Title: Virus
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 10-22-2018
Location: A beach
Show: Evolution 33


// The sun shone down on the ever busy and famous Universal Studios Hollywood, shining off of the rotating silver globe situated in its fountain, enticing people to come and explore one of Los Angeles’ famous landmarks.  There was a decent sized crowd wandering in and out of the place, taking in the various entertainment landmarks, the rides, and not to mention the interesting places to shop. Standing in front of the Animation Studio store, dressed in a black t-shirt with a picture of the character ‘Archer’ from that tv show and a pair of blue jeans.  Sunglasses sit over her eyes as she swings the gift bag from said store in her hand idly, watching the people filter in and out of the place.


‘I fight because I love it.  I may win, I may lose some. I may take a few bumps here and there, but I always...always manage to get up and tell the other guys I want to fight some more.  I push through the pain and I give the best fight of my life. Tobias can attest to that now as he moves forward.’


A small smile graced her face as she walked forward, eyes glancing toward the sky at the towering spire that was the replica of Hogwarts and what lay beyond it.  The whole of the ‘Harry Potter’ world or whatever you wished to call it was a popular attraction for kids and adults alike, and Autumn was no different as she turned into the literal world that made the books come alive for her and everyone else.


“I’m a person who will fight, get knocked down, and get back up with the blood streaming down my face just to ask the other guy to keep on coming.  That’s a part of me, of who I am. The ‘Anti-Hero’...the ‘Beautiful Psychopath’...whatever you want to call me. I’ll face whatever and whomever is coming for me with the same fire and the same passion that has lead me to this point.  Not a soul can tell me or show me otherwise.”


She strolled into the remake of Ollivanders, glancing everywhere at the boxes among boxes lining the walls, feeling a small thrill at walking in the shoes of the fictional character.  She ignored the others that were in there, watching the interactive movie play.


“With Tobias far behind me and the pains of that loss behind me as well, I can look forward to Canada and the future wherever it may lead me.  If that road goes to the Northern Crown PPV and a chance at the golden crown, then great. If not, then it sucks, but I’m not gonna sit and cry about it.  I’ma grab me a seat and watch the fireworks happen. Can’t stop me from doing that at least.”


Autumn nods to herself, pulling down a box emblazoned with the shops logo, grinning at it like a child on Christmas.  She kept maneuvering throughout the replica store, taking in everything that she could.


“So I’m gonna keep on going, tip my hat to Tobias for a hell of a match and the hopes we cross paths again at some point, and continue to be me and do what I do...what I love to do and that’s fight...piss everyone off...including those who think very little of me.  Yes, I know you dorks are out there, I know you exist and honestly I could care less. If I can’t fight you with words, well then, I sure as hell can fight you with fists and feet. I may not be the prettiest in the bunch, but I’ll sure as hell bloody you up real good.”  Autumn smirks, paying for the things she grabbed before heading out. “I sure wish I could do that to my freakin’ tag partner, honestly. Geez I thought he was done after Hellbound. I mean like done...done. Checked his crazy ass back into the hospital where he belongs.”


She walked out into the sun again, strolling over to a nearby bench and sitting down, relaxing, speaking quietly as if whispering a secret to someone.


“Silas Artorias, the crazy asshole that doesn’t know when to slink away and die quietly in a corner.  You think that if you push hard enough and slice away the infection, it goes away but in this case there is that little bit left that clung on to whatever shred of hope was left and continues to claw its way to the top.  No shower, no cleansing in the lake of reincarnation, is going to get rid of this crap. It’s making my head hurt thinking about it.”


A foot lashed out and kicked a stray rock bouncing across the walking path, watching as it came to a stop by a statue off a few feet in the distance.


“Silas brought me into his dusty little abode to let me train and talk strategy as far as things go, if you could call anything that crazy son of a bitch said strategy.  He still talks his ‘strategy’ and his ideas that he considers his little truths. Considers me a ‘nuisance’ which...honestly makes me laugh because I want to be as every bit a pain in the ass to him as possible.  Honestly it doesn’t matter what happens in this match we have together against the Danger Boiz, he’s still gonna spout the same shit about me and so on and so forth. People are still gonna have their field day about us teaming together once again.”


Autumn shrugs, rolling her eyes behind her glasses.


“Does it really matter who booked us in this match?  Does it really? You’ve gotta ask yourself that. With Ataxia out, taking a dirt nap, it’s probably someone looking for a good laugh or someone who was really high.  I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Silas will do whatever the fuck he wants in this match, mess it up like he usually does...like he did at Hellbound...and the other times before...then look to me to blame or thrown me under the bus to take the fall again.


The Danger Boiz will talk their talk like they do, but in the end the result will do nothing for anyone.  Nothing about what happens in this match will benefit anyone. The Danger Boiz will keep their shiny belts, there will be another loss, and Silas will bitch and moan about it is somehow *my* fault….like he’s always done.  Blame someone else for the shit he gets himself into. It’s not me that’s the liability, its his ass that is. Letting the crazy take over, beating up innocent people, or whatever. Ugg.


I’ma let the Boiz do what they do best, whatever that is and I’m going to figure out what the fuck to do with Silas Artorias.  This whole...shit...between us needs to end and quick because nothing is ever really truly going to move forward for either of us unless we have it out one more time and deal with the issues or destroy each other trying.


So I’ll see the Danger Boiz soon.


So help me god Silas, you piss me off even once I will drop you where you stand.  We won’t make it to the end of the year if you do.”

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