Title: Head Space; I'm in yours....
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Today
Location: All over the place...
Show: Hellbound 2018


Voice Only:

As a competitor, as a warrior, how do you know if you’ve managed to get in someone’s head? Rewatch the beginning of the tag team match at Evolution 32 in Louisville. Dorian came straight after me, no concern for his own safety or that of anyone else. So, this is your hero? What my colleagues and I are trying to accomplish is far more noble than anything The Forsaken have tried to do. Restoring what’s been stolen, repairing what’s been broken. These are things of worth, a noble cause not for the weak of heart.

The Glass Ceiling is who you’re afraid of around here? That’s a joke right? Maybe we should just take all of that gold off their hands since they don’t seem to be capable of handling their business with The Forsaken. A real champion knows how to take the measure of his enemy. A real competitor takes that and removes all obstacles from their goals.

Loki Synn is the epitome of that standard and after Hellbound, she will be the world champion. You don’t have to like it but in reality there isn’t a damn thing you or MJF can do about it. MJF is a fine competitor much like her father. She has earned the respect of many in this industry, myself included, but she’s in over her head with Loki. The rest of us know it, she just has yet to either realize it or vocalize it.

Speaking of in over their head, Autumn Raven did the unthinkable, she won a match. Of course it was against someone who is brand new to this company, so, we really don’t count it. For her reward, what does she receive Johnny? It’s damn sure not a new car, no, it’s worse than that she’s dead Jim. That’s right Autumn Raven gets my man Tobias Devereaux. Simply one of the most technically gifted athletes I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a ring with. Autumn Raven, you are so screwed in this match. I almost feel sorry for you...almost.

Hellbound will be one hell of a ride people. There are so many great matches in this card, it makes me feel pride for the first time since joining this pathetic shithole of a company.


Broadbent Arena

Louisville, Kentucky

Post show - Evo 32

/scene opens

The show has ended, the ring disassembled, the smell of sweat and blood still lingers where the ring once stood. I sit on top of the security wall, my new colleagues wait patiently at the top of the ramp. I smooth the wrinkles of the ripped jeans I wear. I slide the Dallas Cowboys ball cap back a little and smile as I breath in deeply. The smell sweeps through my senses as I replay the tag team match in my head. The end results of that match were effective and even satisfactory to the short game. Our new alliance is about the long game and the chaos we can generate will be nothing short of astonishing.

Jimmy Allen: Look at you Dorian, charging down this ramp like a man with something to prove. Oh, that’s right, you had something to prove and you failed….again. Thing is D, you still haven’t received my best shot yet. You think the yellow mist was something? Son, you have a lot to learn. These are things that you could have had all along. You could have not only rivaled my successes but eclipsed them and rid yourself of the shadow of all shadows in your life.Since according to you I am the reason you sobered up right? I’m the motivation for you getting clean, funny, you never even reached out to me when you started this journey of sobriety.

My thoughts are interrupted as I hear my name being called from the ramp.

???: Jimbo! lessgo.

I look over my shoulder at Devereaux standing side by side with Loki and James in tow. I nod my head and hop down off the wall.

Jimmy Allen: We’ll talk more later Dorian.

I hold up 2 fingers as I turn to go up the ramp where they wait on me. Another round of handshakes and congratulating each other on a job well done.

/Scene Fades

Jimmy Allen’s Home

Wylie, Texas

24 hours later

The sun peeked thru the cloud cover, a rain so heavy had fallen that you could still smell it. Now the sun had decided to turn what had been a pleasant morning into a muggy humid fueled hell. Appropriate I thought as I went back into the house. The flavor of the week still slept in my bed while I went to kitchen to start making something for breakfast.

Jimmy Allen: I’ll be damned, I actually have the stuff for chicken and waffles. I’ve been jonesin for that for a month.

I start to drag the ingredients out of the pantry.

Jimmy Allen: Boneless chicken thighs...check, salt and pepper check, buttermilk check….

