Title: Exercising My Demons
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Today
Location: The land of no return.
Show: Evolution 32


Exercising My Demons

Nashville, TN

The Day After Evo 31

The night of the show, a weak cool front had moved through the area. It had dropped the temperature to a more manageable level. It felt good to be outside with the temps in the low seventies. Occasionally the light breeze would almost make it feel like the air had a bit of a chill to it. It was still early morning as I spotted the church. A yellow building with a single cross sitting atop it. Nothing too grand from the outside. I walked up the steps leading to the church hearing the crunch under my boots. I shifted my case from my right hand to my left. I used the hand rails to help me keep my balance. I had been cleared to compete this week but the doc said to keep an eye on my equilibrium.

I reached the top of the steps and run my hand along the wall, my hand comes away with a very light amount of residue from the wall.

Jimmy Allen: Limestone, interesting choice of building materials.

I reach for the door handle and push it open. I enter the main hall and it is a stark contrast from the outside. From the outside this building is but a humble place of God, the inside however is not. I’ll bet the diocese of Nashville is proud of this joint. I allow a low whistle to escape my lips as I look up at the intricate work, the marble pillars, the stained glass….It was all very impressive. I found out from google that this place is called “The Cathedral of the Incarnation”. I find that very ironic considering the plans in motion.

Jimmy Allen: But what kind of incarnation will it be?

I muse to myself as I set my case down and flip the latches up. It was an old guitar case that now housed the old man's sledge hammer. I lift the fifteen pound sledge out of its case and approach the basin. A robed figure approaches me as I near the basin of holy water.

???: Stop! What is your intent?!

He was panicked, probably assuming I was going to smash the basin. I smile at the priest and hold up a hand.

Jimmy Allen: Shhhh….don’t worry padre, I’m not going to damage anything here today. I simply have a demon or two to exercise.

Wish that I set the head of the hammer in the basin much to the shagrin of the priest. I then pull it back out again and grabbing the sleeve of his robes I dry it off. I smile and give him a roll of twenties.

Jimmy Allen: Sorry for soiling your robe padre, that should be enough to get it cleaned.

He scowls at me as I rest the hammer up on my shoulder. I smile in return but his scowl stays firmly in place.

Jimmy Allen: Do we have a problem padre?

The man sighs and shakes his head in dismay.

???: My name is Father O’Donald

He has a very faint Irish accent when he speaks that I pick  up on immediately, it makes me wonder if he speaks the old language as some call it.

Jimmy Allen: An bhfuil Gaeilge á labhairt agat?(Do you speak Irish?)

He looks at me for a moment and then responds.

Father O’Donald: Anois, ní raibh mé ag súil go …(Now, I wasn’t expecting that…)

I smile and clap the priest of the shoulder as I make my way to where I left my case. I lay the sledge hammer back in and push the latches back in a downward motion. I turn the case up on its side and grab the handle.

Father O’Donald who had followed me back up the aisle clears his throat.

Father O’Donald: You said something about exercising a demon? Are you in trouble dear boy? I would help if you would let me.

Jimmy Allen: No padre, I started this fight. Some people simply can’t see what is right before them.

With that I leave the church behind me, exiting the same way I came in and a smirk on my face.

/Scene Fades

Wylie, Texas

24 hours later

The front porch of my house; one of my favorite places to be. I’ve just finished my morning run and a quick shower. The coffee had been brewing while I showered. . I sit there now that the cool down has occurred with a cup of coffee in hand. I sip it slowly, not because it’s hot but to thoroughly enjoy the Irish whiskey that is in the cup. The wicker chair creaks a little as I lean forward and rest my elbows on my thighs. My hair still damp from my shower feels cold as the air disturbs it ever so slightly. I smile at the chill. My phone buzzes from an incoming text message.

???: We should talk in Kentucky….the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I grunt at seeing the message, and reply to the text. The cameras can’t see the reply, so we’ll  have to wait until the show to find out the real answer. As I sit, I think about the match I had and the one to come.

Jimmy Allen: Ramsey….

I shake my head in dismay and frustration.

Jimmy Allen: Are you fucking kidding me? Ramsey?! That guy can’t even hold my wrestling boots much less be in the same ring with me. It’s an insult to me and to this industry! It’s an insult to the industry in the fact that he doesn’t belong in this business! I honestly have to question why…..because I pinned the commish? You know, a fatal four way and I pin a former world champion and my reward is Ramsey?!  Then there is this tag team match where my partner was supposed to be Silas….for fuck sakes….thank god he was hospitalized after his match with MJ. The fact that he actually got a title shot to begin with is a joke. A fluke win does not make you worthy. So, they found a replacement partner for me.

I pause as I take another long sip of my coffee. I smile, not at the whiskey but at the thought of this partner for this match.

Jimmy Allen: So, now….a partner with some ability. Tobias Devereaux. A man that really requires no introduction. If you haven’t heard of him you should probably google that shit, I wouldn’t want you gentlemen to be unprepared.. He’s a difference maker boys and you’ll find out how much of a difference maker at Evolution. I’ve lost two matches since I came into this company. The two individuals that I’ve lost to will be standing across the ring from me at Evolution. Shadow and Dorian Hawkhurst, they represent The Forsaken, more importantly they represent Ataxia. That is something that I cannot and will not abide by. Not that it’s their fault, Ataxia is doing what he does. He is a master manipulator and a brilliant tactician of that there is no doubt. He claims that he is not the same Ataxia that I knew in Boardwalk Wrestling.

