Title: Finished
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Nowhere
Show: Evolution 31


“So you have to fight someone calling themselves ‘The Ripper’?  When did we fall back a few centuries? Somebody has a creepy obsession with some guy from history.  You’d think this would be a thing around Halloween. Guess we’re celebrating early huh.”


The male figure said with a small smirk, popping a fry into his mouth.  He watched Autumn push the straw around in her drink, in a counter-clockwise fashion, a frown upon her slightly tanned face.  She hadn’t smiled much since they sat down in this small little restaurant to play catch up and enjoy one another’s company for a short while.  It didn’t bother him, but the fact that success had been a far fetched thing for someone with a well of talent did.


“I guess.  I haven’t even started decorating my place yet, let alone picked out a costume.  Here he is jumping the gun. Kinda rude if ya think about it.” She shrugged. “Oh well, not like anyone cares what I do anyway.  People are interested with everyone else not someone who can’t bring in the goods.” She frowned, taking a bite of her food, chewing in relative silence.


The figure across from her frowned, feeling a pang of sorrow rattle through him.  She was normally vibrant with that edge to her that made her such a great person to be around, but lately it seemed like some dark storm cloud was constantly following her no matter what she did within CWF.  He felt bad, and didn’t even know where to begin to bring her back to something that closely resembled normal.


“Okayy, moving onto other things.  What else is new? How’re you and Phoenix doin’?  I hear you two went sightseeing in Florida a while back.  How’d that go?”


A small smile, but that was about as much as he was able to get.  It was a start.


“It was fun.  We did a lot of sightseeing, laying on the beach, joking about the state of real wrestling today…”


“Did you go…”


“Yes we went to disneyland.  Had a blast. More for sightseeing, than the rides.”


“Bring back anything fun?”


Eye roll.


“Yeah, of course.  Why wouldn’t I? Sent some stuff home to family, y’know, then the rest was for me.”


“I didn’t get anything.”


“Yes you did.  Stop lyin, you sent me the picture of it the day you got it.  Nice try though.”


He sighed, holding up his hands in defeat, chuckling softly.


“Hey, ya can’t blame me for tryin.  I’m just tryin’ to enjoy some time and get a damn laugh out of you or something.  Liven up or whatever. You’re bringin me down.”

“I’m tryin’ man.  It’s hard. You work your butt off, and you get nothing out of it.  Can you blame me for not seeming as excited this time around about facing someone?  I’ve got this radio interview/sit in for a local radio program back home in a few days.  That I’m looking forward to, not some guy trying to pattern himself after a serial killer from back in the day.  I’m more scared of Bob Ross coming back from the dead than I am of him.”


“Why him?  Zombies, horror movies, other stuff, but why that guy?”


“He can paint happy little accidents, man.  Think about that stuff.”


Autumn nodded, a serious look on her face.




The rain pattered against the window in heavy sheets, Autumn’s face reflected between the drops as she watched the gloomy weather come down and soak everything it was touching.  She sighed, her breath fogging the window she was peering out from, wondering if it was ever going to end. The weather or everything else. Her mood about everything matched the way the weather was outside right now.  If things stopped, she would be happy. Either way she’d be happy if something would at least go right. She glanced off to the left, as if expecting something or someone to be there, but shook her head, knowing she was just kidding herself.


WrestleFest was a sort of bust.  Well it was a bust all around. She knew she wasn’t going to walk out of that with a win, but at least she got to wail on Silas and everyone else for a while.  She hurt like hell for a few days afterwards, but it had been fun.


The aftermath, in hindsight, was never fun.


It still wasn’t.


“No one wants to hear my story up to this point.  Do they? It’s the same kind of story that you would hear from anyone else around here, it’s just the players and the locations change from person to person.  The beginnings and endings are different, that whole story. Seriously if you want to hear mine, go read the website, it’s all there in plain print for everyone to see.  I’m not gonna sit here and go through some long winded story about where I was, why they screwed me, why I left, then why I came back again.


I want a nap.  I want a drink.  Wake me up when it’s over.  Wake me up when Halloween gets here.


Wake me up when things actually make sense again, and the reincarnation of The Ripper goes away.  Far away.


Oh yeah, that’s right.  I have to deal with it this week.


I enjoyed the tale he wove.  Quite interesting. I know nothing about him really except for the few things I’ve learned from the little tale he presented everyone with.  One, he used to be here but when he couldn’t figure out how to turn on the light switch, he hightailed it out of here and chased the dust bunnies to other bigger and more brighter places.  I can understand that in a way. If the company you put your whole self in goes to shit, then why stay. The sky’s the limit and you can make a better living elsewhere. Two, he must have some hard on for The Ripper of legend, or maybe he’s just really excited about Halloween.  Not a really creative way to inspire fear in the hearts of people. I’m sitting here wondering when I’m supposed to start being scared really. There’s a lot of things more scarier than that.


I know who the real ‘Demon Assassin’ is, and she’s actually a nice gal.  Me painting my face to mimic her is just an afterthought, a simple detail that shouldn’t really matter to anyone.  You’re the first to point it out. Bravo. Shows you pay attention to the little things in life.


Shock you didn’t mention anything about Silas or my past connection to him.  Ooh bonus points to Danny B for not coming out sounding like a broken record like the rest of the CWF roster is.  Good for you, I’ll send you the cookie I don’t have.


It’s shit what happened to you at WrestleFest, that things ended in the controversy that they did, but it is what it is and you have to man up and get the fuck over it.  Complaining about the ending isn’t gonna change what happened. Being ready for what’s to come, that is the real challenge. Question is, will there be anything left of the man known as Ataxia when he gets to you finally?  Who knows.


For me, it’s more of who cares.  I’d rather watch paint dry. I’d rather be a thousand miles away right now than sitting here talking into a camera lense to a man and god knows how many others are listening that frankly don’t give two shits that Autumn Raven is here again, ready to lose another match.  Frankly I don’t care about any of them, the management, the crew, the refs, or anyone on the roster. Why should I?


They’ve never done anything for me, helped me.  All they’ve done is tied my ass to Silas, attached us to a raft and pushed us down the river, hoping we’ll get along or some stupid shit.  I keep untying myself, and for whatever stupid ass reason, I keep getting tied back down. I keep getting knocked down, just because I’m me, just because I want to fight and not give a damn about what happens at the end of the day.  Maybe I just want the haters to disappear, and the world to understand how my mind works and how I function in that ring properly.


But it’s like I said.  No one wants to hear my story, because no one cares.  No one gives a shit about this painted face that wakes up and comes in early to train and practice knowing that I’ll probably lose again to whatever asshole they decide to throw in front of me.  No one cares about the little things I do outside of this festering ooze pile to satisfy myself, and keep the suits at bay from completely chewing me out. So why should I kiss everyone’s ass to be something they want me to be?  Something I refuse to lower myself to be.


They want to force me out, push my ass out the door, because I’m not the ‘face that runs the place’ brings in the most money or sells it because I have a pretty face and nice cans, yet can’t do much else.  I don’t want to be ‘that face’. I don’t want to be the hero. That’s not who I am. Yet I am willing to put myself on the line each and every night for a company that seems to frankly not give a damn about the little people who do big things around here.


So experiment on me, do what you will.  The story is going to turn out the same at the end of the night.


I can’t save the world all the time, but I can walk away from those who seek to destroy me.”

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