Title: The Devil's in the next room
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Today
Location: TN and TX
Show: Evolution 31

The Devil is in the next room...
The Day After Evo 30
Memphis, TN
/Scene Opens

Twenty-four hours doesn’t make much of a difference in the deep south. It’s still hot in Memphis, not really uncomfortable but just unnecessary. It doesn’t take long before beads of sweat begin to form. I decided to hang around Memphis for a day or two, there was an old friend I wanted to drop in on. First though, I had to get something off my chest, so while I’m waiting for the uber, I take out my iPad and begin recording.

Jimmy Allen: Tsk tsk Dorian, trying to pull on the non-existent heart strings with that crap. Do I remember?...fuck you, do you remember? More importantly, does Chloe remember? Does she remember all the nights that her Daddy couldn’t tuck her in?

I let that sit for a moment so not only Dorian and Chloe but anyone who is watching this can absorb what I just said.

Jimmy Allen:I was the one tucking her in, because your drunk ass couldn’t be bothered to be a responsible fucking parent. I was the one that held her when she cried because she didn’t understand why her Daddy was in jail….again. Yet she walks around stalking me like I’m the bad guy?

Again I pause and let that sink in.

Jimmy Allen: Dorian I know you’re confused about why I’m doing this. It’s really not that complicated. You’ve been trying for a long time to crawl out from the shadow that I cast. You think it was the drink that was holding you down. That’s not really the case, it’s as simple as this….You’re not good enough. You’ve never been good enough. That bullshit about me being half the man my father is. Hell, I’ll take that, considering he’s ten times the man you’ll ever be. Which would make me….still better than you. While you spent your entire life ignoring the money that your family has, I spent mine making theirs grow. It’s all about growing their brand and mine. I tried to teach this to you many times and all you would do is ask for another drink. 

I smirk at the camera now that I’m rolling along I decide it’s time to just lay it all out there.

Jimmy Allen: All the clues were right there for you, all you had to do was pay attention. When I arrived here and I debuted….my theme music…”Cut the cord’. That in itself should have spoken volumes to you about my thought process where you are concerned. I basically pleaded with you to turn away from this path. Again, you ignored what I said. I showed up at the hospital where Mia was and you told me that it wasn’t the time. I told you that things were not what they seemed. I provided you with a gift and you granted me a title shot.

My smirk slides into a sneer.

Jimmy Allen: I didn’t want a title shot, what I wanted was for my friend to wake the fuck up.Obviously that didn’t happen, so I took matters into my own hands. Do I have your fucking attention now? I’ll bet I do, especially after last night when I cost you that the title belt you obsess over so much. Whatever will The Forsaken do now that they have no titles? No titles to defend, but then again the bagman can give you all the shots he wants to, can’t he? I mean afterall he is the fucking boss. To think that all you had to do was step away and like the old days follow my lead. That’s right, poor poor Dorian has always been a follower, never takes the lead on anything, just a puppet for people with actual leadership skills. How does it feel to have Ataxia’s hand permanently up your ass? 

I feel my top lip begin to twitch as I become more angry and less reasonable.

Jimmy Allen: Well Bagman, it doesn’t matter to me whether you think I deserve a one on one with you. All of this hero worship that goes on around here from these idiot fans…..that’s gotta stop and I’ll put a stop to it. In the end Ataxia, even if I lose I win. No matter what else happens, I’m going to put an end to you. Your influence over these others will come to an end just as abruptly as it started. Since you seem to be incapable of finding Mia, I think I’ll just see if Loki would like to have a drink. 

The smirk returns.

Jimmy Allen: Hell maybe she and I will invite Jarvis too and discuss the best way possible to put an end to all this bullshit called The Forsaken. Wouldn’t you just love to hear that conversation?

Now I’m openly smiling as I need to deliver one last message.

Jimmy Allen: Now on to the present and what has my attention right now. Kemsey Ramsey? You have got to be kidding me. I go from dominating a fatal four way to Kemsey….this is almost like a night off for me. Look chief, I’d say not to take this personally because it’s just business but you are now finding yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Have you ever heard the phrase “The Devil plays in idle hands?”. Soon, very soon you’ll understand how bad a spot you are in. You’ve won very few matches since you’ve been here and are being placed in harms way. This is not an exaggeration or a boast dude, you’re about to be picked apart by someone who knows how it’s done.