I continue to name off the ingredients as I go thru my mental list. A certain little girl is trying to sneak up on my with Lynk held high and I smile.

Jimmy Allen: Well Chloe, would you like chicken and waffles for breakfast? You must be hungry after hiding in my attic for the past day and a half.

I hear the clang of the frying pan as it clatters to the ground.

Chloe Hawkhurst: I hate you!

I shrug my shoulders and look back at the very upset little one.

Jimmy Allen: Good. You still haven’t answered my question.

I continue to work on preparing the chicken, then the waffle batter.

Chloe Hawkhurst: Yes

She says in an almost inaudible whisper. I nod my head and grunt as I continue making breakfast. You see, when Chloe was a much younger little girl, I would make this same exact recipe to cheer her up when Dorian was in trouble. It never failed to cheer her. She stands not far from me with the forgotten frying pan on the floor trying her best not to smile or to cry. You see...fathers and daughters...you cannot betray one without betraying both. When I started on this journey that was my intent. They cannot travel the path that I have chosen to travel. They could, but it would be so damaging that they might not ever recover from it. I’ve been there and done that so I know the way in and the way out.

Jimmy Allen: it’ll be done soon, why don’t you go wash up.

I rinse my hands off and grab my cell, finding Dorian’s number I text him.

: Dorian, Chloe showed up at my place with the intention of doing some damage prior to our match. She’s fine and after breakfast I’ll be sending her to wherever you are.

I toss the phone on the counter and it hits with an audible clatter of plastic on granite. I pick up Lync and laugh as I set it on the kitchen island. I set plates, butter, syrup and forks on the kitchen island as well. Chloe returns, her eyes red either from sleep deprivation or tears.

Jimmy Allen: When was the last time you slept?

She glares at me, grinding her teeth she spits out the answer.

Chloe Hawkhurst: None of your business.

I nod in acceptance and finish prepping breakfast.

Jimmy Allen: Fair enough, where is your father at?

She glares at me again and the teeth begin to grind again….

Jimmy Allen: I know you have fucking manners, how about you use them.

My tone and anger evidently got her attention and she stops grinding her teeth.

Chloe Hawkhurst: Arlington or Fort Worth I think….

The buzzing of my phone interrupts our conversation as a text message comes in….

: I’ll fucking end you if you hurt her, I’m at Joe’s Garage in Fort Worth, send her to me now.

I smirk at the response, he just doesn’t know how over his head he is right now. I respond to his text….

:Look dumbass, if I intended on hurting her, she’d already be that way. That kid is quiet when she sneaks but she tried sneaking up on me. I’ll send her to you when we are done with food.


The food is ready and I start making plates, Chloe is studying me the whole time. After I’ve finished dipping up the food for both of us, I hand her a napkin. Instead of putting in her lap she dabbs at her eyes.

Chloe Hawkhurst: I need to understand why. If it wasn’t about a loss, what was it? I never forgot about any of the good things you did for us...not ever….

I look down at my plate, then setting knife and fork down, I sit back and rest my hands in my lap.

Jimmy Allen:Eat first, we’ll talk later.

Obviously she’s not happy with my response but she attacks the food with abandon. Poor kid is so full of hate she probably hasn’t eaten in the last two days. Can I fix that? Sure, the real question is do I want to. I smile as I eat knowing the answer is no. I’ve always felt comfortable in my own skin.

I grab my phone and order up an uber for Chloe, then I take breakfast to the flavor of the month, who of course is still sprawled across my bed. What the hell was her name? Ah well, I’m sure it will come to me in time. I return to the kitchen and see the uber driver outside.

Jimmy Allen: Chloe, I’m sending you to your dad. We’ll talk another time about why things are the way they are.

She seems to chew on that for a moment, and seems to accept it. I had her a one hundred dollar bill but she shies away from the money and leaves thru the front door. I look over and see she’s left link behind, I grab it and go to the door but the uber has already pulled away.

Jimmy Allen: That’s okay, I’ll give it to Dorian the next time I see him.

