Title: Look Closely (Revised)
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: 10/22/18
Location: That's what it's all about
Show: Evolution 33

Shortly after Hellbound goes off air:

“Ooooo Colty, you’ll regret that one…”

Loki had just made her way to the back after her hellacious match against the reigning champion… That Flair woman. Names didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. She got careless, the scepter shouldn’t have been involved against her. This is a situation that will need to be remedied but right now all Loki is after is nothing more than some respite from the brutal lighting of the stadium and the buzz of the crowd. No one had seen her face since she came to the CWF and that was the way she plans to keep it. Nothing would make her happier right now than a nice dark closet away from all the people. They were so… People-y. 

Loki couldn’t count the times she felt sticky just from being in close proximity of a young thing and had to take a nice hot shower to get the feeling to go away. That’s what she really wanted, a shower. Even monsters deserve a shot to get clean, right?

As Loki stumbles her way down the quickly emptying hallway, workers skirt her gaze. She must look like hell after running through the razor wire and coming out of the other end on top. Well, without a belt, but who really wanted the gaudy accessory? What did it prove? Who really just walked away from this battle? MJ was probably still getting attended to by medical personnel while Loki makes her way to her locker room. How many times does a jester have to warn a bitch?

Don’t mess with the jester.

But they didn’t listen. Instead she implored Loki to “look closer.” She accused the jester of being nothing more than a lapdog of James Milenko and if only she wasn’t so ignorant of what was going on. Why was a teen getting involved in her things anyways? If she only knew… 

MJ only got a taste of what Loki is TRULY capable of and she has the nerve to crack Loki over the head with the jester’s own scepter. 

“For someone who claims to always take the high road, that was an awfully cheap shot. Guess we know that not even MJ Flair is above breaking the rules once in a while and take the easy way out.”

The jester continues to move through the hallways, enjoying the fleeing of the nobodies she came across at her mere presence. Loki doesn’t care though. It was only a matter of time before she’d get another chance to wrap her hands around that pencil neck throat of the World Champion. There would be no other chance for MJ to take an unfair advantage. There would be no mistakes made.


“I’m Queen Bitch, bitch and you can believe the FACT!

That I have rabies!”

Loki holds her finger up into the air, mimicking The Glass Ceiling with her free hand on her hip. She doesn’t care how dumb mimicking something as fragile as glass makes her look, but once again enjoys how uncomfortable she is making everyone around her. There is a simple comfort in the Chaos that follows Loki Synn around. A comfort that Loki indulges in as much as possible and aims to share with the world. Why is it her fault if they can’t handle her gifts of Madness and Chaos? She could taste it on her lips…

“Change is coming…”

Again, her words echo down an abandoned hallway and come back to her. She isn’t speaking to anyone in particular but decides to cough up a little blood and continue to make her way to her dressing room, when something magical catches her eye.

The shattered remains of a certain coffin, various pictures stewn among the carnage in the splinters of wood. Loki cocks her head and raises her mask after ensuring no one is around. 

“All the better to see you with m’dear.”

She cackles softly to herself as she helps herself to the pictures, going through them all. Her eyes widen as they fall on the images of Mia Rayne and Ataxia. 

“Ah, so YOU must be Mia…”

She softly brushes the cheek of a smiling Mia in the picture. In it, she is on a bench with Ataxia, smiling up into his burlapped face, surrounded by Japanese cherry blossoms. Careless, in love. Loki lightly caresses the picture. 


She cocks her head at the picture as she studies the faces in it. She brings it close, squinting into it when…

“Excuse me ma’am? The building is getting ready to be closed down. If you’re a competitor, you’ll have to collect your things and leave the premises as soon as possible. Security will be letting us know when the last fa…”

He doesn’t get a chance to finish his sentence as Loki jumps and turns her back on him, exposing her cut up back to him as she rushes to pull the mask over her face and stuffs the picture into her top quickly and in one solid motion. She turns when she has everything situated to see the young security guard trying to get a read on her condition. Was he supposed to call the actual cops due to her appearance? Was she SUPPOSED to look that bad?

