Title: [CD] Reload - The Antagonist
Featuring: Impakt
Date: 24/5
Location: Philadelphia

“Wait you just can’t-“



From down the corridor Zach could hear the hospital staff struggling with a man with a gruff, barking voice that could only belong to the reprehensible and despicable John Kreese, Private Investigator.


“Somebody call security!”



There he is, appearing in the doorway to Zachary Vaughn’s room. Not for the first time Zach fears for his life.


“W-w-what do you want?”

Hopefully if he can distract the P.I. long enough security will come and deal with him. As everybody knows, villains love to monologue.


“You had it planned all along didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?! With your face unmasked live on television for the whole world to see your dad is refusing to pay me for all my hard work. The way I see it, either he or you now owe me big time!”


“And so you figure you’ll pick on the guy in hospital…”

Thankfully security respond quickly and are on the scene, grabbing at Mr Kreese and pulling him away from the door, though he doesn’t go down without a fight.


"This ain't over kid!" John Kreese cries out from down the corridor.

That's exactly what Zach needs right now, a recurring villain to come make his life even more difficult at the most inopportune moments.

The only question left is...what could possibly be next?

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