could bring to the CWF brand if you add a little bit of Hostility to the mix. From here on out, you have my word that I’ll ensure that we beat out Stewart at every turn. He might have contracts and legalities on his side, but we have time on ours. 

It’s at this moment that C$J glances at James from his watchful eye out the window, uncaring about the conversation until now.

C$J: Don’t forget who financed this little operation of yours Milenko. I’m the one that got Tobias for you. I’m the one that employed Mr. Finkleton’s services, and I’m the one that found you your collateral plan against Loki. After all of this, you’re going to owe me so much and don’t think for a second I won’t come collec…

James Milenko: Collect. Right, got it. Beach blonde surfer who thinks he’s hot tits is threatening me. Oh dear, I feel threatened. What so ever shall I do? … I told ya kid, I’ve been around, I know how this works. I owe you big and I always repay my debts somewhere down the line. Stop pestering me and stop the posturing, you don’t scare me.

C$J glares at Milenko but remains silent. Kid or not, Mr. #1derful was going to relish the day that he’ll get to make the red haired man before him pay. Not today, no. But someday down the road, James Milenko will learn to respect his betters. For now, C$J smiles and nods as James continues to go on and on about how much he needs everyone inside the car, but most of all; he wouldn’t have made it so far without himself.

Can you feel that aces?


We’re doing it as hard as we can. It’s the poke of your impending doom, finally coming home to roost. Don’t shoot the messenger, shoot history, because that has a tendency to be a pretty good indicator of what’s going to happen at Evolution and in the future should you get the crazy notion to try and step foot in The Hostilites collective path. It’s why I don’t like how predictable you’ve become Aces.

You completely dominate the tag division for months since finding your joint set of testicles, dusting them off, and taking your titles back from The Forsaken. How’d that feel? Good? Then you completely wallop Mia Rayne and turn her into a plate of steamed vegetables. Still hot, but not as exciting as they could be. See what we did there? 

Then you completely set the bar WAY up high in the tag division, casting down your shadows from high up top your pedestals and yell out, “COME GET US IF YOU DARE!” You best everyone that tries, tossing them down to the pits below as you stand triumphant with your belts raised aloft, thinking that those are the be all, end all symbol of complete and total dominance.

Boys, you’re on my pedestal and it’s about time that you step off. Loki Synn is the thing that nightmares are MADE of. LOOK what I did to your CWF Champion, the person that is supposed to represent the singles division in your precious federation. I dominated her, she got lucky and escaped with her title. She had to crawl to the back, Loki Synn walked to the back on her own two feet. Does Loki care that MJ walked away with a title that represents the very thing that Loki is out to destroy? Not really. That was the warning call, the siren that announces my presence to you all. That’s what I can do when I’m not trying, imagine if I had REALLY wanted that title. 

Imagine if Loki decided that she wanted to listen to James Milenko and pursue anything that has CWF emblazoned on it, so he can melt it all down and remake his Hostility belts? Whoops... Was that supposed to be a secret?

Loki is going to be honest with you here Aces, she’s tired. She’s tired of having to repeat herself, leaving clues for everyone to follow like breadcrumbs, only for The Forsaken to eat her carefully laid out breadcrumbs, made to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, and instead ignored. So Loki ignores back and Shadow? He doesn’t like it. He compares Loki to a puppet with Milenko pulling my strings and that could not be FURTHER from the truth. Want to know why Loki is siding with Milenko? 

Loki enjoys the chaos. Loki enjoys the mischief. It’s my fecking name man, fo realz. 

But Loki also enjoys having numbers work for her advantage when she needs them to. So Loki reached out to people that could do that; and while they aren’t the most savory of company, they get the job done. Loki is happy with the bloodshed and who cares who profits after that? Why does that even matter Shadow? Why are you so concerned with the mechanics of a team that has nothing to do with the challenge I have laid before The Forsaken since Wrestlefest and has since gone unresponded to. I’ll tell you what Shadow, respond to me soon, or I go ahead and have Milenko book another preapproved match, Loki Synn vs. Chloe Hawkhurst…

Feel free to drag your feet because I’d be more than happy to teach that little twerp a lesson.

But I digress from you Aces, don’t think I take you lightly. You are… “Champions” for a reason but you’re champions of what? The tag division of a federation that is barely hanging on? Why defend them? Who are you defending those belts for? Is it the CWF?

The oh so fragile Glass Ceiling that you two seem to have smacked yourselves?

Think about it gentlemen, after winning those belts and joining Jarvis to form The Glass Ceiling, what have you done? What have you accomplished? You gained those belts and you’ve coasted week after week.

But no longer.

Loki Synn could give two shits about your tag team titles. The only thing she cares about when it comes to those pieces of leather are when they will be undergoing a hostile facelift. There’s no if in that statement boys, it’s only a matter of when. Personally, Loki can’t wait to wrap her hands around your throats and watch as you struggle to fight back. She’s looking forward to watching the fight drain from your eyes, maybe not right away, but throughout the entire match. 

Watching the fatigue sink in.

Watching the uncertainty creep up.

Letting your insecurities take hold.

Loki knows about it all Duce. Loki knows your type Freddie. She isn’t impressed by either and she hopes that you show up, willing to go to war against her. She’s welcoming it all. Bring the intimidation tactics. Bring the gangster mob mentality. Try to cut Loki off from tagging into Tobias.

Or try to keep her from ripping one limb from bloody limb and using that to beat the other senseless. Loki believes she made a price guide for such events once upon a time.

