Title: Happy little accident
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Varies
Location: Right behind you
Show: Hellbound 2018


*Fade into a sterile white room filled with various instruments, swabs, bandaids, and other stuff you might find in a typical doctors office.  It’s just a few days before the big CWF PPV, Hellbound, and everyone is on edge. Everyone is off doing their own thing, except for one Autumn Raven.  At the current moment, she’s sitting on the flat table, being poked and prodded at by one of the doctors hired by the company to examine everyone that took bumps and got knocked around just to be sure that they were in the right condition to compete at the PPV.


Considering how she had gotten blindsided by that superkick by Tobias, she wasn’t surprised she was here...again.*


Doc:  So Autumn, how are you feeling right now?


Autumn’s eye twitched as she clutched at the sides of the table.  All she could see in her mind’s eye was Loki’s stupid face, then the side of Tobias’s face before she had faded out from the sheer pain in her head.  Plus this felt like the millionth time she’d been asked this question by someone like him.


‘Can I blame them?  I mean, really?’


Autumn: Other than being sore from training the other day, I’m fine.  Just don’t understand why I’m doing all of this again.


The doctor let out a sigh, continuing his exam.


Doc:  You got kicked in the head last program, and the authorities want to make doubly sure you’re healthy enough to compete.  That means no after effects of that kick, aka a concussion. Don’t fight me on this. I can see it in your face.


Autumn snorted, rolling her eyes.


Autumn:  I’m not. Thought we already went through this testing crap once already.


Doc:  Once yes.  It’s being done again to double check things, for your safety and to satisfy the higher ups.  They don’t want to send someone in that’s a risk.


‘Give me a break.  I’m fine okay doc, really.  Not much that can keep me down nowadays.  Finally got a win, Silas is in the hospital where he belongs, and life feels pretty good right about now.  How long this lasts, I can’t really say but I’ll take this bit of luck wherever it goes. Wherever the path leads me.  It’s all I can do at the moment.’’


Autumn was patient as she could be, sitting there while the doctor ran his tests, poked and prodded at her, asked her a bunch of questions before he let out a sigh and stood in front of her.


Autumn: So am I good to go?  Do I get a lolipop for sitting here like a good girl?


The doc shook his head, a small smile on his face.


Doc: Yes, your fine.  You’re cleared to compete, Autumn.  I’ll pass the word onto the boss so he doesn’t throw a fit.


Autumn sighed and slid off of the table, stretching her arms with a groan, glad to be standing up after all of that sitting.  It took way longer than it really should have.


Autumn: No lolipop?


Doc: All out, Ms. Raven.


She snorted and shook her head, pulling the door open and exiting, hearing the doctor chuckling behind her.  The least he could have done, she thought, was give me something for the road to Hellbound. Autumn strolled through the hallways, a purpose in her step as she made it outside into the bright shining sun.  She squinted and hurried to her little rental sitting in the middle of the lot, throwing the door open without hesitation and climbing in, shutting the door with a slam behind her. Keys were inserted, and the car rumbled to life.




Autumn glanced down at her phone sitting in the compartment, glaring at it before punching her finger on the notification blinking at her.


*Silas Atoria Voluntarily Discharged*


*Sources confirm that CWF star Silas Artoria has checked himself out of a local medical facility against doctors advice and is going to be making an appearance at CWF’s upcoming PPV event, Hellbound.  It is unknown at this time if he will be wrestling at the event or just appearing there. More info to come as it comes in…*


Her breath quickened and she picked up the phone tightly in her hand, scrolling through the article again, checking other sources, but always returning to that one page.  Eyes widened as the camera view switches to outside of the car, camera watching the barely visible figure as a few choice words cut through the noise of the car’s motor.


“Are you fucking serious?!”


The car’s horn beeps…


There’s a scream…




Scene opens again to the shot of a darkened bar scene, people sitting around the bar and at the tables surrounding it, enjoying the tasty food and drink that the establishment had to offer.  There was a din of conversation that filled the ears along with the smell of cigarette smoke and burning food. The football game was playing on a few of the flat screen tv’s on the wall, to the sport hungry patrons that were there.  Sitting in the corner of the place, cell phone laid out on the table glowing in her face, was Autumn. There was a bottle sitting besides her, half full as she motioned wildly with her hands to whomever she was talking to on the other end of that phone call.  The look on her face was one of anger and disgust as she continued to flail her hands all over, not caring about what others thought of her at the moment.


