Title: It Doesn't Have to Make Sense!
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Smooches!
Location: Loki's World and Detroit
Show: Hellbound 2018

“I Must Increase My Bust” by Lords of Acid blows through crappy quality speakers, almost as welcoming as the lukewarm air conditioning wafting lazily throughout the humid building. Everywhere people are dressed in nineties workout clothing, which only equates to a lot of neon colors, baggy gym shorts, sweatbands, and one piece spandex suits. Don’t forget about those awesome and fluffy socks! Every single one of them are in various states of working out, biking, treadmills, stationary bikes; a separate room holds all of the weight training machines and free weights, the clinging and clanging of the weights indicating that several people were currently engaged in making themselves… “Swol,” if that’s the term kids are using nowadays. 

Everyone is of course their own, individual person, but they all wear the same exact outfit, only in different colors. The most unsettling thing about the entire debacle though? 

They are all wearing Loki Synn replica masks and are staring at the camera as the crew walk in. 




Loki Synn: Shhhh….

The camera whips around to find the actual Loki Synn, bouncing back and forth with the music, using her arms to propel hand weights in front of her in a common exercise we all assume. She of course is decked out in her nineties athletic garb finest and looks like she could be an extra for Saved By The Bell, minus of course the mask, which is the most unsettling of all. Instead of the Loki mask that everyone else is wearing, this one is completely blank save for a deep purple smile, jagged in appearance, like the artist putting it on was blindfolded and spun in a circle; then told to paint a “scary smile” onto the mask. There were of course eye holes, white mesh covering them to give the eeriest of appearances as she stares a hole into the camera lens, her neck tilting slightly as she continues to work out, opening her arms, closing her arms, and shuffling back and forth to…

“I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”

The only thing that could have made things worse happens and the camera person wishes he could have had another assignment, ANY assignment. Loki’s laughter radiates throughout the building as the clones all join in around the camera, creating a haunting chorus of laughter as a door slams shut.

You don’t really need to know more than that.

Former Hostility World Champion Christopher St. James was never one for public appearances. It’s not that he didn’t WANT to do them, it’s just that the target demographic he was usually inclined to cater too didn’t deserve his presence. It was quite simple and he really didn’t understand why the so called “powers that be” never understood this concept. There was always one thing that kept C$J from coming back though and play by the rules. It was and IS the universal language of the entirety of the world. Anyone and everyone abides by this one single language. 

That of course being money.

Being born into money, there were few times in his life that C$J didn’t know what it was like to have what he wanted because he could afford it all. Sure there were times he was down on his luck, but why did that matter? The fact is he got back up on his high horse and earned every single penny of his fortune back. Who cares if it was through the lying and cheating done as part of the semi-successful venture with Tobias Devereaux in Dirty Money Inc.? Things got done and C$J got what he wanted back. His fortune, his power, his… Infinity Gauntlet if you will. The person who has the money has the control, has the means to get the answers to questions that everyone has. It wasn’t a matter of if C$J COULD get something, it was what was it going to cost you for him to get it for you? Years conniving people with Tobias gave him several resources he has put to use and both ends receiving more than fortunatus benefits. Why not continue doing business if Tobias and C$J go about their separate ways? It has worked to C$J’s advantage thus far and he wasn’t about to give it up for much of anything…

Which is why he almost felt inclined to go see what James Milenko could so desperately need him to find information about. 

C$J: James! I’m shocked you have come to me to get anything! You KNOW this will cos…

He interrupted C$J at that point, something that the man who once deemed himself “God’s Gift to Everything,” “Mr. #1derful” and “The Personification of Perfection” wasn’t quite used to. 

James Milenko: Cost doesn’t matter and you should know that at this point. Will you meet me?

James wouldn’t give much details after that. C$J didn’t ask for them, he knew better; something was up. So of course C$J agreed to meet James in Detroit before Hell-something flashy or other. It just so happened that C$J had another meeting with a client that he had just finished up with. How eerily convenient. It was almost as if someone had written it out this way. Regardless…

C$J glances briefly up at the temperature gauge in the back of his customized limousine. Only the finest for one of the most powerful men who seems to have his fingers everywhere. 

