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Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Varies
Location: Varies
Show: Hellbound 2018

After Match Versus Ataxia

I lied there on the floor, exhausted from my brutal battle with Ataxia. Even though I was able to come out on with the victory, that wasn't the same Ataxia that I'd grown to know. Oh no.. This was a dark, twisted side of him that I never had the pleasure of meeting. But still, I was able to walk away in victory.

But why didn't it feel like a win? I thought I would feel on top of the world right now, but that was furthest from the truth. Taxi was a thorn, that couldn't be pricked yet. And when he returns, because he will return, I'll be ready!

Sierra kneeled at my side as my chest heaved up and down. My best efforts of trying to circulate oxygen into my lungs.

"Duce are you alright?" Sierra questioned with a concerned look on her face.

No words escape my mouth, as I tried to calm my heart to a steady beat. After a moment I was finally able to respond.

"I thought dat crazy muthafucka had got to ya." I said through labored breath.

"Huh?" She questioned, looking at me intently.

My body soon calming down, I was able to sit up, staring her directly in her eyes.

"I see dat muthafucka likes t'play mind games.. He's gonna regret tha day, he eva fucked wit Duce Jones.."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't worry bout it, I got dis shit handled."

Sierra knelt there, at my side, staring at me dumbfounded, lost as to what exactly I was talking about. But I had my mission, and I wouldn't quit until I saw it through.


I stand there.. Decked out with a Danger Boiz apparel T-shirt, black jeans, and low top Nikes. A CWF Presents: Hellbound backdrop is behind me, my personal tag strap, draped over my shoulder. I stare intently at the camera, finally beginning.


"Y'know... When I was a kid.. Danger Boiz... Y'guys were my heroes, seriously y'guys were.

I remember being a kid.. Flipping outta trees and shit.. Screaming out!"

I dramatically begin to yell in my best Jim Gunt impression.


I begin to chuckle to myself.

"Mane I was naive back then.. I mean I had sense, but in tha "endd" I was only a kid."

I shake my head.

"Bouncin" off mattresses, doin' my best impressions of the Crazy Bitch…

Now dat I'm older, I feel dumb as shit. Like if I knew then, what I kno' now.. My dumb ass would'a been more of a DeMarco fan.

Tha two of ya are mo' deranged and outta ya fuckin' than me and Taxi combined.."

Laughter begins to ensue, before I finally calm down, a serious demeanor to over my face.

"I mean, let's take a look back at tha track record. These guys were vampires at one point. Or werewolves, ghosts.. Or vampire hunters… Some shit..

I've smoked since then.

Then there was tha whole ordeal wit Chris bein in hell.. Fo' whateva reason dat was bout... Then tha enddless love chronicles of "Dangerous Dan"..

Who ya wit now Dan, some fucka' named Danny. How's dat goin' f'ya anyway?


Don't answer dat, it's none'a my bizness, live ya life homie.. Do you."

I look down at my Danger Boiz T-shirt.

"But this ain't bout none'a dat.. Naw this is bout two 'fossils' tryna make they name relevant at tha expense of the Aces.."

I shake my head again.

"Tha worse thang y'all could'a did was slam those chairs across my skull. Like why would y'all go and do some fuck shit like dat?

Real shit.

All y'all had t'do was ask.. Dat's all.. Y'all didn't have t'hit me in tha head wit chairs.. Not one chair.. But two of them muthafuckas!"

I hold up two fingers dramatically.


My gaze soon trail off towards the 'Crazy Chris' mask hanging around my neck.

"But I had my minor get back. Takin' dis mask from Chris was a small constellation prize of payback.. But it wasn't enough..

It wasn't.

At least not f'me, but f'tha life of me, I can't see how the two of ya are even considered contenda’s f'tha straps.. This shit is TBD all ova again.


At least they made their position known.. They had tha balls to face us like men!”


A sly smile soon forms on my face.


“Damn Taxi! Y’wanna see us wit'out those belts on our shouldas dat bad?


I gotta serious question..


How are tha Glass Ceiling, tha bad guys round dis place? I mean we're tha same as any’a tha otha folks round dis place.”


I begin to pace back and forth while staring at the camera.


“Y’see, I'm pretty sure folks thank, just because we did what we did, dat we wanna control tha CWF.. But dat's furthest from tha truth… We all just want what's best fo’ this great company. We want t'see it excel, and since tha Aces been tag champs. We're starting t'breath new life into tha tag division.


Dat's tha reason y'all two came back..


Wanted t'know if y'all could still hang, I get it… I mean I really do.. But I hate t'be tha bearer’a bad news. Y'all muthafuckas not reliving no glory days through us. I mean when y’put one of the most technically gifted athletes and a strikin’ genius togetha. Y'get one’a tha hardest tag teams t’eva set foot in this place.


Any debatable decent tag team dat done stepped up, done got they issue. And come Hellbound, tha results won't be any different. It doesn't matta what y'pedigree is, it don't even matta what accomplishments y’had in tha past. Whateva standards dat's been set.


We breakin’ em. I mean it comes t'dis ballgame, we knockin’ shit out tha park. Danger Boiz, prepare t'be introDuced ta Freddie and Duce! Cuz when compared t'tha Aces! Y'all ain't got no Juice!


Aces Up!”


With that I motion for the camera to be cut as I'm confident in the outcome of our match against the Danger Boiz.



Have you ever been trapped inside your own body? Like you were conscious, but someone else was driving the ship? No? Just me? That's cool, it's nothing new.. This is a road I've traveled too many times and know oh so well.


So there's hope, there's hope that the real Duce Jones returns, and when I do, the voices will finally end. I will finally take back control of my life, and I will live out my dream. You see the man before you is an imposter. He's nothing like what I set out to be, what I set out to make my legacy become.


I vow to anyone that hears this message.. That I Allen Jones, the Second! Will reclaim my life! I will bring natural order to my being.



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