Title: How why caused WWII
Featuring: Azrael
Date: Evo 32
Location: Underground Studio
Show: Evolution 32

Easy EB: Well back, as we continue our conversation with one of the most interesting stars within the CWF, which is saying something.  Welcome back Azrael


Azrael: Thank you.  I have enjoyed our time together.


Easy EB: Shall we continue with that nasty three letter word, WHY.


Azrael: Lets.  Let's look into the word why, and how it is bad for man.  


Easy EB: That is something that I can’t figure out.  Why is that word bad.


Azrael: Well, just like every other word, it isn’t the word itself but the action that word leads to.  Why has caused many problems for man, throughout the years. The search for why has lead to some of the most terrible and vile actions by man.  The search for why, has never achieved anything good. Most of the improvements and advances in mankind were found by answering how, rather than why.  


Easy EB: So the farmer/scientist looking at their crop, as it has withered and died, asking why and successfully modify the seed to be more resourceful.  They didn’t ask and answer why?


Azrael: No, they answered how.  How did these plants die? What prevented them from getting the things they needed to survive?  How can we modify it so that they can survive while getting less of things they need? How can we protect it from the harmful fungus that claimed them?  Finding the answer to why did these plants die would not have led to these results. Knowing that the answer if it was over watering or a fungus, they would have just looked at that individual cause and find solution to their problem.  Asking how allowed them to solve the problem for everyone else, improving humankind.


Easy EB: I think I have it now.  Why leads solving this problem and how leads to solving all the problems.


Azrael: Close.  Why leads to addressing the symptoms, whereas how leads to solving the problem.  It’s like most cold medicines. They don’t treat the virus or bacteria causing the illness.  They treat the symptoms. They stop the runny noses, calm the coughs and reduce the fever so that people can continue on with their day.  The drug companies ask why. The individuals who develop the vaccines asked and answered how. How does this virus spread? How do we stop the spreading? How can we prevent it?


Easy EB: I think I get it now.  Why is the selfish question and how is the big picture answer.


Azrael: Exactly.  That is why is such a terrible word.  Hitler asked why Germany had issues, and found an answer.  If he had asked how to make Germany better, it would not have lead to one of the worst disasters in human history. Dangerous Dan has been asking himself why lately.  Why was he not successful in his last time here. Why should he make a come back? He should be asking how. How can he change his record? How can he change his luck? How can he improve his game? How will returning to the CWF improve my life? Those are the questions he needs to be asking and finding the answers.  Those will lead to long term success, and more importantly will lead to a happier healthier life.


Easy EB: So more than anything it is a frame of mind that is the difference between why and how.


Azrael: You got it.  


Easy EB: Shall we continue on with your story?


Azrael: Sure.  Where were we?


Easy EB: I believe you were talking about the great war and how you abstained from choosing a side, leading to your outcast.


Azrael: Outcast is a little strong, more like excluded.  I could have been welcomed back at anytime but I elected not to, because I saw the benefit that I could provide to man being away from God and having the extra freedom.  As man continue to live, I continued to provide my support. Since man feared death, because of the unknown, they soon began to fear me, associating me with death. While true that I am there for death, as the soul leaves the body, I am not the cause, just the delivery.  I am also there to console and support.


Easy EB: When did the association and you becoming known as the Angel of Death?


Azrael: It really started during the dark ages.  Man was transitioning from the multi deity believe system to a single. Also during this time living conditions were absolutely terrible, and the quality of life was the worst it had ever been.  To say I was busy would be an understatement. But man prevailed and moved on from that time. Religious factions existed still, but that was settling down.


Easy EB: Speaking of religious factions, what do you make of Christer Lundmark’s attack on you this past Evolution?


Azrael: Nothing.  I believe his attack was misguided and due to his small mindedness.  He doesn’t understand that his God and mine are the same. That the path that his God has him follow will lead to the same end location.  As I’ve said before, there are many paths, but they all lead to heaven, or Valhalla or Folkvangr or reincarnation, whichever you believe. They are just another name for a rose.  Regardless of the name, a rose remains beautiful and sweet as ever.


Easy EB: He isn’t going to believe these words, and I have a feeling he will attack you again.


Azrael: Apparently I touch a nerve in him.  That is fine. I can be a source for him to let out his anger to get past this.  He is clearly hurting inside, some deep pain from a loss.


Easy EB: What happens if your compassion and attempts at helping work through this fail?


Azrael: I never fail.  I just change my methods.  He may have to meet the Avenging Angel.  Regardless, he will fall in line and fulfill the destiny that God has for him.  


Easy EB: Why don’t we see the Avenging Angel often?


Azrael: If the Avenging Angel makes too many appearances he loses his impact.  I become a source of fear, rather than comfort. I tried using the Avenging Angel constantly, and it didn't work out well.  There was such fear that it became counter productive. Besides, each time the Avenging Angel comes out, I lose a bit of my ability to be compassionate and empathetic.  It hinders my ability to comfort for quite a while afterwards.


Easy EB: So the power that the Avenging Angel has costs you in terms of your kindness.


Azrael: Mostly.  Now, if God has decided the Avenging Angel is needed, then it doesn’t.  


Easy EB: So why doesn’t God do that more often and why do you have the option?  It almost sounds like that kind of power should be used sparingly and under control.  


Azrael: He is a kind and loving God. There are some people who no chance of redemption.  Who have committed such atrocities that there is nothing left for them on earth, and will only continue to cause pain and suffering, preventing people from reaching their potential.  I have the ability to change into, as sometimes fear is the only way people can get past the loss. The only way to get the individuals past their pain and anger is to respond by using their language.  Once that emotion has run its course, then they are more willing and more open to assistance in their grieving.


Easy EB: Well, as our time is coming to an end, any last words?


Azrael: Sure, I would like to speak about Dangerous Dan for a moment.  Looking into his heart, his heart is where it should be. There isn’t any long lost pain that he needs to work through.  There is nothing that causes him to be off his destiny’s path. He is a kind and caring man. This will be a simple match.  Dangerous Dan will step into the ring not to give his emotional pain a matching physical pain, but because he enjoys the competition and the art of wrestling.  Which is perfectly fine reason to step into the ring. As I’ve said before, I am whatever people need me to be.


Easy EB: Thank you for time and I look forward to our next episode, as my numbers keep increasing.  So thank you. Good night Undergrounders.

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