C$J: Forty fuckin’ six. Guess it could be worse. Still can’t wait to be out of of this God forsaken place and somewhere the sun hasn’t forgotten.

His voice is quiet and bitter as his eyes narrow out of the window. He couldn’t feel the breeze from inside his limo of course. Modern conveniences and all that. Out of habit though he still shivers as if remembering the ghost of a chill. Poor soul. Donations can be sent straight to the Christopher Saint James Fund. Eternal thanks will be sent in return based on amount sent. NO refunds. 

Suddenly a familiar lock of red hair appears, weaving through the crowd toward the limo. James Milenko pops the collar on his trenchcoat, being the super, suave guy that he is, and makes a beeline straight to the back of the limo. He raps on the glass, sharply, with his knuckles, once. Twice. Twice in succession. Two long, then one short. Three in quick succession. C$J just rolls his eyes and pushes a button on his control panel to his side. 

C$J: Will you let Mr. Milenko in before he draws any more attention please and thanks.

His words are short and crisp. Annoyed. If there is one thing employees didn’t do, it was annoy C$J. The driver instantly hops out in the blustering winds and runs to the passenger side, shouting his apologies to Mr. Milenko and opening the door for him, bowing as Milenko threatens to backhand the poor man before climbing in. C$J just narrows his gaze and shakes his head at his driver. The driver nods and shuts the door quietly behind James who doesn’t seem to notice the exchange. The driver calmly returns to his position behind the wheel and proceeds to make his way through the city.

C$J: Alright James. You have my attentions. What can I do for you?

James Milenko isn’t one to be taken by surprise very often, but the sheer size of the limo took him slightly aback.

James Milenko: It’s… It’s bigger on the inside.

C$J: Yes, I get that a lot. Anyways, I’m sure you wanted me here to do more than admire the size of the rental limousine that I have at my disposal. Please, get on with it. We’re almost to our destination and I really don’t want our conversation to last any longer than it has to.

James turns red slightly but swallows his pride. He needs help, if anyone could, this is it.

James Milenko: Right, yeah, sorry. I’m going to assume that you haven’t been keeping up with things; long story short, I brought back Hostility to take over CWF. Loki Synn is the headpiece and your ol’ pal Tobias has joined in after giving me access to the Loki Mythos. Now, I’ve been around long enough to know that Tobias is likely to have a “Plan B,” as it were, in case he needs to employ such a measure to save his hide. Loki is unpredictable as hell and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep her under my thumb. I know Tobias will be able to since it’s his family that…

James stops his explanation as he notices C$J’s face. It is beet red from containing his laughter. James rolls his eyes as C$J finally explodes and laughs right in James’s face.


His voice is loud and inquisitive, soiled with his merciless laughter. It subsides though as this time it’s James’ turn to smile and laugh.

James Milenko: I told ya’ kid. I’ve been around this business long enough. I know enough about you to bury you if need be. You do this favor for me, give me something I can use to keep Loki in check and Tobias away from me should he decide he needs to depart suddenly. You give me that and I give you everything I have on you, original files, pictures, voice clips, ALL files. Once mine, now yours. I assure you it’s all quite extensive and detailed. Enough to put you under if need be, but all yours if you give me a little bit of an… Upper hand against two people you were once partially, familiar with.

James Milenko smiles as he sits back in his seat, enjoying the sound of the expensive leather crinkling under his weight. C$J stops smiling and purses his lips tapping on the glass partition next to his head and sending a quick text message. The limo stops and C$J gets up as the door opens next to James. C$J hops out and pats James on the shoulder.

C$J: Fair enough I suppose. You have yourself a deal. When I find the info you want, I’ll let you know, we’ll arrange the exchange then. Winston here will take you to your hotel and then disappear into the night. DO NOT call me. I will call you. Lose my number. After this, we are done, no more favors.

James nods and grins in victory. C$J accepts defeat begrudgingly and shakes his head as he exits the limo and slams the door behind him. James chuckles to himself.

