Title: Digital Drag
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 10/13/18
Location: Multiple places
Show: Hellbound 2018

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"Styles - Jarvis here. Listen, and you cannot ask me how I got this information...but I found out who..." There was a bit of silence and a muffled conversation. "Okay," he said, his voice resigned. "Elizabeth got some information, and I'm sharing it with you. Your challenger is Zach. So yeah. Keep that in mind I guess? Seems like a quiet night for two matches in one night, but fuck, I don't know. You've got this Styles. Talk later." Click.


Darkness. A silhouette can be traced through the darkness. His aura vibrating throughout the room. Confidence. Passion. Determination. You can feel the hatred; the sheer cold, and emptiness sending an icy chill through your spine. A feeling you've never experienced within the company of a normal man. The shear presence you feel, is of something amazing. You are witnessing the presence of a champion. This is something worth remembering.

There is a shuffling sound, as the silhouette shifts slightly. The room is then enveloped in a eerie silence. The same way a run down house would seem, after the inhabitants left years before.

A man's voice finally speaks up, cutting through the darkness; like a warm knife through butter, demanding your full attention and respect.

I've tried to remain modest with the Boiz.

It wasn't the same.

Being modest makes me feel overshadowed. Becoming a name in a crowd of superstars.

I won't let that happen.

I tried to change my ways, so as champion, I'll be a positive image.

I'll never bare those qualities. I look at this game the same.

I watched as this person returned, leveled up a bit, began to ascend towards the throne I've built.

I've noticed your advances. I'm ready to shine like never before.

I've gone far too long without this push or motivation.

I won't be held back. The time is now. My time is now.

My stomach burns for this Impact title on my waist. And now, my first challenger stands before me.

This is a test of my superiority among mere mortals.

I've accepted this task, ready to embark on a Golden journey.

This situation makes careers as well as break them.

But my legacy began long before this match.

Domination is my goal.

This, I will surely succeed in.

For this isn't a broken promise by a mere man.

This is the promise of a Legend.

I've given my word to be the best, and I've proven it.

You all stand on the Foundation I built.

A mere dirt road when I first began.

Now a paved path, inspiring others to reach the plateau of superstardom.

They say the student might surpass the teacher.

But I've continued to evolve.

From a vast commodity, to teacher of the masses.

I've done what few can.

Not only have I defeated your legends and idols; I've changed this sport in to something unimaginable.

I have your respect, whether you oblige or not.

For that...

I'll never be forgotten.

You're looking through the lens of a small digital video camera. A hand is blocking the view, as a large image of the life lines of a hand is shown. The focus shifts a few inches and the hand backs off, as rough images of an attractive man's face begin to appear, becoming less fuzzy as the man moves back. The face becomes clear as does the physique of the man. The features of Freddie Styles are now in the view as he stands back, looking beyond the camera. His eyes then slowly lower to the camera, as his eyes seem to pierce through you. Like strobe lights focusing on a target.

The wheels are in motion, have been for some time now. This is where every plot and angle comes together, forming the final act. We have embarked on a journey, through hell and high water, to end with something spectacular.

But Zachary, your future doesn't hold anything amazing.

Your ride has come to its final stop. Everyone riding along are piling out. This train, your career, is headed back to the station. You'll be set asideand forgotten about as you're replaced by something new, and fresh. Especially something fresh. You've led a mediocre career the best you could.

You just need to know when to quit.

And luckily for myself, and everyone else tired of your redundant bullshit, I've come to relieve you of your duties. No need for a fight, or argument; just realize that you were beaten by a better man. The times of the past is over; this place is headed for a new direction. A road much less traveled. We're no longer walking the path of mediocrity, we're turning on to the avenue of perfection.

You had to expect this. It was only a matter of time.

All organisms need to adapt. You failed to recognize this fact, until it was too late. But I'm sure you will be fine in the CWF. Your buddy Ataxia will keep letting you ride his burlap coattails.

Freddie pauses, looking down to the front pocket of his jeans. Pulling a cigarette pack from his jeans, he opens it and pulls a cigarette from it. Putting it back in to his pocket, he lights the Newport, taking a long, drag, exhaling slowly; as if waiting for days to relinquish his nicotine addiction. He turns back to the camera, smiling back in to the camera, seemingly overflowing with confidence. Determined, yet still in a relaxed state of mind.

Just think of this as Zach van Owen's rude awakening. Those moral victories against the Ouroboros and more recently against Loki Synn...that will NOT be happening against me.  I'm going to snuff out any chance of hope that think that you may have and beat reality into you kid.  You live off your hope...your quest to save the CWF, throwing yourself into every fight like you're the conquering hero that's gonna right all wrongs.

But through your jaded vision, you fail to see that every cause you choose sucked.  Every side you pick is the losing one.

But that's how some people are. I understand that. Therefore, you need to understand that you've been sacrificed like the pawn that you are, Zachary.  All the VC you can obtain and the DLC you can aquire with it won't prepare you for the reality that you're standing across the ring from a man that has no qualms about taking your first or last life from you with no remorse.

007 373 5963....the commish code let you jump the line to the title fight, and I'm gonna send you back to the bottom of the barrel....very, very painfully.  Take your last bow Zachery.  This curtain is lowering as we speak. You're just an 8-bit player in my HDMI world, and I'm going to slaughter you like the noob that you are. The only question is whether I win beautifully, or drag you mercilessly.

Freddie then flashes a manila envelope in front of the camera screen. On it reads Zach van Owen, with the CWF headquarters address. Freddie then lowers the envelope from in front of the screen.

I hope you enjoy this Zach. I expect it to be watched more than once.

With that, the camcorder slowly goes fuzzy with Freddie still standing in front of the screen, the same look of confidence plastered onto his face.

I laid in bed, staring at Aurora, sound asleep beside me. Her stomach bulging out beneath the sheets, yet still so unbelievably attractive. I lived a life that I'm sure so many envied. I dated supermodels, lived without restrictions, and was one of the best wrestlers around.

But Aurora never saw me in that way. She saw me for who I was inside, not what I did on the outside. I was human to her, and I didn't have to prove myself to be any more. This entire situation between us had been so unnecessary. I couldn't believe I had actually fucked Salem in front of her, pushing her away like a pet interrupting. I had played with her emotions, and the guilt constantly weighed on me. It's weight had crushed my shoulders for so long, until I was granted her forgiveness.

As much as I wish I could, I can't change what happened on that day. I just need to fix my mistakes, and learn from them. I had a son, and a beautiful woman to love. I just needed to learn how to love before, but Aurora has shown me.

I know I've grown as a person, changed in to a more modest, and caring man. But my attitude in the ring remained. It just gave me that edge to be the best.

But none of that was important right now. This moment I shared with Aurora was amazing.

Rubbing her stomach with my hand, I gently kissed her temple. I then laid my head back down and closed my eyes. A smile still on my face. Something that hadn't been there for a long time.


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