Title: Trial by Fire
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Sucks to be allergic to nuts
Location: Thousand cuts
Show: Evolution 31


The flames erupt from the fire pit and highlight a very mischievous Loki Synn, who is holding a box of matches and looking down into the flames as they twist and swirl. The sudden light is disorienting, forcing shadows to dance with each other across the walls, as barren and cold as Loki's soul. Her eyes pierce the camera, as if contemplating it and she carlessly tosses the rest of the matches into the flames that of course swallow them whole.


It's a powerful element, one of the most powerful. Not only because of its destructive power, but has anyone REALLY not seen anything spring up from the ashes of what once was? Think about it before you answer.

Think of one thing, one time where something was burnt oh so crispy and black, and people just decided to leave it as is. Bet you can't can you? It's because flame gets rid of what's old, worn out, no longer necessary to function and births something else. Usually an improvement upon the last thing that the new replaces but... Do you see the cycle? Do you see where I'm going with this?


That's not ok Zach, you're supposed to be a good boy and pay attention.

In all honesty I forgot about you this is true. I miscalculated in my plans for complete domination and I completely missed you, oh why cruel fortunes did I have to miss someone as high IMPACT as ZACH?"

She says his name with disdain and disgust, like spitting out the rotton piece of fruit you decided to risk because every other part looked good on it. Loki makes a clucking noise, trying to clear her mouth of such a terrible reaction to the fifth Forsaken member's name. With no warning, Loki leaps forward and grabs the camera from the pedestal it is standing on with both hands, embracing it and looking deep into the lens. Her voice is filled with mock anguish and despair, if she were a cartoon, she'd have rivers of tears flowing out of her eyes.

"HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO LAME AND DUMB TO HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT... That one guy who doesn't really have a really cool name. 'Hey look everyone! It's The Shadow, Ataxia, and Dorian! Looks like they picked up a stray cat... What's that? It's a boy named Zach?! AND he knows how to fight?! WOW!'"

Loki puts the show on hold for an instant before taking a deep breath and cackling into the camera. She sets it haphazardly onto the stand, leaving it on its side due to not being able to reattach the apparatus properly.

"Listen, I may have forgotten about you Zach but that doesn't automatically give you a free pass. It doesn't mean that you get to come back after months of running away, pretending to be on some life changing journey, when in all reality you probably just ran home and complained about everything to someone who cares less than even myself.

Oh and Zach? I don't care about you, your spiritual journey, or the fact that you're back. 

Honestly, I needed a warmup before I went up against The Forsaken's A-Team. If they want to send their pitch hitter in to come up against me? So be it, they're only delaying the inevitable."

She cackles again, an unholy sound that echoes through whatever chamber she might be in. The only words that could be used to describe such a place was "cold" and "windowless." Outside of that, there wasn't much to go on. Loki proceeds over to the flames that she originally ignited and runs her fingers through them, unphased. Almost absentmindedly she strokes the flame like that of a proud dog owner while she addresses the camera once again.

"Zach, the fact of the matter is, you made a mistake when you decided to cross me. You might THINK that you one upped me but at the end of the day, you can never one up the master of one upsmanship. In all honesty, your merciless beating didn't happen now, it would eventually. Let's face it, you just have that face that makes a girl want to tear it to shreds in front of your family, friends, lover, whomever you have, if anyone, in your life. 

At the end of the day Zach, you caught me at the end of a very long and hard fought match. You took me by surprise, true, but who was it that really walked out the victor that night? You have a LOT to learn, starting this week about the way these things work. The only thing you served to do that night was move my sights from Shadow, right on over to you. Congrats.

You'll be the first one to laugh last. I'll see you soon Zach. Smooches."

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