Title: Nevermore
Featuring: Tobias Devereaux
Date: Multiple
Location: Multiple
Show: Hellbound 2018

Never trust one's eyes for they may lie. Perception is reality but it is flawed and subject to our bias. Instead see with not only your eyes but also your mind and heart. Only then can we try to surpass our bias and see the truth of a situation.

Our scene opens in a rather dark wooded area. There are tall oaks all around scattered between them smaller bushes and shrubbery. There is also a dirt path that leads through the woods. On this path sits parked a mid size suv, that nearly blends into it's surroundings with its hunter green hue. Darkened by the night sky that sees very few stars shining through the thick cloud cover of this particular evening. The moon hidden for the most part behind as well only peaking out like a small child from it's blanket. As we get closer to the vehicle we can see a figure sitting in the driver seat. It appears to be a woman in her early twenties with short red hair. She's dressed in a simple white t-shirt and some khaki colored shorts. She has her head leaned against the steering wheel in some sort of distress. We notice why when we spin around the vehicle and realize the back two tires are in some sort of mud hole nearly pass the axle. Evidently out for a good time she finds her stuck now in this deserted area. We can barely make out some muttering to herself before we hear a rustling in the nearby brush.

“Huh?...Who....who's there?”

Her voice is soft at first slowly growing in strength as she tries to force herself to be stronger. There is no verbal response only the sound of rustling from the bushes increasing, coming closer maybe. The look on her face grows in fear as she starts looking around her trying to think of something in the vehicle that maybe she could use as a weapon. Meanwhile the rustling grows and grows until it seems to be right outside her window. She quickly hits buttons on her door making sure the door is locked as she slides back from the window slightly.


Suddenly a slamming sound comes from the glass behind her causing her to leap inside the car and smack her head against the ceiling as the image of a palm comes across the passenger side window.


A face comes into view on the passenger side of a male approximately mid to late twenties with a full brown beard and long brown hair. He looks into the vehicle and slowly starts to chuckle.

“Jess, it's me”

Her face goes from one of fear to furious anger as her face turns deep red.

“Damn it Brad, why didn't you answer when I called out? Nearly scared me to death”

Brad can barely speak between his laughing

“It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, I'm sorry”

She does not seem amused in the slightest.

“When we manage to get unstuck you're totally having to walk home!”

Brad still can't control himself laughing at the look on her face. Suddenly the sound of his laughing is cut out as his entire body just disappears as if something pulled him with great force from the right side. We can almost instinctively hear a Wilhelm scream in the wind.

“Brad!?! Brad!?!”

Jess crawls back across the seats in the car to look out the passenger window and looks for Brad for a moment. She rolls down the window to the vehicle and sticks her head out of the window.

“Come on Brad this really isn't funny!”

In the brush in the area of where Brad disappeared rustles with veracity as we can hear the screams of a male voice a what sounds like a roar. Jess slings her head back into the vehicle and immediately scoots back over to the driver side and turns the engine over on the vehicle. She starts giving the vehicle gas, while panickingly smacking the steering wheel over and over with one hand. However all we hear is the wheels squalling and the sound of wet mud flying as she buries the back end of the vehicle even deeper.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck”

Suddenly from behind the vehicle we hear a loud sound reminiscent of a gunshot. Then a second and third. Finally we see a bright flash of light then a silence falls upon the woods. No brush moving, no birds, no nothing just silence. Jess looks around slowly and ever so tentatively rolls down her window and sticks her head out.


“'Ello Chere, rough night eh?”

Jess turns her head towards the sound quickly as we see coming from the brush by the vehicle the image of one Tobias Devereaux. He is dressed in a full camouflage outfit, canvas style pants, long sleeve shirt, and flat brim hat. His hair sticking out from the sides and back. He's got a cigarette between his lips and a large pack on his back. Shoved across his shoulders resting on top of the pack is what appears to be a rifle.

“Who are you?”

Jess' voice full of fear as this strange man approaches the vehicle.

“I's nobody special chere, just ye ole hunta passin' through. It appears yous got yaself in a bit of a bind dough.”

“Yes, I'm stuck and my boyfriend is being a dick.”

“Nah chere, he's not being no dick, he dead.”


Jess goes into full hysterics at this moment as she starts frantically starting to roll up her window as though that would keep Tobias out of the vehicle.

“I's not what gone and kills him, dat was de ting out in dis here woods. Yew found yaselves stuck in de middle of it's huntin grounds. It twas simply feedin time unfortunately for ya beau. Fear not dough, I put de poor bastard out of it's misery for yew. So dough ya beau may be dead, you still will live. Sometimes dat just de breaks chere. For dat I do apologize.”

