Title: In the Name of God
Featuring: Christer "Fenrir" Lundmark
Date: 9-Oct-2018
Location: Detroit, MI
Show: Hellbound 2018

Fade in to a CWF studio set up, in the Little Caesar Arena in Detroit, the location for CWF’s upcoming PPV Hellbound. Charles State is sitting in a comfortable looking chair, with an empty chair across from him.

Charles State: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the road leading straight to hell. Today we have a new face to CWF here in our little makeshift studio, coming from Europe’s Great White North, welcome Christer “Fenrir” Lundmark.

From the off the hulking bearded, long-haired Christer Lundmark comes into view, clad in black, with a pendant of Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, around his neck. He sits down with a grim look on his face.

Charles State: Thank you for joining us tonight, welcome to CWF.

Lundmark gives a curt nod.

Charles State: So what brought you to CWF.

Christer: You wonder, what does a simple man from Sweden do here in CWF? Here in the USA? I could tell you a heart-throbbing story of how I am trying to live the American dream, how I want to prove myself and go where the best are, how I want to lead a better life, but why should I flatter you? I have come to this rotten country to get the gold, to make the money and to prove that the Vikings still reign supreme.

Charles State: So do you see yourself as the cliche foreigner coming in and trying to prove the Americans wrong?

Christer: I am not the big bad wolf that condemns everything because it is American. I am the big bad wolf that will lay waste to anybody, regardless where they are from. But look at this country, they claim “In God we Trust”, yet it is only the almighty dollar that counts in this corrupt place. Well, they say that it is a dog eat dog world, now the wolf has entered your world...

Charles State: Strong words and definitely no lack of confidence. You are going to step into the ring for your first real match right at Hellbound, going against Azrael. Right from the get go you targeted him, what on earth did he do to you?

Christer: He himself, nothing. But it is what he stands for, who he represents. Yet he will only be the first one to experience the Nordic power running him over, I will decimate this roster until there is nobody left standing!

Charles State: Any parting words?

Christer: CWF watch out, the twilight of the gods is upon you…



The picture fades in to a cross, a cross swirling around. Slowly the camera zooms out to show that it is a hand that is swirling it. Zooming out further the towering figure of Christer Lundmark comes into view, sitting on a tree stump, the skyline of Detroit visible in the background. Continuing to swirl the cross, he turns his head towards the camera.

Fenrir: Azrael, Archangel of Death, Angel of Destruction and Renewal. I guess you took it literally, you destroyed yourself and returned renewed, shedding your apathy and all of a sudden you are on a mission from god. Maybe you should put away your cassock and put on a black suit, hat and sunglasses, because you could be one of the long lost Blues Brothers.

I know that you try to spread peace, love and harmony, but look further, look deeper, look at what has been and still is being done in the name of your god. Look past the shiny surface of benevolence, look past the fake absolution of your sins and tell me what you find? What corrupt, power hungry cesspool that is hiding beneath that surface. I am not saying that you are responsible for any of it, but by doing your church’s work without looking at what it stands for makes you guilty by association.

He strokes his braided beard as he gets up and starts walking.

Fenrir: Oh, the past of your church is drawn in blood. The blood of the ones they deemed heathens, the ones they came to “liberate” from their belief in false gods. They came to the villages, whoever did not join them, they returned to convert by force. They tried to make them see their light, with their false promises, but they could not stand that some resisted that some would stand for what THEY believed in. They took the women and the children, trying to isolate the men, to have pawns to force them into submission, to be subjugated to the new law. All in the name of god. Do you stand behind that?

He stops in front of a church, an old brick building. With a sweeping motion of his hand he takes in the whole church proper.

Fenrir: Look at the churches, overflowing with gold, so that “God’s house” would look mighty and inviting to the poor souls starving to death at their doorsteps. Where is the benevolence there? The scores of priests that swore celibacy, but then behind the closed doors perform adultery and even worse pedophilia? Where is the benevolence there? And where is the justice? Your church protects them, makes them do a lifetime of prayer and penance. Yes, a truly horrendous sentence for the crimes they committed. All in the name of god. Do you stand behind that?

Look at your ‘mega churches’. How much does that even still have to do with your god? Nothing. It is all about the almighty dollar, it is a personal cult of your preachers that preach penance and humility, but practice private jets and more.

Look at the missions, look at the crusades, how much blood was shed in the name of your god, yet any violence against your kind was automatically denounced as heresy and prosecuted to death. Look at the third world countries, where people, adults and children alike, are starving to death, deprived of the bare minimum to live, yet they build grand cathedrals, does the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace ring a bell? All in the name of god. Do you stand behind that?

He continues walking, shaking his head.

Fenrir: And you come here, claiming to just wanting to help? Sure, you soothe kids with your words, you try to encourage others that this Mia is not gone, but you know what? Actions speak louder than words and so far all you’ve brought has been words. Hollow promises, nothing more. Anything to get people to follow you. No wonder they call your god the “shepherd”, because he has a legion of sheep blindly following where they are led to without questioning anything, but taking everything as a given, no matter how corrupt or depraved it is.

At Hellbound you better be prepared to meet your maker, because the Heathen Hammer will pound you into oblivion! And all the talk about your god and mine being the same, hah, cute. ‘A rose remains beautiful and sweet as ever.’ That was a good one. Well, if you want to smell the rose, be prepared to meet the thorns.

As he fixates the camera with an intense stare, he raises his hand up and snaps the top of the cross. Then he raises his arm into the air and with a mighty bellow roars.




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