“Yeah, got distracted by… Stuff. What’s it to you? Can a girl get changed Puh-LEAZE? Obviously I’ve earned at LEAST that.”

The guard nods and walks away and Loki snags one last look at the discarded pictures. She smiles slightly as she lightly caresses the place where she put the picture and then skips down the hall as best she can, being as sore as she is, toward her locker room and one step forward to a shower.
“Winnipeg is the epitome of suckitude.”

C$J glares out of the back of his limo as it makes its way through the streets toward its destination. The former Hostility World Champion rolls his eyes as his driver neglects to treat the yellow light appropriately and speed through it, opting to come to a complete and total stop and make St. James later than he already is for an important meeting. However, the more he thought about it, the more enjoyment he received at the idea of making James Milenko wait in the coldness of Winnipeg. Maybe “fashionably late” isn’t necessarily a bad thing after all? 

God’s Gift to Everything once again sighs, heavily, before resting his flawless chin in his flawless palm to stare out of the window as the car starts to move once again. After what seems like an eternity they arrive at the street corner and C$J rolls his window down, whistling at someone standing at the corner. He slips the person a couple bills as they come up to his window and in exchange they drop in a package through the window and the limo pulls away. Mr. #1derful rips open the manilla envelope and can’t help but scoff as a cassette tape falls into his lap. 

“They still make these?”

He holds it up with two fingers, almost as if it is contagious and about to give him a deadly flesh eating virus. In fact, thinking it better to err on the side of safety, C$J puts the tape back into the bag and tosses it into the seat across from him. He crosses his legs and fixes himself a stiff drink as the car once again winds its way through Winnipeg and once again coming to a stop as C$J finishes his beverage. He glances out the window and immediately spots the red head he’s looking for. Rolling down the window, he whistles at his redhead who scrowls in his direction and heads over to him. 

“Hey baby! How much?”

James Milenko looks down at his former World Champion and opens the door, not bothering to wait for the invite. He was so close to reversing these roles. So close and yet so far. Forcing his way past C$J he enters the limo and sits down next to the discarded package from earlier. He looks at it curiously as the limo takes off.

C$J: That’s for you. As promised, your plan B against Loki, though it comes with a word of warning. It IS Tobias we’re talking about, so there is a very real chance that this is a dud or a fake. It MIGHT work, it might not.

James shrugs and empties the contents of the package and pocketing it. 

James Milenko: I’m assuming you didn’t drag me out here just to force me down Nostalgia Boulevard did you?

He gives C$J a sour look to which the youngster only looks sarcastically amused.

C$J: Really? You come to ME and ask a favor to which I consent. THEN you call me AGAIN, the SECOND time in a week after nearly a decade without having to hear your voice; to ask me to pull strings and get you yet another favor?! Fuck you man. 

C$J falls silent as does James. The car rolls down the street in silence as James seems to struggle with an interior battle. He mumbles something incoherent in C$J’s general direction.

C$J: Oh I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you through your hand.

Like a petulant child James Milenko whips his hand away from his mouth and yells at C$J.

James Milenko: I’m sorry alright! Loki lost me the World Title by some sort of a fluke. I’ve been a bit pissy since. 

C$J shrugs, James’ apology meaning little to the guy. He just wanted to see James grovel, but…

C$J: [sighs] FINE, but only because I’m bored of you already. I was able to pull the strings you wanted me to pull. You’re all set for Thursday, there shouldn’t be any kind of resistance. Call me again and I will have your head on a platter. Have a happy.