Jess still not listening frantically searching around for some way to protect herself from this crazy man. However when she looks back up she doesn't see Tobias anymore. Suddenly to her side she hears the door on the passenger side open as we see Tobias' arm inside that window opening it. Jess lets out a frantic scream before Tobias sits down in the seat next to her and just shakes his head. He looks over to her and extends his hand out towards her, palm first. Jess finds herself still in fear as the hand ever so gently touches her forehead.


At that Jess' eyes close and her body goes limp.

“sorry for de fright chere, but dat dere trick only works with de touch of a hand. Don't yew worry non dough, when yews wake up everyting will be just fine. Yew will be out on the side of de highway and only faintly remember even bein out dis way. It'll be jus like yew took a lil ole nap, yew beau will still be gone but yew will jus tink he up and left for someone reason. No nightmares, no darkness, only a lil ole heartache and den peace. Dat is de gift I give unto yew dis day chere. I hopes yew make use of it.”

Tobias takes a long drag off his smoke before flicking it out into the brush. He sighs deeply before groaning as he gets up out of the vehicle and starts looking around for some limbs to use to help the tires get traction as we fade to black.


Scene reopens inside a rundown diner, we see Tobias sitting in a corner booth. He's dressed in his normal attire this time consisting of black jeans and a maroon colored button down shirt. We can see a trench coat folding neatly in the seat beside him with a fedora sitting on top of it. In front of him sits a menu place mat. There are a couple other people around the diner but not many. An older lady of probably mid to late fifties comes up. She's dressed in the stereotypical diner waitress attire, her make up caked on like applied by bozo himself. Maybe attempting to look a little younger, it fails horribly. She speaks up with a voice that sounds like she's gargled with razor wire, most likely created over years of cigarettes and alcohol abuse. Speaking of which, Tobias could feel the desire to light up one himself but no where allows smoking anymore it seems.

“what can I get for ya hun?”

“Jus coffee for now chere, tank yew.”

“ooh, that's a nice accent, where are you from?”

“De swamps of N'awlins.”

“Oh that's nice, I had some family that lived down that way. They had to move away after Katrina came through. Was a real shame, were you there for it?”

“No, I's already move away long before dat.”

“Ah good, I tell ya them storms are getting worse and worse. I tell ya what the problem is, it's a lack of Jesus in this country.”

“Amen to dat”

Tobias smiles at the waitress as she waddles on away heading to go get him a cup of coffee. He slightly rolls his eyes once she's gone. He reaches over to his phone that's resting on the top of the table. Scrolling through a few messages he sees the latest event for CWF. It would appear that he's facing someone named Autumn Raven in one of the opening matches.

“Been a while sense you were a curtain jerker huh?”

“Mornin 'ames”

“Morning Tobias? It's like three in the afternoon.”

Across from Tobias sits James Milenko in one of his black suits. He looks like he's trying very hard not to get the natural grime of a greasy spoon get on him just by sitting down.

“Like yew ever get up in de actual mornin”

James stops for a moment and thinks for a second.

“Touche', I mean when you stay up most of the night entertaining models and actresses it's hard to get up before noon.”

“Whateva yew say mon amie. So to wat do I owes dis here pleasure”

“I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page, that's all”

“Well we's on de same page as much as we really need to be.”

About this time the waitress comes up with Tobias' coffee and sits it down.


“Can I get you anything to drink as well sir?”

“Sure Marge, let me get a water with lemon, but not much just like a spritz.”

“My names actually”

“Yea yea, no one cares, off you go”

James makes a little shooing motion with his hand as the waitress can't help but make a little huffing noise that James Milenko certainly didn't hear or would care about if he did. She waddles on away as Tobias just shakes his head slightly. Reaching over for the sugar he starts pouring it into the coffee as he speaks.

“Yew's really got to work on dem people skills mon amie, dis why yew have no friends.”

“What? The below minimum wage servant? Yeah, that's not the type of people I care to have as friends Tobias. Besides I have plenty of friends.”

“Name one den”

James takes a moment to think

“We don't have enough time to list off all my friends, let's move on shall we? How about we focus on the tasks at hand.”

Tobias stops pouring the sugar in his coffee and dumps a couple of the small creamers into it. Taking his nearby spoon he starts stiring up the mixture.

“I only has one task, dese utta tasks yew have, dey no concern ole Tobias.”

“Of course they do friend, they are part of Hostility's well um, hostile takeover as it were.”