Autumn:  This is crazy.  I thought for sure that he would be stuck there for a few more days at the least, until he got medically cleared.  Geezus tap dancing christ.


A swig.


???:  Well don’t worry about him so much.  He’s not your concern at the moment. Let him hobble back to Hellbound and do whatever the fuck he wants.  That’s him, and you have your own business to take care of. Take your mind off of it….and it sounds like you already are.


Autumn:  Damn right.  Sitting in a bar, having a drink, and not paying attention to the football game on tv.  Where’s the game show network anyway when you need it? I need my Password fix.


???:  Just wait until you get back home okay?  No need to break bones just to watch a little bit of old school tv.


Autumn: Party pooper.  How’s things down there?  I haven’t been back in...geez...forever?  I think I might need to pay a visit here soonish.


???:  Um the answer is yes, yes you do.  Just knocking the works of the business into these kid’s heads, that’s about all it is.  You should know. You went through this.


A loud cheer rose up from the few patrons at the bar paying attention to the game, and Autumn shook her head, taking another drink, still sucked into her conversation on the phone.


Autumn:  Well yeah, I know.  I’ll come visit after this, how about that.  I can come shoot the breeze with you, take in the city and get a good slice of pizza while I’m there.


???:  And…?


Autumn:  And come say hi to the new crop of students.  Yeah yeah, I know the drill.


???:  Just try and take it easy on them.


Autumn:  No promises.




Another scene shift.  This one’s outside, at a baseball field, evening time.  Autumn’s laying flat on her back on the top rung of the bleachers staring at the sky as it slowly bleeds into night time.  Frowning at the slowly growing chilly weather, she doggidly adjusted her jacket, then clasped her hands in her lap.


Autumn: You and I are alike, in the fact that we don’t really like to say much to our opponents before we step into the ring.  We like to let our actions speak louder than our words do, but since this is a big event, some exceptions must be made don’t ya think?  Boasting through words and being all macho has always been...other people's idea of a good time. I won’t name any names, but you and the rest of the people out there can figure it out real quick.  You and I however, can sit and have a good conversation over a few beers without having to worry too much.


I haven’t seen the right side of anything lately Tobias.  Not at all. What with the fact that every match I’ve stepped into has been an utter and complete disaster, it’s been pretty crappy up until last week.  The other fact is that people continuously tie me to someone who shall not be named, and think that I’m some weak little kitten who needs someone to hold me up through the bad times.  Truth of the matter is, I don’t need any of that. I’ll win, I’ll lose, I’ll fail, I’ll stumble, and I’ll get up all on my own. Last week was a freakin party I tell ya. I won. I actually got a W in the good side of the column, against someone I was pretty sure would put up a fight.  Twas pretty shitty that he just simply laid down and let me beat the snot out of him. I felt kinda bad...for a few seconds but the rush I got for getting the win and celebrating with everyone was incredible…


...until Loki and eventually you stuck your nose into *my* celebration.


Like what was the purpose of blindsiding me with that foot to my skull, huh?  I didn’t know you, had nothing against you or knew nothing about you...until you went and did that.  It’s all fine and good you want to run with Loki, she’s about a few marbles short of a full bag, but blindsiding a lady with a kick and not giving your name up first?  Now that’s rude and where you come from, you should be more mindful of your manners Tobias. Had you stayed out of my little business, I *was* going to give Loki some credit for knocking Silas down a few pegs but you done ruined that moment.


Plus you stole my superkick.  That’s bad manners, bad form Tobias.


Now we find ourselves at the doorstep of Hellbound, in the first slot of the night or whatever you want to call it.  I don’t mind where we get to duke it out, just as long as we both get to work out these issues we have with each other.  You wanting to do Loki and whoever this other guy is, their dirty work, and I just wanting to pay you back for kicking me in the fucking skull...with my own move nonetheless.  I appreciate you giving me this chance to show you what a lady can do, one that’s going to show you what a real ‘lady’ can do when pushed to the limits. I don’t like doing this but it has to be done.


Cheers Tobias.”

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