James Milenko: Salty bastard. Needs some fries for all that nonsense.

With another chuckle James helps himself to the contents of a well stocked mini bar as the limo pulls away into the night.
Loki Synn: Welcome to my training grounds MJ! I just KNOW you’ll be watching this with rapt attention, so please try to focus on me, and do try to keep up. I am after all your elder.

Loki starts to jog in place as the music changes to “Exterminate Annihilate Destroy” by Rotersand and the army of Loki Replicas mimic her movements exactly. She does a quarter spin, so do they. It’s all done in synchronization, and all to the tune of the music. To have been there would have been to experience the very definition of “whole body goosebumps.” Her voice is enough to snap us out of the trance as we resist the urge to join in the exercise as Loki leads the replicas in more turns as she speaks.

Loki Synn: I know though MJ, I KNOW! I’M the elder, but YOU… YOU have the EXPERIENCE! YOU have the PEDIGREE! Look at that massive announcement you shocked both ME and the world with, following in your father’s footsteps as you claim to want so very much. 

She catches her breath as she slows the pace and the music almost fades in the background to Loki’s voice. The replicas fade into the background as fog rolls in, becoming nothing but eerie shadows mimicking Loki’s movements in exaggerated fashion. Her voice rings out in the murkiness but only adds another layer of creepiness to the entire scene.

Loki Synn: I wish I could fault you for any of that, but in all honesty, I can’t. I WISH! But alas, I can’t. You’re young and naive! You don’t know quite how the real world works and you haven’t truly felt what it’s like to have something ripped from you with no regard for your well being. You THINK you have lost before? Dear, oh DEAR are you MISTAKEN! 

Look at my record since I’ve crashed your little party known as “CWF,” a place that you call, “home.” My first match saw me drop a bomb about a mainstay that no one has been able to drum up any answers since her untimely disappearance. My second match in CWF and official pay-per-view debut saw me prove that I deserve this opportunity to face CWF’s chosen champion. After this I get ambushed by the mosquito everyone seems to have forgotten about of The Forsaken, Zach, because why not? 

I squished him though. Or did you all forget? 

He challenged me to play with fire and not only did I play with whatever he threw at me, I beat him at his own game and walked out victorious against him. I beat some forgotten CWF relic of yesteryear in a “Jester’s Ball” match that I swear to the gods and goddesses above, below, left, and right that I had NOTHING to do with in the making of.

Seriously. Ask around.

But I STILL came out on top of that one. I have this… Call it a hunch, that Ataxia had something to do with the booking of that match. If this is the case, I took his best curveball and threw it right back at him. I took his veteran and showed him that he has NO room where chaos is KING.

So this brings us to Hellbound… We all think that this is an apt name, all things considered. I mean… I took young Zach to hell at the last Evolution and what I’ve put YOU through leading up to this Mariella? It’s child’s play compared to what I’m going to do to you when we meet. No matter who walks away with that belt, LOKI WINS!

Loki laughs at this. A cold sound echoing throughout what appears to now be empty halls. No one knows how we got into an abandoned insane asylum, but no one seems to notice. Loki is still around, her mask now a complete white sheet as she is wrapped in a straight jacket. She stumbles blindly forward, forcing the camera man to back up. She stumbles forward again, her movements jerky, twitchy, and unpredictable. Almost like a figure starting out far away, you blink, and it appears in front of you. Her laugh haunts our very souls as the camera man backs up away from the stumbling Loki Synn, face covered by a blank white mask with her typical jester’s cowl, and locked in a straight jacket. Who else is scared?

