Title: Better Than You
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 9/24
Location: Memphis
Show: Evolution 31

Beale Sreet owed me nothing.  Riding high on the hog with Duce and Jarvis....we were like a certain 80's wrestling group.  Belts, booze and babes.  The Glass Ceiling..we are the show.  But alas, I had a commitment to get to back home.  After a long, fun night, I took the drive down I-22 back to Birmingham, my gold in tow.  It had been a hell of a few months. The ups and downs; the good and bad. The emotional roller coaster had taken more than a toll on me. I was exhausted, and frustrated. So much stress lately. I had began to care about what other people were saying. I actually took in their hate, and let it stab at me. But it weighed on me far too much, plaguing my every thought. I wasn't perfect, nor was anyone else. I shed the armor I had built. I was human, flesh and blood. No longer would I fear my emotions. I was ready to shed my fears.

I was told I wasn't good enough...look where I am now.

They told me I was conceited....shit, I have every reason to be.

Finally, they said I was a belt holder, not a champion....these two belts say they're all wrong.

When I was twelve years old, I got into a fight. The kid must've been at least fifteen, twice my size. He beat the piss out of me. Why mention this? It was a turning point in my life. The exact moment that I've pinpointed when I decided I wasn't ever going to get beaten up again. Thirteen years later, look at me.

I have grown up to become more than I ever thought. I make more money than my father ever did, I'm more successful than my childhood friends ever dreamed. I've looked back at what I was back then, and I was scared. I was weak. I had never been in a fight, never wanted to. After that fateful day, I decided that I would not allow myself to be bullied like that. I began watching a sport that one day I would transcend. That sport saved me from obscurity, and took me to the places I find myself in now. A few years after that incident, I began training, allowing myself to transform into what you see before you. 

I worked my ass off to get where I am, despite what anybody may tell you. I have earned every perk and amenity that I now have with hard work, ambition, and dedication to my craft. A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to put our talents together and form an alliance. More specifically, an alliance of excellence. We came together with one goal in mind: To rid the CWF of all the underachievers, all the guys who were getting fat and lazy, resting on their laurels. Guys who basically felt they deserved everything, and never worked for it. We brought a new mindset to the game, and raised the ante for the entire company to see. Within one month, we stand before you holding every piece of CWF gold, save one.

Don't worry...Ms. Flair will have her day in the sun come to a stormy demise eventually, but first, the Forsook will first find themselves blinded by the reflection in the light. We are three men who crave victory, and will do anything to attain it. Glory, fame, legacy. Those are things that come with time, and success. We've each earned our share of those, but it's not enough. It's never enough until the CWF history books show us as the greatest faction in this company. That too, will come with time. Forsook....we're going to beat you, oh yes, because that's what I...we need and want to do. Because climbing that ladder means we as a group get one step closer to our ultimate goal.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of Newports. He opens the top and extracts a cigarette. Closing the pack, he puts it back into his pocket, producing a lighter in its place. He flicks the Bic and lights the smoke. He takes a deep drag and exhales

Ahh, the sweet taste of nicotine, one of my favorite vices. This smoke you see, fellas, is symbolic though. It represents your hopes of winning at Evolution. It represents what MJ's title reign will look like when one of us finally gets our shot at her. It represents everything you people in the company try to keep me down. The CWF has seen a small glimpse of what we are capable of, but you ain't seen nothin' yet. We all have setbacks, challenges life sets in front of us that we must face.  The Glass Ceiling...we are your setback, Forsook. We are the challenge that has been put here to test you, to show you just how human you really are. You aren't CWF royalty, you just think you are. We are here to show you that you just can't cut it anymore.  This is truth, plain and simple. Don't say you weren't warned, don't say you weren't prepared. Just say you were beaten by the best thing going in the CWF today. We are the Glass Ceiling....and we are BETTER . . . THAN . . . YOU!!!


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