On cue the limo stops and C$J waves James Milenko away. As the car speeds off into the distance, James Milenko can’t help but smile at his incredible luck. This, this might all turn out alright after all.
To say that “lavish” describes this throne room our scene opens in is beyond an understatement. It’s almost an insult to the people who decorated it! The throne itself is sat in lavish purple with golden highlights. On either side of the throne stands Tobias Deverauex and Jimmy Allen. They stand as still as stone, like sentinels on an eternal watch. As more cameras begin to turn on they pan to the entrance of the room as Loki Synn enters and strolls with purpose, cape billowing out behind her as she makes a quick beeline toward the throne between Jimmy and Tobias. 

In one fluid motion, Loki takes the cloak off and tosses it to the side, hopping up into the throne and turning back toward the camera as she throws her legs up and over one side and rests her back against the opposite.

Loki Synn: Look boys! Guests! 

Jimmy and Tobias exchange looks, but they don’t say anything as Loki continues.

Loki Synn: Listen, I know what you’re all thinking. HOLY POOP! Loki Synn, that unstoppable monster that came in and made promises to everyone in the CWF, and kept them on a weekly basis. You all think that I lost at Hellbound, that because I wasn’t able to stand up to a fast ten count, I lost my match.

Look closer. I dare you.

Who maintained control throughout that entire match? Who did more damage to MJ than anyone that bitch ass punk has EVER faced off against before? Who keeps claiming that she’s above everyone else on the roster because she has a pedigree, a daddy who wouldn’t be able to cut it in this business again if he tried, a mommy who is hardly around to the point I question if you didn’t just spawn out of some pond scum, and above all else, defend that title you hold so tightly, near and dear to your heart, with CLASS! HONOR! DIGNITY!

Give us all a break MJ. 

How did you “win” our match at Hellbound? A cheap shot with my own tool of destruction. I’ll admit that you caught even me by surprise. You took advantage of a situation and I can’t fault you doing it since I’d do the same. What I CAN fault you for is the FACT that you are such a fuckin’ hypocrite. You prattle on on a weekly basis about how you’re proud to be a fighting champion, holding that title for a second time, taking all comers, and having a respect for the business that rivals only your father. Yet at the first available moment, you take a cheap shot out of losing that precious title of yours. You didn’t know how to keep me down and you panicked. You stole my toy and you clocked me upside the head with it. Fool me once MJ…

You won’t get so lucky the next time we meet and trust me, we WILL meet again. How do you think you’ll fair in round two? You barely left the ring after Hellbound and I walked away after you delivered your best. Shot after shot and you couldn’t keep me down. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on you again. How far will you go MJ? How far will you reach down, which rules are you willing to break, to put a stop to the Madness? To put a stop to myself, Tobias, and Jimmy here? Hmm? Do you have what it takes to stop the three of us? By yourself? Or do you think you have friends?

Loki pauses for a brief moment and giggles, kicking her feet like a child and causing Jimmy to move away slightly a couple steps, suddenly uneasy for being too close to the thrashing and unpredictable Loki Synn.

Loki Synn: What a segway huh? Do you think that you’re going to request the help of your friends in The Forsaken? Tell me MJ, how did that work for Ataxia? Your gal pal Mia was smart and got out while she could, which leaves me to deal with the drunk that is Dorian Hawkhurst…

Jimmy snickers slightly.

Loki Synn: Right! AND The Shadow… Ooo soooo creepy and ominous! Look closely MJ, I hope you’re paying close attention because this is a clinic in what I warned you about last week. I warned you. I told YOU that no matter what, I win the day. You have your belt and you can keep it for all I care. I proved my point. You aren’t the hero you claim to be, you don’t even have the wherewithal to come face to face with me once again. You don’t deserve that belt you hold so near and dear, but… I detract, and I can’t believe that I did. I’ve been sidetracked for too long.

But in a dramatic turn of events!

Spotlights above both Tobias and Jimmy pop on, bathing them in celestial light. Loki stands up in front of her throne, maybe a little slow and the light reflecting off a hard plastic cover covering where her nose would be on her mask.