Hashtag, gulp.
MotorCity Casino Hotel
Detroit, Michigan

C$J’s limo rolls up to the MotorCity Casino Hotel and with efficiency fit for a four and a half star rated hotel, a bellboy hops up and opens the door for James Milenko. The former owner of Hostility and future owner of CWF hops out of the limo and the vehicle peels away as soon as the door is shut. Milenko can only smile and chuckle as the car speeds away into the night. He flicks it off for good measure and smiles again at the bellboy. He shoves a fresh twenty into the boy’s palm and the two share a chuckle. He holds the door open for James, definitely a good kid and deserving of that tip. Nothing could touch James Milenko right now. Not a damn thing. He starts to whistle, his mental checklist being checked off in his head as he hits the “Up” button on the elevator. There was something he was forgetting about. Something on the tip of his tongue. He shrugs his shoulders as the elevator beeps and allows him entrance. He pushes his floor button and continues to softly whistle to himself as he continues to go over all of his carefully thought of plans, up to this point. Something was off, he knows it and it was going to bother him until he could figure out what it was. It is an annoying bug bite that keeps one from getting sleep at night, and just like any other rational human being, it pisses James off that he can’t get rid of it easily. 

Still, he couldn’t be THAT upset. Everything is going according to plan after all. Tobias came in last week. Justin Allen or whatever the hell his name is came in as a bonus contender and fighter for the cause of Hostility.

Loki was set to dethrone the “Crown Princess of The CWF” Mariella Jade Flair, woo! Insert sarcastic fan applause here! 

Yay MJ! Go you little rascal you!

Please, James Milenko had seen more talent in his first year running Hostility than MJF could put on in a single epic showdown, or anything that she would consider as much. In short, James Milenko’s opinion of the current CWF World Heavyweight Champion was one of sure, she’s good and got to where she was with amazing dedication to her craft. Milenko would be happy to have her around if she was so inclined to subscribe to his belief system. He knows better though. Why ask a question one already knows the answer to?

The elevator dings softly and interrupts James’ reverie of thoughts as he quietly whistles, “Back From Mars” by Aqua to himself. He does a little spin and jig as he heads down the hallway to his penthouse suite. He unlocks the door and closes it behind him, tossing his belongings on the table next to the door and kicking off his shoes. He strolls over to the bar and starts to prepare himself a drink. That is until he realizes that there is one already pulled and ready for him. THAT’s who he was forgetting!

…: It’s about time you got home James. I was getting tired of waiting for you.

James Milenko: Loki! So good to see you! I was hoping we’d have some time to catch up before your big match against MJ at Hell…

He stops as he notices that she’s sitting facing him, a hoodie covering her features, her mouth the only thing showing. It is currently curled up in a snarl and Loki is baring teeth. James shuts himself up as he takes a nervous sip.

Loki Synn: I want to know what you were doing with Mr. #1derful himself. What’s St. James doing here, I thought he was retired from this business!?

James takes a nervous sip of his drink before he smiles at Loki, unmoving from her perch atop a chair in the corner.

James Milenko: Loki! I wanted to just make SURE there was no way I could coax him out of retirement is all. Last minute surprises for everyone, bring a little more HOSTILE chaos to The CWF, you know!

James smiles his most charming and toothy smile at Loki who only responds by getting up from her position in the corner of the room and comes face to face with James Milenko. She smiles and James laughs nervously, only for Loki to echo the sentiment. He laughs nervously again and takes a shaking sip from his drink. Or at least tries to until Loki slaps the drink out of his hand. He winces as one of the nice crystal tumblers he was thinking about stealing anyways shatters where it lands. Loki holds her forearm against his throat and backs him up to the minibar, bending him backwards over it.

Loki Synn: I know about your conversation with Maximus last week. If I find out you’re out to screw me over I swear James it will be the LAST thing that you do.

Loki shoves James forcibly backward until he yells out from being bent backward over the bar. She lets him go and he falls to the ground, holding his back in pain. Loki shoves her hands in her pockets and kicks James hard in the ribs once for good measure.

Loki Synn: Remember James, you think this was bad? Just imagine the horror I’ll inflict on someone that betrays me. Now excuse me while I go get ready to crush the hopes and dreams of the youngest world champion and CWF’s numbah one hero! I so can’t wait until I leave her bleeding in the middle of the ring and forced to question the very fiber of her being… Until then James, have a happy!

Loki blows him a kiss as he looks grumpily up from his place on the floor, one hand on his ribs, the other on his back. 

James Milenko: See yourself out. Please.