/Scene Fades

Crooked M Ranch

Jasper, Texas

2 days later

No two ways about it, this ranch has always been my favorite place on earth. It has always been my place to center myself when things went sideways. They have damn sure gone sideways in a big way between myself and my father. My father’s sister Joanne had died 4 days ago, I didn’t know anything about it until my sister Jules called me this morning. The funeral was yesterday and she was wanting to know why I wasn’t there. The man they once called “The One-Man Wrecking Crew” lay at my feet bleeding from a gash in his forehead. Still holding his legendary sledgehammer, I crouch down in front of him and set the had of the hammer on the earth. Again that smell of sweat and blood is almost euphoric for me. It helps to drown out the crying and screaming from my mother and sister as I decide what to say and do.

Jimmy Allen: Old man, I want you to remember this day. You chose to not tell me about Aunt Joanne, then throw me under the bus to the family. Acting like I didn’t give a shit about my family.

Alex Walker looks up at me, his only son and smiles that Mac Bane smile at me.

Alex Walker: Dorian was family too. You’re not the only mistake I've made, but by far the biggest, did you know that?

I knew something like that was coming and I return the smile to him before grabbing the sledgehammer mid-shaft and driving it into his face and knocking him out.

Jimmy Allen: That settles it then, I have no family outside of the wrestling business. I’m done.

My mother sobs uncontrollably as she begins to take a step towards me, I smirk and wave her off going back to my car. I hit the remote start and swing the door open.

Jimmy Allen: When he wakes up, you tell that old bastard that if he ever comes anywhere near me again, I’ll damn sure finish this fight.

My mother begins crying harder as she now kneels by my father, I take one last look as I start the car and drive away.

Jimmy Allen: Okay Google, play my playlist for driving.

Google Assistant: Now playing Playlist for Driving.

I smile as “Cut the Cord” by Shinedown begins playing. I think to myself, how appropriate is that.

/Scene Fades

Wylie, Texas

3 hours later

I stepped thru the front door and notice a note on the wall, I take a quick look at it and it’s from Chloe:

J, I came back and got Lync back, that way you wouldn’t try to give it to daddy. I know you’re not an evil person, I still want to talk to you about what happened. Help me understand.


I smile at the note, it’s sweet, she’s a good kid, and this might just be the way I finally break through with Dorian….through Chloe…

Jimmy Allen: Fucking Brilliant! Even if I do say so myself.

???: What are you talking about? Where have you been, you’ve made me late for my shift!

I look up and see the flavor of the week is still here, I frown, remembering I had given her a wad of cash before I left this morning so she wouldn’t still be here.

Jimmy Allen: What a pathetic piece of shit you are, call a fucking uber and get out.

The look on her face is priceless, shock value is so much fun sometimes.

Jimmy Allen: Here, I’ll do it for you.

I take out my phone and order up an uber driver for her.

Jimmy Allen: What the hell was your name anyway?

She begins to speak but I cut her off.

Jimmy Allen: Never mind, it just doesn’t matter.

She storms across the room, high heels making a stackato as she marches on the marble tile. She decides it’s a great idea to take a swing at me, she misses badly and the footing from her heels causes her to fall on her ass. I sigh heavily and drag her to her feet by the arm, escorting her roughly to the front door, I swing it open. I wait for her to have complete control of her balance.

???: My name is Candace, that’s my real name. I do like the rough ones….

She smiles and caresses my face with her left hand. Psycho bitches, why is it always the psycho bitches. I take her hand from my face.

Jimmy Allen: Until next time Candace.

With that I kiss her hand like a gentlemen and then swat her on the ass as the uber driver pulls up. She gives me a devilish smile before walking out to the car.

Jimmy Allen: So much hotential.(ooc intentional, not a misspelling)

I turn and walk back into the house, I close the door behind me and make my way to the office area where I record the bulk of my promotional material for the company. I stop by the small bar I have set up in this area and drop a couple of Death Star shaped ice cubes into a tumbler and Laphroaig over it gently as to not bruise the scotch. I sit at my desk thinking about things and how they’ve progressed to this point and I smile as I take the “Alto” branded e-cigarette from the top of my desk.