Loki Synn: I found myself some frands! Me. That crazy person who came in with James Milenko, started making promises I kept, and continue to deliver on a weekly basis. Can’t say the same for you MJ. But I won’t digress again because my original plan has come full circle. Does anyone remember what that plan entailed? No? Let me remind you all.

I came in and I told you all that one way or another, I’d be ushering in a new era in CWF and I was going to take out one of the cornerstones that made your CWF “great.” That being The Forsaken. Now, on last headcount…

The so called “strongest member” of The Forsaken got herself knocked loopy and then upped and disappeared.

Ataxia is relaxing in a dirt bath six feet underground.

Dorian? From what I hear he only fell off the wagon when Humpty Dumpty fell off the great wall. Who do you think is going to have the harder time putting themselves back together? The egg? Or the washed up excuse for The Forsaken’s hitman? My money is also on Dor… I mean the egg. See what I did there? I gave you hope Dorian, and I yanked it all away. How does it feel? Good? I’m sure Jimmy here has a lot to say on the topic, but I’m pretty sure he’s getting sick and tired of kicking your sorry excuse of an ass up and down the ring week in and week out. What the current count Demon, hmm? Have you won anything since Wrestlefest? Does it even matter anymore? 

What’s going to happen once you fall off the wagon once again and only then realize that I’m going to have a match against your precious daughter Chloe? EVERY member of The Forsaken was part of that deal Zach accepted on your behalf Demon. What will you do when you realize that just like Mia, you can’t do anything to protect your precious daughter either? Tell her to bring that cast iron skillet she seems so affectionate on; Probably the only lover she’ll ever have in her life. It doesn’t scare me and she had best think twice before she gets herself involved in our match come Evolution. 

I’m not above taking her out like the curbside trash if I have to Dorian. Remember that. Keep your bitches in line!

Loki giggles and begins to pace.

Loki Synn: So I suppose that brings me to the forever present Shadow, the man who created The Forsaken, even though he won’t take credit for it. As defacto leader Shadow, I would imagine you must be pretty distraught that Ataxia and Mia are both now missing. How does that make you feel? How can you call yourself leader of anything if you can’t even keep your pets on a short enough leash? Is this how you treat all your loved ones? Just letting them bite off too much to chew and then sink to the bottom of the depths of whatever they got into? 

Shadow, you carry with you the force of a thousand storms and the intensity of the brightest bulb in the box and you STILL have neglected to look closer. YOU were what brought me into The CWF. You have an ego, you believe that you’re better than everyone else, higher on the food chain, just because you managed to be the only person in The Forsaken that could pull out a win at Hellbound. Yet you still haven’t managed to figure out who the FUCK I am. You are well aware I exist, but you don’t know the specifics. 


But I’m not telling. 

I have the potential to tear you from limb to limb, top to bottom, and strip your flesh from the bones, only to make pancakes from the marrow and use your blood as syrup for the pancake-y goodness. My point Shadow, is that you HAVE to be feeling the effects of your match at Hellbound. You went through some shit.

I did too and guess what? I feel perfectly fine! 

I’m up and walking, I’m not bleeding, and I can assure you that I am MORE than capable at ensuring that you and whatever lapdogs you feel like bringing to Evolution get turned into a mediocre soup. 

You’re weak Shadow and I can sense it. Physically, emotionally, whatever elseally. It’s all over your face and I SO can’t wait to vent those frustrations from your body for you! I have the perfect scepter with your name on it ready to go. 

Are you ready to go Shadow? Dorian? Are you ready to face Loki Synn? The one wrestler who not only went toe to toe with MJF, but showed her up in every way to the point that the ONLY way she could beat me, was to “sink to my level.” I don’t believe you are, either of you. 

Which is fine, because I could always just ask to sub in Chloe and Zach for you two. I have a feeling that they might get a bit further than the two of you could ever achieve. Good luck leading up to our match boyos. 

You might want to consider settling up old debts, because I can’t promise that the two of you will walk, ever again, of your own volition.

Have a happy. Semi colon. Right parenthesis.

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