She laughs, leaving the haunting noise behind her as the door closes behind her and she makes her way to wherever it is that hellspawn such as Loki Synn go.
Loki Synn: Perhaps some explaining is in order for the feeble minded, so let me repeat myself to you Mariella. No matter what happens in our little squabble come Hellbound, I, Loki Synn will walk away victorious. Think about it. Up until this point what’s the most vicious thing that you’ve had to contend with hmm? Who put you to the test both physically and emotionally? You know just as well as I do that anyone worth a DAMN in this business require both components to be in peak condition to go anywhere. 

You’ve been put to the test. In recent weeks leading up until this very moment you have endured your fair share of matches. A sixty minute ironman match for your title that sees you victorious DESPITE the curveball tests I sent your way at the beginning of that match. Clever how I got Shadow to do my work for me on that second fall wasn’t it?

You had a hard fought victory against a man who can’t even come and make his own threats in person, he has to send his lackey, who keeps forgetting about one person.

Me. Loki Synn, the chick who has come to CWF and has said what she is going to do, and proven week in and week out that I am not to be trifled with. I haven’t hid anything since coming to the CWF. I’ve been pretty open about my intent and have proven myself no matter what Ataxia and his gross misuse of power throws my way. But this isn’t all about ME MJ, no. This is about YOU isn’t it?

This is your swan song, don’t lie. This is how you prove that you’re still relevant after losing the title and clawing your way back up to the top again. A couple weeks ago you said that and I’m paraphrasing, “the first go around is like a pass to the club, the second is what proves you have what it takes to remain relevant.”

How was that Mariella? Hmm? Did I do a decent EM JAY EFF impersonation? 

The fact of the matter is Mariella, that you haven’t had ANYONE LIKE LOKI SYNN to defend your belt against. You might THINK that you have seen it all during your short time on this earth while your dad is a “veteran of the ring” and you seem to have a member of each family from a different branch of wrestling, so your dad MUST be something important for you to pay homage to him against me.

It’s a shame though. 

What’s a shame you ask?

It’s a shame that you are going to call me out and evoke your father’s name, a name stitched with a rich wrestling history…

Make our match into a barbed wire match, which only favors someone as sadistic as myself.

And you do realize, that the odds are NOT in your favor right? Like, what do you plan on doing to me? Your boy Zach tried to take me down with FIRE MARIELLA!

But sure, your plan can TOTALLY be barbed wire. See if I care. Spoiler alert? I won’t. I’ll welcome it. 

A light flickers on and Loki is seen by herself this time in a rocking chair, her scepter laying across her lap, a stain that looks suspiciously like blood pointing obviously toward the camera.  

Loki Synn: Do you want to know what hides under the sleeve? I’m sure you all have noticed and wondered.

She rubs the multi colored sleeve that covers her left arm. With a swift movement she pulls it down and flings it at the camera, revealing her bare arm and a multitude of self inflicted scars. The smile can be heard in Loki’s voice.


With a sudden flash Loki takes a familiar looking ball of barbed wire and runs in viciously along her arm. Blood of course flows and Loki does nothing but laugh as she tosses the ball behind her and holds her arm up for the camera to see.

Loki Synn: Do you understand yet Mariella? “No matter what happens, I win.” What are you going to have to do to keep me down? Do you have it in you to keep me down long enough to retain your title? Are you going to be able to shred every ounce of humanity that you might possess in that little frame of yours to do what it takes to put me away? If you find that you DO have what it takes to put me away, what is it going to cost you Mariella? Have you thought about your future after this match? There WILL be blood and you WILL carry with you scars that will last your foreseeable lifetime. Look closely at me Mariella and you’ll see I have NO problem with scars and I CERTAINLY have NO problem taking you down a peg and using barbed wire to do it? That’s only giving me a very early birthday present, so thank you for that! In return I promise that I will end your suffering.




After I have had MY fun.

Her laughter once again reigns supreme and the last image we see before the light extinguishes is Loki Synn laughing in the face of the camera as she wipes her bloody arm across her white faceless mask. The light goes off and all that can be heard is the shrill laughter of the future World Heavyweight Champion of the CWF.

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