Jimmy Allen: A good week to be sure.

I smile as I start the recording via the remote to the camera that sits a few feet away on a tripod. I don’t face the camera, but instead face away from the device.

“As I look around this company, there is a theme that seems to permeate the very walls of CWF Corporate. People claiming to wanting it all, but having no fucking idea what “it” is. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they think they know what it is. What they think “it” is; titles, money, fame, women or men as the case may be. All of those things are fleeting and don’t bring you what you should really want. At the end of the day, can you look in the mirror and love what you see? I know I can. People think that what I do is deplorable, and I get that from their perspective I’m a terrible human being. People think that I have betrayed Dorian Hawkhurst, have I really? Is it even possible to betray someone who’s already betrayed themselves and their own flesh and blood?”

I pause for a moment allowing what I’ve said to sink in for the viewer. I take a sip of my scotch and smile as I toast whoever may be watching.

“You see, what many of you don’t know is that Dorian comes from a very wealthy family. He tries to be noble for the fans and claims that he doesn’t want anything to do with their wealth. That he simply wanted to make his own way in this world. Bullshit. I’ll let him tell the tale if he actually has the balls. Myself on the other hand, I embraced the wealth that pitiful wretch of a father of mine brought the family. I took full advantage of a bulging checking account that allowed me to travel the world. It allowed me to train under some of the very best this business has ever known. It allowed Dorian Hawkhurst to do the same. The fact that I brought him along for the ride probably eats at him more than anything else. That’s right, I paid his way to japan so he could train under the same people. How did he repay that kindness? He repaid it by staying drunk for most of the trip. You would think that even as a young man, he wouldn’t simply allow all of that potential to go to waste. He literally pissed it all away, and you people think I betrayed him?

Nothing is ever what it seems at face value, is it brother? You have completely bought into what Ataxia is selling. You swallowed that shit hook, line and sinker. He couldn’t protect the woman he loves, none of you so called forsaken could. You scramble around with a charade of looking for Mia, and you’ve not found a single clue as to where she is? Again, I call bullshit! You allowed Chloe’s shero to be abducted and haven’t done a damn thing to change that circumstance.The fact that she had to look farther than her own dinner table for a hero to begin with speaks volumes to me about the “man” you’ve turned into. You of all people, question my honor? Look in the mirror for a change if you want to see the source of your problems. All of these things only serve to reinforce the fact that what I’ve done was the right thing to do. I’m more than okay serving as your wake up call princess.”

I stop again and take a long drag off the e-cigarette and exhale slowly. I now turn the high back leather chair to face the camera. I take up my tumbler and raise it in the air.

“To you Dorian, and our friendship.”

I drain the last of the scotch and smile.

“Cheers! Are you woke yet D? At Hellbound, in a blood of my enemy match, we will all find closure. You see, in this blood of my enemy match, it’s not any old match. Oh, no, we have to make each other bleed before we can even think about a pin attempt. This may take a while considering how hard headed we both are. For me it will mean the end of your illusions of adequacy. One of your biggest problems has always been that you truly believe that you are as good as me. That you can match my level of excellence in or out of the ring. How’s that working out for you Dorian? I’m sure you believe it’s working out really well, you beat me one on one for the first time in your life last month. What’s happened since then? I’ve systematically taken The Forsaken down a peg or two in subsequent matches haven’t I? I know it surprised a lot of people when I did that, just like when I joined Loki and Tobias. As a team, we want it all Dorian, the difference between us and the rest is that we actually know what “it” is. My surprises are not over yet my friend. When you least expect it you will find yourself of the receiving end of my hellish rebuke. At the end of this match, the cord will be completely severed or you will come back into the fold where you truly belong. The choice will be yours alone to make, we both know how you’re doing where life choices are concerned. Make the right one for a change D, I’m growing tired of beating your ass.”

/scene fades to black

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