Title: The Preface
Featuring: Maestro
Date: 10/23-2018
Location: Long Island, New York.
Show: Evolution 33

We see a well-lit, carpet-draped living room. A man dressed in a grey turtleneck sweater with slick-back blonde hair is facing away from the camera towards a blackboard. On the blackboard a photo of The Vesuvian Man, the drawing by Da Vinci is hung up. Over the head of the drawing someone has taped a photo of the head of Reggie T. Rascal. The rest of the blackboard is filled with notes and scribbles:


  •  Stay out of boxing range
  •  The Gabler will be ineffective, his afro will block the blow
  •  Try to focus his ankles
  •  If the man can’t dance, the man can’t fight
  •  Practice timing of knee-up reversals against top-rope maneuvers


Someone has drawn a red cross over the afro of Rascal and a circle with arrows pointing towards it around The Vesuvian Mans left ankle.

After examining the board for a while, the man walks over to a table, he pours himself a glass of whiskey and turns to the camera, revealing himself to be Maestro.

Dear CWF! Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Modern Day Da Vinci, The Chiseler, The Bringer Of The Renaissance, I am Maestro.

He extends his arms, as if he is expecting some sort of reaction from the camera

This is my manor, located in beautiful Long Island, New York, and this Thursday will mark the beginning of my rise to the top in the CWF! Now naturally I have a few things I want to talk about, first, this goes out to all the CWF fans: Thank you! Thank you for tuning in every Thursday and thank you for seeming like such an amazing fanbase. Next, a shout out to the CWF staff, even the currently missing ones: Thank you! Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to prove I’m the best wrestler there is. Next, to the CWF wrestlers: Thank you! Thank you for participating in building this federation, this foundation for me to stand on, thank you all for being my stepping stone.

He takes a big sip from his glass before continuing

And finally: Thank you to my opponent this Thursday, shoutout to Mister Reggie T. Rascal! Thank you for looking like the easiest fucking pushover I’ve ever had to embarrass…

He walks over to the blackboard with a spring in his step

Listen, I spent six months living as a monk in Tibet to teach myself discipline, you don’t even have enough self-control to make it to your CWF-tryout on time! Face the facts Rascal, you lack dedication, you lack willpower and most importantly, you lack the analytical skills to keep up with me. Yes, I watched your embarrassment of a backstage segment at Hellbound, Rascal, and I am sure I speak for many others when I say I have absolutely no idea how you even got a contract.  Now, I respect the CWF-staff, however, I don’t understand the reasoning for putting me, one of the most-anticipated, highest potential wrestlers that have ever grazed this ring, in a debut match against someone my grandma could beat. She’s dead. Of course, I understand that to start my CWF career with a world title shot wouldn’t be possible. Not because I couldn’t handle it, of course I could! But there would be an uproar backstage and although, yes, I am pretty phenomenal, taking on the whole, outraged CWF-roster might be a bit too much for me, at least for now. But let us take this back to my next opponent, I have painfully watched my way through some of your MMA matches, Reginald, and I have to give you credit where credit is due; I’m having a real hard time even describing them! They are so chaotic, so archaic, it’s like they’re from another era! At times is seems like you just spin around with your arms out hoping to hit your opponent! Now that may work against some of these mixed martial jobbers, but it sure as hell won’t work against me. I have analyzed, I have prepared, and come Thursday, I will execute. I’m not going to lose against some dancing hack straight out of Earth, Wind & Fire, I will not lose my shot at…

Suddenly his face becomes thoughtful

Some stupid tag team competition?

I just remembered what I’m fighting for here, I mean come on… My reward for winning this match isn’t even a step up, it’s a step down! Being forced to team up with either a man who relies on his father’s achievements because he doesn’t have any of his own, or a rollerskating, child-loving weirdo? I don’t even know why I’m doing this!

He looks focused again, looking straight into the camera

Oh don’t you think my motivation for Thursday’s match has been hampered Rascal! I will beat you, and beat you good, and I will deal with the consequences of my own actions later. And this goes out to everyone else in the CWF locker room, if you think for a seco….

A voice can be heard yelling from outside the room

Freddie! Are you ready to leave yet?

Maestro suddenly turns a shade of pink

MOM! I told you, I’m shooting a video, I’ll be out in a minute!

He shakes off his embarrassment and goes back to his former confident self

If any one of you, for even a second, thinks you can best me, I’ll be right here, just call me out and I’ll be there, I will analyze, prepare and execute.

After these final words he puts down his glass and puts a coat over his sweater.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to the theatre district to catch a modern rendition of Macbeth. Did you know, Macbeth is Shakespeare’s shortest and bloodiest tragedy? I’ll make sure to pick up some tips.

He flashes a smile and leaves the frame, the camera fades to black. Text written in golden, old-fashioned font flash across the screen.

The following message has been brought to you by Maestro.

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