“Dats de ting 'ames, yew know damn good and wells I don't give de first fuck about ole Hostility, I was an es vee oh guy. I only showed my face around dem parts on occasions. I's here because money make de world go round and I's real good at getting paid.”

“Don't be like that.”

“Like wat 'ames, I's just makin sure yews rememba de truth of de matta. I's here to bust some heads and make sure de jesta behave de way she spose to. Dat's it, I's not here to be yew friend, or Jimmy boy's buddy.”

“Speaking of, you're doing a piss poor job with that one item. She damn near broke my back!”

Tobias stops stirring his coffee and just looks at James with an incredibly serious stare.

“I told yews, de jesta don't play nice, it's not dis ting dat yew just control. It is an entity dat knows only chaos and pain. I warns yew before but yew no wanna listen. I can't stop her from hurtin yew, I just here to make sure she don’t kill yew. Cause yew believe dis James Milenko, if'n I's not here, she would, kill yew, maybe not today, or tomorra, but soon. Dat I guarantee.”

James takes a slightly gulp as the waitress all but slams his water down causing the red head to jump in his seat slamming his knees into the table.

“Damn it”

“Sorry suge, didn't mean to startle you.”

“Tis okay chere, would yews be a dear an get ole Tobias an order of a couple eggs over medium and some of dem hash browns. Tanks”

“Sure hone, be right up”

The waitress makes her way off as James furiously rubs his knees.

“She did that on fucking purpose”

“How yew figure dat? She no payin our conversation any mind. She just workin' for a livin, yews should of tried it sometime before yew got all high and mighty.”

“Minimal labor”

James makes a face as though he just sucked on something sour as he shakes his head.

“Perish the mere thought of it. Anyway, I got to go make sure the other parts of this operation actually plays ball. Your old pal St. James is suppose to be calling or meeting me soon.”

“Oh, how is ole Christopher?”

“Fuck if I know or care, he's just useful.”

“Once again, dis why yew no can have friend, it's like de very concept is as foreign to yew as civility or politeness.”

“Indeed, three things that have never gotten anyone anywhere my Cajun friend. Now if you'll excuse me.”

Before sliding out James take a sip of his water and makes that face again.

“God it's like fucking lemon juice.”

Tobias just chuckles as James tries getting the taste out of his mouth and heads towards the door.

“Good riddance, cooyon”

Tobias looks up just in time for his plate of food to be sat down in front of him.

“Tank yew chere”

“You're welcome deary”

We fade to black as Tobias starts his meal.


The screen remains blank however we see white test slowly fill the screen almost as if hand written by who can only assume is Tobias Devereaux.

You know, I've never been one for a lot of talking about people before I fight them. I am much more of the mind to let my abilities in the ring do the talking for me. The whole boastful thing has always been more of a James Milenko thing. I'm just a simple country sort and have no need for grandstanding. I know times have been tough for you Raven, you've not been seeing a lot of the right side of the lights at the end of the night as it were. However that turned around for you last week and you're hoping oh so much that it'll continue on for you again this week. I do hate to disappoint a lady, even one as such as yourself, however I do believe you're going to have to be. I have nothing against you per say, you just happened to rub the wrong people the wrong way. You see I am an associate of one Loki Synn and you taking some credit for her work without so much as a thank you hurt her feelings something awful. So Mr. Milenko slipped me a few extra dollars to rearrange your jaw as it were. He even had the bright idea of having me use a superkick to do it as a message of some sort. I believe it's because you yourself are fond of the move. Me personally I've always been more of a just running boot instead of the whole fancy kicks thing but to each their own.

So we find ourselves at the start of this here event, however I've never cared much about when I went on during the show. Hell I sometimes like opening the show because that means I can get showered, changed, and at the bar getting a few drinks in me before the crowds even dispersed from the show. Beats sitting in traffic I tell you that much. However the one thing I pride myself on is even if it's the first match of the night, it will be the best match of the night, because I'm in it. I'm not called a sensation just for the shits and giggles. However you'll get to see that more for yourself soon.

I'm not going to lie to you Autumn, I know very little about you, I know I could do research and look up all your former matches but that just doesn't seem all that fair. I mean I'm a blank slate to you for the most part, so why not afford you that same courtesy? I'm not above giving myself a little advantage but doing it against you just felt wrong. Maybe it's the southern gentleman in me not wanting to take advantage of a lady, or because I've been in losing slumps before as well and feel like giving you as good of a shot as possible to keep from falling back into one. I honestly couldn't tell you which one it was though. Not that it really matters in the end I suppose.

Anyway my dearest Autumn, my time is short and there is oh so much left to do. I do wish you the best this week in our match, let us make sure to make it one to remember.



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