Title: On the road to the Dark Ages
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 10-9=1+8
Location: Present Day
Show: Hellbound 2018

Easy EB: Welcome back loyal listeners.  We are here again with Azrael, the Archangel of Death, who is fresh off a victory of the CWF Hall of Famer Dangerous Dan.  Welcome back

Azrael: Thank you for having me and allowing me to continue to tell my story.  

Easy EB: No, it is I should be thanking you.  Your presence on this show has made it a success.

Azrael: Well thank you for the opportunity.  It’s important that people hear the message I have for them.  In the world that we are currently live in the message is needed.  It needs to be heard, and people need to reminded of the goodness that exists within mankind.

Easy EB: Wait a minute.  You aren’t going to go all revival on me now are you?  Your story has been excellent in walking up to the line of being too preachy, but not have been condescending and forceful.

Azrael: A path to heaven, or whatever you name you refer to it,  exists for everyone, and it isn’t the same path for anyone. The path has to be followed by the individuals, they can not be led or forced to follow. The trials and triumphs have to be experienced.  It is a journey to get there, and when the time comes I will help guide you there.

Easy EB: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Azrael: Exactly.

Easy EB: You have been one of the most open minded religious people I have had the experience of hearing speak.  Which is why Christer Lundmark’s actions lately have been so confusing. I have never heard you speak ill of a person’s believe, as a matter of fact, you didn’t care what they believed in, as they all lead to the same place.

Azrael: Not all.  There are some wolves in sheep’s clothing that will do their best to prey upon the weak.  But I agree, his actions have been very confusing and troublesome. I have not been able to see what it is in his heart that troubles him about me.  He has not given me the opportunity to use my gifts to see what he needs to find his path again. But come the next PPV I will get the chance to see what it is that hurts that man.  I just hope it isn’t the lack of a heart.

Easy EB: Folks, the next PPV is Hellbound on October 18.

Azrael: I know man has a fascination with evil, but I refuse to use that name, as it is my responsibility to avoid that from happening.  

Easy EB: Yes, I can see how that is counter to the work that you do. But a name is just a name.

Azrael: While a name is just a name, a name is also just a word. Words have power. They have great power over man. Names alone can create strong emotions and visceral reactions. Words have the ability to form thoughts and feelings with in use. Thoughts and feelings drive emotions and emotions drive actions. The words drinker and drunkard should be the same as they both have the same end results. But if I called you father a drunkard it creates a different reaction that if I called him a drinker. Humans have attached context to not only words but perceived tone. Unfortunately society has reduced the half of our ability to communicate by use of more text based communications, through email and texts. Both of which are subject to interpretation and speculation. Verbal and visual communications reduce the risk of misinterpretation. Don't discount the power of words and as such don't discount the value of names.

Easy EB: That is very true. Look at the worsening drama between teenage girls or the trolls on the Internet. It can get so bad that may individual's have decided that they can no longer handle it.

Azrael: He can be taught folks.

Easy EB: Now that was sarcasm which doesn't always come across text. Ok enough random chit chat let's get back to the story. Or at least our conversation from last week. You had said you also possess the ability to bring out the Avenging Angel as need but it takes from you each time you use. Do you care to elaborate on that topic.

Azrael: I was granted certain levels of compassion and empathy with humans do I could better assist them. One of the few perks of not participating in the great war. Everytime I choose to use the powers of the Avenging Angel I lose some of that compassion and empathy for a period of time. Each and every time it takes longer and longer to recover, to get those skills back. So each time the personal cost of deciding to use those skills.

Easy EB: You had said that when you choose to use the Avenging Angel. Who else gets to decide that you can use those powers?

Azrael: God can make the request and render the recovery time unnecessary. That doesn't happen often though. It is mostly my ability to read people and the situation. I am given that leeway to make those decisions.

Easy EB : That seems like a lot of power and responsibility for a mere angel, sorry archangel. How can God have that much trust in you to give you that much power

Azrael: It is not quite as simple as I have made it seem. There are checks and balances in place to prevent me from abusing the power again.

Easy EB: Again?

Azrael: Ever learn about the dark ages

Easy EB: Yeah. That was you?

Azrael: Not my finest moment. It has had massive effect on my role here in earth. There is a reason we've never had another time like that in our history.

Easy EB: So what did you do?

Azrael: This isn't the time or the place for that discussion. Like I said not my finest moment. I can share some of the changes that were handed down.

Easy EB: I'll take what I can get.

Azrael: Not yet Mr. EB.  There are a few things I need to address about this upcoming PPV and my match.  More specifically Mr. Lundmark. I have a few issues with some of the comments and beliefs that Mr. Lundmark has shared.  

Easy EB: Let’s hear it, as I don’t think you will allow me to say no.  So please, share whatever you needed to.

Azrael: Thank you.  And if you had some objections I would listen.  But I think you enjoy listening to what I have to say.  

Easy EB: That is in fact true.  My listeners seem not to care what comes out of your mouth, just as long as it keeps flowing.  Some have compared your voice to honey.

Azrael: That is very kind of you and your fans.  But back to Mr. Lundmark. I am not sure what it is about me that causes you to feel threatened, brother.  I am not someone whom you should fear, at least not yet. Your views are misguided. I’m not sure how or where they came from, but let me dispel them.  First, your God or Gods, my God, they are not different from one another. They are one in the same. Two sides of the same coin. There is one big difference though, belief in my God is still going strong.  The religion in which you claim to follow has died and become nothing more than a fringe believe, almost like voodoo or witchcraft. There is a reason for that. People don’t need a religion in which there are multiple voices to guide them.  It’s too complex and to many chances for contradictions and false truths. It leads to the rise of false prophets. No, it is better, when having a religion, to follow the KISS method.

Easy EB: KISS, as in the band?

Azrael: Ha, not quite.  KISS is short for keep it simple stupid.  One God, one voice, one leader. There is a reason this God has continued for centuries, while yours has died after a few hundred years.  So before you get on to your high horse keep that in mind, keep in mind why things have failed, and why things have succeed.

Easy EB: That is all the time we have for today.  Join us again next time as we hopefully get into the dark ages.  


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