I stop the recording deciding I’ll edit it later and send it in. My uber arriving cut the recording short. I sit in the back seat and tell the driver where I want to go.

Jimmy Allen: The Brass Door please.

The driver nods and pulls away from the curb.

/Scene Fades

The Brass Door
Memphis, TN
A short time later…

/Scene Opens

I stand near the entrance to the popular Irish Pub, I wipe the sweat from my brow and reach for the handle. My motion is interrupted by my cell phone ringing, “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult playing at max volume. I answer the call.

Jimmy Allen: Yes Uncle?

We cannot hear the other person but a smile spreads across Jimmy’s face so it can’t be good.

Jimmy Allen: I’ll be there tomorrow. Thank you for looking into this for me.
Something else is said.

Jimmy Allen: Understood.

I close up the phone and smile.

Jimmy Allen: Finally!

I flag my uber driver down before he can leave. This will have to wait for another day, I have to get back to the hotel. I give the driver the instructions and we are off once again.

/Scene Fades

“Chapters Closing”
Downtown Dallas - Zenna Restaurant

/Scene Opens

This nondescript building in downtown houses one of the better Japanese style eateries in Dallas. It is owned and operated by the men I still call “Uncles”, friends from another life it would seem to me now. They were without a doubt firmly entrenched in my past and I intended for them to stay there. We portrayed Yakuza in another place and I was growing tired of people believing that we actually were. I’m here today for a completely different reason however, they had finally managed to dig up some dirt on this Interpol Agent. I stride thru the front door of the building with purpose and bow to each of them in turn. 

Jimmy Allen: Uncles.

They bow in return and Tenchai speaks first.

Tenchai: We were able to use an old network of friends and family to find information on this agent who’s been troubling us all. Here is the information that we were able to gather.

He hands me a folder, I know what you’re thinking, couldn’t he have just emailed it to you? He could have but what fun is there in that? I digress, skim the contents of the folder and discover what I was hoping was there. What myself and the Uncles needed to be there.

Jimmy Allen: So, it’s confirmed then?

Tenchai: Hai, dirty cop. No, not dirty anymore, just not a cop at all.

I close the folder and smile at my “Uncles” and they return it in kind. 

Jimmy Allen: This is better than I had hoped for.

Tenchai crosses his arms, a defensive gesture to be sure and I arch my eyebrows in askance. 

Tenchai: Payment.

I reach into my inside pocket of my jacket and produce an envelope, handing it to him, he snatches it and tosses it over his shoulder to his brother who quickly opens it and begins counting.

Jimmy Allen: Are you kidding me right now?

Tenchai doesn’t move, he continues to stare at me. Not the kind of stare like someone is measuring you, the kind that they have already condemned you for an act of violence that is out of character or so egregious that they cannot forgive that. I was prepared for it though, I knew what I did to Dorian would not sit well with them. His brother snaps twice confirming the amount.

Tenchai: Our business is now concluded, you have safe passage this one time Jimmy. Leave and don’t come back. 

Jimmy Allen: Sure thing, as they say, when one door closes another one opens.

I turn around and head back thru the door into the sunlight of a beautiful fall day in Dallas. I smile as I use the remote start on my Challenger from fifty feet away. I start to open the door then look back at the building where my former friends I’m sure are splitting up the money I just gave them. I had done some digging of my own on them. I pull the wire from my shirt collar.

Jimmy Allen: I’m clear.

Dozens of unmarked vehicles come in from all directions. I watch the raid unfold, no shots fired, no casualties. The Uncles weren’t Yakuza but they were in the country illegally. I had hid them at my place no telling how many times but finally it was time to cut the cord and close this final chapter. I stayed and watched  as the immigration officials loaded them into an SUV to take them to downtown for processing. 

Jimmy Allen: Damn it feels good to do one's civic duty. Deportation will be good for them, it’s a character builder or so I’m told.

/Scene Fades

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