Title: A Closer Look
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Several
Location: Several
Show: Evolution 33

A closer look
Detroit, Michigan
Post Hellbound
/Scene Opens

After what was one of the most brutal matches I’ve ever had came to a close, I distinctly remember staggering my way back up the ramp. I thought about how ironic it was that Dorian tried to end my career with something that my father helped to make so iconic. The Doomsday Massacre match; it’s real simple, you set up a table, set it on fire and put your opponent through it. Finally having made it to my locker room I don’t even stop, I continue to the shower stripping as I go. I step in and allow the hot water to wash away the blood and the tears.

Jimmy Allen: How many times must I put you down Judas? The great betrayer. What must your baby girl think of you now? 

I continue to wash away the blood, my nose is swollen and likely broken but I still smile through the pain. I turn the water off and grab my towel. Now wearing Jeans, barefoot and bare chested I sit down on the bench and lean back against my locker.

Jimmy Allen: Jim Gunt asked the question; where do we go from here? For me personally? I move onto the next opponent, whoever that happens to be doesn’t matter. 

???: An iffen dat be Dorian an da shadew?

I smile as “The Cajun Sensation” makes his way in from the hallway. We fist bump and he takes a seat not far from me.

Jimmy Allen: Then we do what we do and we put them down.

He laughs as we fade to black

/Scene Closes

The Crooked M Ranch
Jasper, Texas
After Hellbound has gone off the air

The man once known as Mac Bane sits in his living room couch, he rubs the legs of his jeans and stands up with a smile on his face. His wife of twenty five years frowns a bit at his reaction to what their son has done. Alex smiles at his wife Melissa and pats her affectionately on the shoulder.

Alex Walker: Melissa, I know you don’t like what he’s done, but he’s doing what he thinks he needs to do.

A “harumph” comes from her, probably much more pronounced than she intended. He holds up his hands to forestall the tirade he knows is coming.

Alex Walker: if you’re about to lose your temper over the fight the other day. Let me ask you this Mel, did he do anything that I haven’t done in my career? You’ve seen me from the beginning to my retirement. Did he really do anything so egregious that it deserves the scorn of his mother?

She raises her hand, index finger extended and starts to say something but then stops. She lets her hand drop back down to her side.

Alex Walker: Exactly, when and if he’s ready to talk he’ll come to us or he’ll call Jules and we’ll know about it soon enough. As far as I know she hasn’t spoken to him.

Melissa Walker hangs her head and Alex wraps her in a hug. He rubs her back gently whispering soothing words to her as the scene fades.

/Scene Closes
Somewhere...not telling :P
The Throne Room

Tobias and I stand on either side of the “throne” as Loki makes her entrance, I think to myself, “I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by this much fucking purple and gold in my life”. We stand there like gargoyles as she strides between us. I watch as she throws herself into the throne and smile as she begins to talk about her failed attempt at the world title. It was a fast ten count, I can’t argue with that, my smile deepens as she dares anyone who may be watching to contradict what she’s saying.

As she continues to belittle our world champion, bringing to the front what I had thought all along. MJ is a fucking coward, she used the scepter against Loki even through all that bullshit about class and dignity. She continues her rant and starts kicking and thrashing around in the throne. I won’t lie, she makes me a bit uneasy and so I edge away and out of range of her. I laugh, more of a snicker as she addresses Dorian and the Shadow. The spotlights come on and now her speech is reaching a crescendo as she continues to rail on about The Forsaken. She finishes her tirade and begins winding down, threatening Dorian’s daughter and Zach Van Owen as the next victims. 

She dismisses the camera crew and storms out of the room, not sure who’s sigh of relief is more pronounced theirs or mine. I shoot a wink at Tobias and I take a seat on the steps that lead up to the throne. I’m not certain if Deveraux is still there or not, I just start talking, thinking out loud as it were.

Jimmy Allen: Have a happy indeed. A three on two handicap match. Loki Synn, Tobias Deveraux and myself against Dorian and Shadow with Chloe in their corner I’m sure. I could sit here and gloat about the beating I gave you Dorian. I’m certainly not above telling you, that I told you so. I told you before I even came to CWF that following Ataxia would gain you nothing but pain and misery. I wasn’t wrong, as usual I was spot fucking on brother. What did you Ataxia bring you other than heart ache?