I tighten my grip on the coffee cup and swallow the last of the coffee and whiskey mixture. I smile a bit and then continue.

Jimmy Allen: Shadow; the alleged leader of The Forsaken. He plays at knowing the dark arts and plays with dolls or figurines or...something. An aloof man, with a quiet spoken demeanor. So quiet at times you forget he’s there. A trait that he uses to his advantage, I’ve seen it countless times in his matches against others. It even happened to me the first time I faced him. I was too confident, too sure of myself. That cost me the first time we faced each other. That cannot and will not happen again. Shadow always has some personal drama going on, he’s still searching for the missing Mia Rayne or is he? I’ve not heard of anyone actively searching for Mia, I didn’t know her hardly at all, but it would seem that her “family” should be looking for her. That is the dynamic that they try to present to the fans. They are all one big happy family. They trust each other, they support each other, they love each other with every single fiber of their being.

My stare goes from the camera to the now empty cup. I sigh knowing it won’t refill itself.

Jimmy Allen: His partner; my old friend Dorian. Someone that no matter what I’ll always call brother. I’m the Godfather to his daughter Chloe, I’m also going to be his saving grace whether he likes it or not. I have to make him see what’s going on around him. If I don’t he’ll just be another victim of Ataxia. Just like Mia was a victim of Ataxia. Chloe already lost her mentor, if she loses her daddy too it might be too much for that little one to take. I won’t take that chance. I do wonder often when the last time she saw her grandparents? Imagine all the cool shit she would have if Dorian would allow it. His parents are loaded and I’d be willing to bet they’ve never seen their only granddaughter.

A fresh cup of coffee is passed to me and I in turn pass the empty one back to the housekeeper.

Jimmy Allen: Thank you Izzy.

Izzy smiles and nods before going back inside.

Jimmy Allen: Where was I….ah yes, Dorian’s parents. See Dorian comes from money, he chooses not to acknowledge that fact. Just like he doesn’t acknowledge his parents. They do really appreciate the fact that I’ve sent them pictures of Chloe over the years though.

My train of thought is interrupted as my phone begins to buzz with another incoming text message. I read the message and sigh.

Jimmy Allen: See what you’ve done Dorian, this is yet another message from your mom to me. She doesn’t even have your number anymore. How sad and pathetic is that? I’m sure that everyone would love to know what Dorian’s mom is asking me. In this message she’s asking….

I look at my phone again and shake my head.

Jimmy Allen: She’s asking me to save her son from himself. Just like the old days….

I hang my head, allowing a long steady sigh to escape me. When I look back up my eyes are beginning to water a bit from the emotions that these memories elicit.

Jimmy Allen: You’ve made so many claims recently D. You claim that I stabbed you in the back. That’s not really true though is it. I stabbed you in the chest, I did it looking into your eyes. I don’t slip around in shadows waiting for an opportunity to attack someone. I did it facing you like a man. If you only sobered up in hopes of getting me one on one again someday. That’s rather stupid and even more pathetic. You didn’t do it for your daughter or your family. You did it for that one elusive win over me. You did it for the most selfish reason possible. You did it for yourself. You have that one win now but how empty does it feel to you right now?

I bring the coffee cup up to my lips and take another long sip. I smile again, allowing the whiskey to run its course.

Jimmy Allen: Warms the soul a bit. I honestly feel for you brother, you’ve missed out on so much while you were boozing your life away. I guess that’s my fault as well, you never could beat me at anything when we were kids. The fact that you follow Ataxia and Shadow is no surprise to anyone who actually knows you. Always the follower, never the leader that you were so capable of being. Always the victim, never the victor. You are like so many people in this country today, you’re more than happy to play the victim, that mentality has permeated your soul. I intend to exercise that particular demon one way or another.

The camera pans to the sledgehammer that sits beside my chair.

/Scene fades

Louisville, KY

Just hours before Evolution

/Scene opens


I had arrived a few hours before the show opened. I met with Tobias to discuss strategy earlier and now I sit in  my locker room. Based on recent problems, security had recommended it to the powers that be in the company. I set my travel bag down and my cell begins to buzz with a new message. I look at my display and it reads.

???: Let’s talk, I think an alliance would benefit all involved. - J

I respond to the text:

: When and where?

The response is pretty quick.

???: I’m sure you know who this is by now and where to find me.

I smile, I did know who was sending the messages and I knew what it would lead to. An alliance with James and Loki his protege could be a career defining moment. It could also be a career killing moment should we fail. Failure was never an option for me.

Jimmy Allen: The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper. I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. You will know my name is the catalyst when I lay my vengeance upon thee. I am THE catalyst for great change. I am my brothers keeper and soon he and The Forsaken will know my wrath. For him, it is simply tough love, for them….a reckoning. Fuck Sam Jackson, I said it better.

At that moment Tobias chose to enter my locker room. I smile at my new tag team partner.

Jimmy Allen: Let’s go talk to a man about a dog.

He arches his eyebrows in askance and I smile in return.

Jimmy Allen: I’ll explain on the way. Let’s just say that things are about to get real heavy real fast.

With that we exit the room and go looking for our new benefactor.

/Scene fades to black

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