Title: Way too hot for trouble
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Today
Location: Somewhere
Show: Evolution 21

"All the things that I done, memories, they never hurt me. But the past, it's more than memories. It's the devil you sold your soul to. He's comin'. He's comin' to collect."




The music was loud and vibrating throughout the cavernous room that was Silas' personal gym.  More like it was everyone's work out go to place if they were all gathered there.  Autumn was there...well....because she wanted to be, plus there was way more room than there was at the other joints around town.  She had half a mind to ask the man what in the world made him turn this room into something like this.  If it were her, she'd probably have built a personal theater.  To each their own.  Silas was off in some other part of the place, having a long drawn out conversation with Sam.  The one remaining member who hadn't gone absolutely ape shit.  Dean was...Dean wasn't coming back.  At least not now.  He was lost to The Coalition for the time being.  Now they had to turn thoughts towards the fatal fourway.

That simple thought made her shake her head.  Three other talented teams wanting the same exact thing that her and Silas wanted; the tag belts.

"We got a lot stacked on our plate this time dude.  It isn't just one other team, we've got three other teams to worry about.  Plus we've gotta worry about him, and all of that drama.  Why do I feel like we've crawled back into high school again.  Are we gonna have to worry about that too?"

Autumn watched as Silas tossed around an apple, back and forth, between his hands.  She thought of Ryuk from Death Note just then, and her inner nerd smiled for a minute.

"Hopefully no, though I can't promise you that.  Whatever demons that man is going through, is his own matter.  He chose this path and the rest of us have to move on from that.  Let those two work it out, if they want to."

Autumn rolled her eyes, shaking her head.

"It just seems out of character, even for Dean, to just walk away from Sam and us.  Maybe I'm picking too much into this.  I just don't want Dean to be the cause of trouble down the road.  Seriously, we can't let that be the cause of everything falling apart!  I don't want it to happen."

He chuckled, shaking the apple at her.

"Everything will be fine.  Go down to the ballroom and start working out, I gotta have a conversation with Sam."

"You are gonna come down eventually?  It sucks being there alone.  I mean the music sounds great, but...y'know....interaction is nice.  Drag Sam with you if ya have to.  Make it one big party, sans the alcohol and cheap food."

Silas took a bite of the apple, nodding his head without saying a word.


Autumn kicked her legs against the ring apron, lifting one of the weights in her hand over and over, mulling over in her head what they were going to do about this whole situation.  The more she thought about it, the more it made her head hurt.  Maybe this was really ridiculous to keep mulling over.  It wasn't getting any of them anywhere, especially her.  Trying to plot ways to bring Sam back wasn't going to work.  The man had made his decision, and the rest of them were going to have to live with that.

"Wonder what Mia thinks about facing off against me...against the rest of us.  More me than anything.  We are supposed to be 'friends' anyway, but she has her allegiance to The Shadow and she'll do whatever that crazy ass says.  I can't tell her no, and I can't convince her otherwise.  All I can say is good luck, and see you when we get out there.  There's no friendship out there, just business, just a willingness to win at any cost."

She smiled a little, continuing to lift the weight.

"The Coalition isn't perfect by any means, neither am I nor do I claim to be.  Silas is far from the perfect being that a lot of you are striving to be.  Many of you have stepped into the ring with him or seen him at his most darkest of moments, but by no means is he without intelligence in a situation.  Every plan is never perfect and will have stumbles upon the way, but the plan of the Coalition to be the best will never change.  People laugh, and maybe it is laughable in a way cause there's not much to show from our neck of the woods.

Dean took off, Sam's all by himself, I don't have anything to show for myself, and neither does Silas.  All in all, you could really say we aren't what we're supposed to be, what we set out to be."

Autumn switched hands and repeated the process.

"I am talking bad about the Coalition, of course because it's all true.  But it's all a work in progress, and I'm following through with it to wherever it goes.  I might have my own little agendas outside of the group, but that's a story for me to know and for you guys never to find out."

She laughs, letting out a sigh.

"No one really thinks of me as much.  It's laughable really.  If they really knew, if they took the time to really look deep into my past, they wouldn't be so damn flippant with their words.  The make up I put on my face, the attitude I bring to the ring, isn't some ploy for pity or for management to give me everything on a silver platter.  It's who I am, and who I want to be.  Sure, winning would be nice, but shit happens and I'm not going to point fingers and blame anyone.  I fought my ass off against little lady Flair, fought against anyone who decides they want a piece of this.  I may stumble, fall, and fail, but I never give up and I will continue until there's nothing left.  You should have taken me out when you got the chance Shadow, cause now I can tap dance all over your nuts and rearrange your face like I wanted to from the beginning."

A slight pause, Autumn barely registering the footsteps coming down the stairs.

"The shadows are fun to sit in.  Fun to watch, fun to see people run around, talk about you as if you're not there.  That's where I like to hunt from, forget what Coalition likes to do.  I have my own way of doing things.  Whether I hunt from the shadow or with the rest of the crowd, depends on the mood.  Either way, when I strike and kick someone's teeth into their stomach, they won't see it coming.  I'm not some Flair, or Mia Rayne, or any of these other women out there.  I don't want to be.  I want to be me.  The anti-hero, the one who marches to her own beat, wins titles by any means necessary, and pisses off everyone in the process because they didn't expect some painted up bitch from LA to be such a pain in the ass."

Autumn stopped lifting the weight, wiggling it in her hand.

"If it means going through a 'friend' in Mia Rayne, a Shadow following nothing, the so called cornerstones in the Danger Boiz, and Revenant and Azreal then so be it.  This isn't a match where there's friends, this is a match to challenge for titles.  To claim that number 1 spot.  Maybe taking out the competition for those belts, aka the rest of you guys, is what the Coalition needs.  Maybe spilling the blood of the heathens is necessary for change."

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