I stand up and stretch out the muscles in my back, still feeling the bruising that was left by Chloe’s attack on my lower back. I start ticking off items on my fingers as I continue.

Jimmy Allen: Mia gone and no one knows where to, and poor Chloe, that poor baby. She’s growing up without a mother. She tried to  use Mia to fill that void, but sadly she’s no longer around. She doesn’t get the opportunity to get to know her grandparents, because her Daddy is a selfish little bitch. Yeah, your parents cut you off! So what?! After how many trips to rehab Dorian? How many times did they send you to get help, you’d stay for a while and then right back in the bottle you’d go. Then you get clean and sober for the first time since probably birth and start following the clowns of CWF.

I shake my head in dismay as if he was standing right there in front of me.

Jimmy Allen: Then you wear a dress to our match? To pay tribute to a delusional woman who really sucks at relationships, and you fell off the wagon yet again? What's a matter princess? 

I hack up a lunger and spit it in the general direction of the camera.

Jimmy Allen: You acted like a bitch, so I treated you like one. It really is that simple and to think all you had to do was follow me and all of this could  have been avoided. It’s not too late you know, you could join us as we continue to dominate the landscape as only we can. It could be like the old days amigo. Surely you haven’t forgotten how I used to take care of you and Chloe?

I let that hang there before I continue.

Jimmy Allen: Your tag team partner. The Shadow, the mysterious man who likes to walk around with dolls. The “my voodoo is bigger than your voodoo” is getting quite tiresome. The leader of the forsaken, the big kahuna, the man, the be all end all in CWF who finally beat the crap out of Silas Artoria!

I pause, smile at the camera and flip it off with both hands.

Jimmy Allen: I don’t give a damn about that. See for those not paying attention or keeping score at  home. Shadow is one of two men who have a pinfall victory over me. The other person is his tag team partner for this handicap match. I’ve redeemed myself against Dorian 3 times over since that defeat at WrestleFest. Redeemed myself in the eyes of the only person that matters to be more clear about that.

I pause for dramatic effect.

Jimmy Allen: Me! Guess what buttercup? You get to be next. You see, I’m not Silas, I don’t have a “passenger” along for the ride or to enhance my abilities. I don’t need it like he does. It’s the only way he has to have a hope of coming out on top. Enough about things and people that don’t matter. What does matter is the fact that you and Dorian have it in your heads that I had something to do with Mia’s disappearance. I did not, nor would I have anything of the sort done to anyone. I’m very straightforward in my dealings as you both well know. If I’m going to stab someone, I stab them in the chest. 

I pause again, noting the deafening quiet in the room. If Tobias was still there he was being very quiet about it.

Jimmy Allen: Think about this, if I were the person who had Mia abducted. Why would I hand deliver you the person who had her attacked to begin with? I know you have above average deductive reasoning skills Shadow, I know you’ll figure this out. Perhaps you’ll help me to figure out something else as well. Why? Why in the world would you lead this bunch of people? Why bother? Don’t tell me that throw away line about you were the heros they needed. I’m not buying that for a minute. Maybe you thought The Forsaken needed you as their hero. You set the bar for them and the example.

I begin to turn to leave the area but then I stop. I turn around and face the camera one more time.

Jimmy Allen: Don’t worry bagman, I’ve not forgotten about you. The world thinks that Danny B killed you. I’ve no doubt he tried, just like I know you tried to give him closure by allowing him to defeat you. Nice try dickhead, not buying it. None of it. Just like I’m not buying that bullshit fast 10 count either. Maybe once Loki is done playing with her food, if there’s anything left and if she decides to let you keep that title. Maybe The Catalyst will come out to play with MJ. I think you’re probably long over due to experience my Hellish Rebuke. My rebuke to your claim of superiority. Perhaps that deserves a closer look at some point in the future. For now I’m satisfied making the lives of The Forsaken a living hell.

Scene fades to black…
/Scene closes


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