Title: My "Pathetic" Promo
Featuring: Dangerous Dan
Date: October 1, 2018
Location: wherever
Show: Evolution 32

OOC: sorry for being short. On vacation!


October 1, 2018


Chattanooga, TN

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Chattanooga South/East Ridge


It’s been a while since Chris and I have every been able to just take a vacation and relax. The stress through the years of just wrestling and then having responsibilities, once we get home, is sometimes overwhelming. This morning Chris and I decided to just up and take a mini vacation. It’s actually very nice here. Two comfortable beds, blue carpet, and a nice big bathroom. It’s the perfect relaxing situation for two guys taking in a stress.

My brother and I have always been close, but vacations are usually out of the question. Elias is almost ten so staying with his grandma, we have been able to get away. Chris is the type of guy who likes being close to home, but I  like being further away. This trip is mostly to celebrate our tag victory over TBD last week. Who would have thought…the Danger Boiz on a winning streak? I surely never thought that this would be the case. However, I said that I was going to prove everyone wrong about my last go-around. I proved that when I destroyed Autumn Raven, and WE proved it by defeating TBD.

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering what the point of this opening is supposed to be about. Honestly, I have no idea. I’m just enjoying lying on my bed, soaking in the coziness of the room, and thinking about my future match in a few days with Azrael? Azreal? Azarel? However, it is that you spell his name. I’ll just call him Azzy.

Don’t get me wrong; being here on a mini vacation doesn’t mean that I am not worried about facing Azzy. I honestly am concerned about facing Azzy. I mean, this guy is the mother f’n biz nizz around CWF. {I pause as I look up Azzy’s history} Oh, wait, have I gotten that wrong? I was assuming that Azzy was actually something around CWF. I see he’s no more than just a puppet on a string, who is doing whatever he can to get by.

Well let me tell you something Azzy…I’m not the Dangerous Dan I was earlier this year. I HAVE come back to make a statement. I’ve come back to dominate this company and to take what I rightfully deserve…the CWF Championship.


“The what?”


“Oh shit, Chris! I thought you were asleep.”


“No, you dipshit. I have been awake this whole time listening to that pathetic promo of yours.”


“It’s not that pathetic is it?”

“I’ve heard better promos coming from a horse’s ass than what’s coming out of your mouth right now.”

“Seriously bro! No need to go to insult town on that. Hashtag harsh.”

 I watch as Chris rises from the bed and turns towards me. His feet are now hanging off the bed.


“You think that was harsh? Wait, until what that Azzy kid does this Thursday.”


“Really? You have that much confidence in me? And what exactly do you think that kid is going to do to me?”


“I never said he was going to do anything TO you. I said wait and see what Azzy does this Thursday. That’s what’s going to be harsh.”


I stare at Chris looking confusingly in his eyes, until it hits me what he means by that statement.


“Oh, I get what you mean now. You are saying that Azzy’s wrestling is going to be harsh. He is going to be much of any competition.”

“Bingo brother.”


“That is true, Chis. Azzy is nothing compared to me. I’ve done more in my career than Azzy could ever think about doing, especially here in CWF. I’ve won just about all the championships but two. I’m an Impact champion, tag team champion and Golden Intentions winner. I’ve done all that in my CWF career, while he’s done what?”





“Well, I see that you have your “pathetic” promo to finish, so I will leave you to it. I have to piss anyways.”


Chris gets up off the bed and head across the hotel room to the bathroom. He closes the door behind him, as I turn to finish my so-called pathetic promo.


“If there is one thing I want to say to you Azzy, it’s that you better watch your back this Thursday. I’m not the cowering Dangerous Dan of before. No, I’m a new and improved Dangerous Dan and I’m back to make a statement. I’m back to reach the top and I’m back to get what belongs to my brother and me. We came back to claim the tag team titles for a third time. Once that accomplishment has been achieved, then I’m coming for MJ Flair and that world title she has around her waist…


You can laugh and call me a joke all you want Az, but I’m no laughing matter. When all is said and done this Thursday, I’m going to be the one staring down at you laughing. If you don’t believe me ask Autumn Raven. Ask TBD. Ask yourself on Thursday. I’m kicking asses and taking names Azzy. I’m adding yours to my Fall by Dan. It’s time for change around here and it’s going to be great. The ENDD is near! Can you feel it?”

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