At the end of the day Aces it is entirely up to the two of you. Loki is pretty sure that you’ll both be joining her and Tobias and she’s fine with that, welcoming, and even willing to roll out the welcome mat. Once upon a time The Aces may have been feared. Respected and feared. Then you won the titles and you became ferocious.

You have risen to the top and have toppled any and all comers that dare threaten your tag team division monopoly. Unfortunately for you I have an eye for patterns. You haven’t faced any and all comers, you’ve faced the same exact ones over and over again. You two have literally mastered the art of beating a dead horse in the hopes that it will move faster. The best part is that you two BELIEVE your own hype. You drink the kool-aid that you made for all the poor bastards that listen to your crap and now look at you. Believing that you’re all that and a bag of chips.

An entire bag of chips; which I’m sad to say, you’re not.

At Hellbound, I faced off against the best CWF had to offer in the singles division. CWF kept their belt but their champion is far from “ok.” Come Evolution The Hostilites take on the best the CWF tag team division has to offer. The best CWF has to offer offer themselves up as part of a group that name themselves after a fragile material that is completely see through. The three of them together believe their own hype and become the very ceiling that they claim to rise above.

Do you have the power to rise above your own shortcomings Asses? Or are you just going to be another earmark in the pages of history. When Hostility started to seep into the CWF and infect it like a poison. Your World Champion is broken. Guess who's next boys?

See you at Evolution. Colon, capital D.

Shadow, you owe me money for copyright infringement.
The Streets of Edmonton

James Milenko smiles to himself, quite content in how this conversation had turned in his favor. He allows himself to make another drink, feeling the familiar electric buzz. He hadn’t felt this alive since his days in Hostility and he had to admit, it as good to be back in this seat again. For better or for worse, James Milenko, “Fed Head,” is back and better than ever. 

James Milenko: I’ve played this game before gentlemen, I know how far under the microscope I am right now. I’ve heard the rumors, “Like, anything Milenko does will like, be TOTALLY overruled by the board…” While in most cases this is true, Mr. Finkleton, what exactly have I done so far, minus take the reigns of a sinking ship with no clear captain, to warrant being tossed out of the seat I am?

Finkleton remains quiet, nodding his slow comprehension of where Milenko was going with his train of thought.

James Milenko: Exactly. As long as I play ball, what reason do they have to get rid of me right now? They can sort through whatever paperwork they want but at the end of the day they’re going to see the untampered truth. 

C$J: And that is?

James Milenko: That I have done something that they didn’t realize was possible. Draw in more viewers. Increase production value, create a buzz among the plebeians, stir the pot as it were. I’ve made that board so much money in the short stint I’ve been here and the drama of now having TWO commissioners of the same show? It’s unheard of! Whoever this other dude is will be a problem I’m sure and there’s going to be a war. However, where I don’t know about him, I’m almost positive he knows even less about me. Let him come and let him try to interfere with what I envision for MY new home. I’m not above getting more help for my side. Nope, I’m not.

Milenko sits back, making eye contact with both of the other men in the limo and takes another sip, satisfied that he was getting through to them. 

James Milenko: So let them come. Get lawyers involved, they’ll have to go through so much bureaucratic red tape that it wouldn’t be worth the payoff. Frankly, I would have been a fool not to pull the trigger when I did. Hashtag no regrets gents. Now if you don’t mind, we’re back at the hotel and I would like to go freshen up before I meet up with one of my roster members to discuss the oncoming weeks, and then see what this hellhole has to offer for James Milenko!

Milenko puts his drink carefully back in one of several cup holders as the limo comes to a stop in front of his hotel. He flashes a grin at both of the other two men, dodges out of the way of a passerby in a hoodie, and proceeds up to the hotel, waving to the limo and winking at the bored look of C$J and the bewildered look of Mr. Finkleton as he enters into the hotel lobby. The passerby stands by, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever was in the limo before the door is shut and the limo cruises off into the distance.

Loki Synn shifts the hood covering most of her face as she flashes her special wristband to the guard at the door who is allowed to let her in. She refuses to be seen in public and since Milenko took over, skimping out on public appearances became so much easier. Still, Milenko just so happens to be the only one that has seen her without her mask and for whatever reason, she isn’t allowed to be near any mirrors. One of Loki’s favorite games is to watch Milenko get twitchy the closer she got to various reflective objects and then back away. She would keep track on how many times she could make him flinch with various reflective surfaces of wherever they are. 

Following the familiar pattern of back hallways of the hotel, Loki makes it to the employee service elevator and presses the button for Milenko’s floor. The elevator clangs to its destination and Loki hops out, adjusting her hood carefully and keeping her head down. She doesn’t understand the need for a low profile, no one ever explains that part to her. She is just expected to listen and follow directions.

That picture wasn’t part of your directive was it?

Loki stops dead in her tracks as her head perks up as if she heard something. She listens hard but can’t hear anything but the sweet sound of the ringing silence.

Loki Synn: “Well aren’t we a clever one?”

She throws the hypothetical out to no one in particular and continues on her way. Finding the door that she’s been looking for she knocks curtly before taking out a card key and giggles to herself as she throws herself onto the bed. Directive or no, dismantling the tag champs does nothing but help The Hostilites. Loki wins, the tag champs are left beaten and battered, living in fear for the next time they face off against Hostility with their precious titles on the line. Loki loses?

Well, The Aces are stlil left broken and battered while Loki gets up and fights the next show. 

Either way, Loki gets to watch the Aces suffer and the cracks in their precious ceiling start to crack...

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