Title: Differences between the soul and mind
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 9-24
Location: Efed Underground
Show: Evolution 31

Easy EB: Welcome back, we are here with Azrael for the second portion of our interview determining what happened to the tortured soul that was Azrael and the Angel of Death we have now.


Azrael: Thank you EB.  Before we go back into that, there are a couple of things I need to address.  First off, the actions Azrael on his fateful night, the night where he lost all hope.  The night where the only solution he could see was death. That is not a topic that is to be taken lightly.  As a matter of fact, it is a poor epidemic that takes the lives of too many individuals unnecessarily. This should NOT be used as the butt of anyone’s joke, least of a by a burlap bag and piece of trailer trash.  


Easy EB: Very strong words.


Azrael: I’m not through yet.  There are those who doubt that the human form of Azrael did not perish.  That the pound of flesh was not weak, that it didn’t perish. There are some that believe that he and I are in fact the same.  I assure you that isn’t the case. I have here, the death certificate for the man who in the CWF was known as Azrael. The autopsy photos, and the police documentation from the 911 call and investigation. That man, who was troubled, depressed and desperate for a solution, found a solution, the wrong solution, but a solution nonetheless.  People need to accept that as fact.


Easy EB: These are more disturbing than I am able to handle, so let’s get back to the story.  Shall we?


Azrael: We can, unless you would prefer I talk about Harley Hodge.


Easy EB: Something tells me I don’t get a choice, and you are going to hold me captive until you say your piece regarding him, since you know what I really want is the Angel of Death story.  So I will indulge you and listen you speak of your next opponent.


Azrael: Thank you kind sir. Honestly, I have thought about it, and there isn’t much to say about Mr. Hodge.  He is a veteran of this company, and of this business. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen or done. He is like just about every other human, he has had his highs and his lows.  His highs may have been higher than yours, but on the flip side, his lows have been lower. In the end, the highs and lows will balance out for everyone, leaving everyone with a slightly high balance.  That is, assuming you allow God’s plan for you to come to fruition and place your faith in His plan.


Easy EB: I guess it goes back to that old wives tale, that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.


Azrael: Something like that.  But I will tell you, He does.  He knows where your limit is and He knows how to stretch you past that limit.  He knows what force and how much to apply to bring you to greater heights, heights that you couldn’t achieve on your own.  If this is the case with Mr. Hodge, I am not sure. God is the only one who knows. I just know what is in one’s heart and pain they carry with them.  Death is present in every aspect of our lives. From jobs and careers to friends and significant others. Each source of loss, whether or not comes from the actual death of an individual is processed by the soul the same.  


Easy EB: You mean to tell me that losing my cat is handled the same way as losing my mother?


Azrael: By your soul, yes, but granted at varying degrees.  Let’s use your Mr. Hodge as an example. He has lost his fame and money.  He has lost his family. Looking at that loss, for his soul it doesn’t matter that his family is still alive, the soul just knows the connection that was there is no more.  Why or how that connection was severed is irrelevant, just that it was. Now, if his family had actually perished, rather than just been estranged, his mind would treat it differently, that is why they feel different, but the soul and the heart, to them a loss is a loss.  Reasons and logic do not matter.


Easy EB: So you if could shut off your mind, you would mourn the death of a significant one, the same as a falling out.  


Azrael: That is correct


Easy EB: What about those relationships that get reconciled over time?  How can the soul accept and process that?


Azrael: One of two ways, depending on what happen.  I know I’ve said that the reasons don’t matter, which is mostly true.  It is true in terms of the severing the relationship completely. If that connection is eliminated, the soul handle’s it as a complete loss.  Anything new that occurs, is just that, something new. The history, the love, the attachment, within the soul is gone, never to return. The mind will hold onto those things, but the soul can’t.  That’s why you hear so many times that things are just different the second time or it’s hard for people to get that spark back. It’s also why things change so much. Why sometimes the second time is so much better than the first.  The connection that is made is different this time. Now, if it is just a minor falling out, one in which a reconciliation can and will most likely occur, once the minds calm down, well that connection is only damaged. Damage can be repaired, but it is never the same.  Sometimes it becomes stronger, growing upon itself, and turning that weak point into one of strength. Other times it will never be as good as it once was. And sometimes it is allowed to wither and die.


Easy EB: It sounds like you haven’t said much.  Sometimes it is hot, unless it is cold, and then it’s just warm.  


Azrael: Well everything is like that.  Everything has to be something, I have just explained what the somethings are with regards to the soul.  


Easy EB: Because you ferry the souls to the after life.  


Azrael: No, I guide and support.  I am so much more than just a ferryman, going back and forth.  Not everyone’s trip to the after life takes the same path. For some, it's a straight shot, while for others, they need some time to process and adjust.  Everyone is different, and one size doesn’t fit all.


Easy EB: I guess that makes sense.  Sorry if I offended you


Azrael: My child, I do not get offended.  While man will hear the words you say, and using their life experiences interpret your meaning, I know your meaning.  I know what you mean even before you say it. I know if the thought comes from a place of love or a place of malice.


Easy EB: Okay, back to your story.  Last time we were discussing the Great War, in which you refused to participate, as you had to remain neutral for the benefit of Man.  Why? Why did you give up some of the perks and benefits?


Azrael: Because that is my lot.  Because man needed me to be there for them.  As for the benefits, and perks that I lost, in a way they have actually benefited me in my service to man.  They have allowed me certain freedoms to do as I see fit to assist man, when I may not of been able to had I not abstained.  


Easy EB: Like what?


Azrael: Well, only certain individuals are deemed worth enough to see and interact with an Angel.  Only those who are needed to follow God’s plan and have lost their way or drive are deemed worthy of seeing an Angel.  As for me, I can be seen and am able to interact with everyone. Allowing me the ability to comfort in ways that man needs, rather than from a far.  It allows me to better explain, because man has such a need to know. That word should have been banned, and never allowed to be uttered.


Easy EB: What word?


Azrael: Why.


Easy EB: Because my fans would like to know which word, and the history.  That is a juicy bit of information. What word is it that the Angel’s think should be banned.  I can see the headlines


Azrael: Before you start asking me Who’s on first, let me say the word is Why and that next week you will have listen in to get your why.  


Easy EB: Ohhh…..that’s a good cliffhanger.  Alright folks, tune in next time to get that curiosity itch scratched as we will continue our discussion with the newest Angel among us.  Azrael.

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