Title: I'm Back!
Featuring: Dangerous Dan
Date: 9/20/18
Location: Evolution
Show: Evolution 30

September 7, 2018
Smithville, TN
Sitting alone on this September night, I gazed effortlessly at the stars shining brightly in the sky. I began to ponder with my thoughts, focusing oh so slightly on this one star shining more brightly than the others. Normally the north star is the one that sticks out, but I seen that star. No, this one was shining with such a glow, that it almost seemed like it wasn’t even a star to begin with. Am I imagining this, or is this star really shining brighter than all its brothers and sisters?
Brothers and sisters? Do stars have brothers and sisters? Are stars gendered? Am I even making any sense? I can’t really tell what makes sense any more. I haven’t been myself, but then again, I’ve been happier. I have a new boyfriend, and my son just started the fourth grade. I believe that I have things in order, but I’m never too sure anymore.
I momentarily turn my attention back towards the ground, as I begin to rise to my feet. I glance back up at that amazing star, this time it’s glowing with such brightness. Maybe this is something I should be making a wish on. I know you’re supposed to wish upon a shooting star, but this seems indifferent. It’s like it wants me to follow it up towards the sky and into that sweet space beyond. I can’t resist any more as I must make this wish.
“Star light, star bright, this shiny star I’m seeing tonight. Grant my wish and let me avenge my defeats with might. Give me the grace, give me the will, to one day show them all the thrill. Never again shall I get a pin, because I’m Dangerous Dan and I WILL win.”
With that wish I turned inside, closing the door behind me with pride. I went to my room to go to bed, only to receive that wish I just said. Hearing my phone ringing, I entered the bedroom and picked it up off the end table. I took a moment staring at the Caller ID as I couldn’t believe whose number I was seeing. I clicked the answer button and spoke.
“Hello Mr. Rish! What can I do for you, sir?”
I sat on the edge of the bed, as I listen to what my former boss was saying on the other line. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach turning, as I couldn’t believe what Rish was asking me.
“I don’t know Rish. I hung up the boots months ago. I believe that my time has passed.”
I continued sitting on the edge of the bed, hearing what Rish was telling me. I will admit that a bit of a smile came across my face. I had since wondered if I stepped back inside that squared circle, if things would be different. Could I make a comeback and prove everyone wrong about the last go around? Let’s face facts…my last trip in CWF didn’t go as planned. I had the worst win/loss record compared to anyone else on the roster. Am I willing to sacrifice that humiliation again? Time has passed, and most people probably don’t even remember. But it’s something that will stick with me forever.
“Yes Rish, I understand the situation you are in, but I’m not sure if the Danger Boiz are ready to come back full time or even part time for that matter. I have a new boyfriend; my son is in school and Chris is off doing his own thing.”

Seconds later I again speak…
“I understand what you’re saying Rish, but Chris and I have new lives. Would it really be worth giving all of this up? Things have changed over the last five or six months. I don’t want to deal with all that humiliation or take a chance on things being the way they were.”

It was all a lie. I was ecstatic that Rish finally gave me the call. I took the needed time off after retiring, but over the past month or so, I have been craving to step back inside that ring. I have wanted to once again show everyone what a new and improved person I am. I still have a lot left in me and I want to showcase it all. So yes, everything I was telling Rish was a lie. I wanted to say yes. I wanted to take the first flight back to CWF. But, I needed to make sure that it was the right thing to do.
“Tell you what Rish. Let me talk with Chris and see what he wants to do. If he wants to come back, then we will give you a call and be on the first flight back for Wrestle Fest.”
With Rish agreeing, I hung up the phone and stood to my feet. My heart was pounding, and my feet took off the floor. I began jumping up and down like a little kid at the thought of potentially wrestling again. Now the only thing to do was to run this by Chris and my new boyfriend Danny. What? Weird that I’m dating someone that has the exact same name as me? Not really. At least there is a way to tell us apart when someone needs our attention. Dan and Danny.
September 8, 2018
Murfreesboro, TN
It’s been almost a day since I received the call from Rish to come back to CWF. I was thrilled at the thought but knew that my brother would probably be a different story. I called him up and told him that we had something important to talk about which had to be in person.
Having enrolled in college and attending MTSU, Chris suggested of meeting at one of the campus restaurants. I arrived fifteen minutes early, as I was too eager to sit at home. I walked inside the restaurant and took a seat, waiting for the arrival of my brother. Shortly after Chris entered through the door and took a seat in front of me.
“So, what’s so important that you couldn’t tell me on the phone, bro?”
“Well, I know you’re enrolled in school now, but…”
I paused trying to find the courage to ask Chris if he wanted to come back. I mean, he’s been back in school for less than a month. This would be a life changing situation for someone who is trying to get his life back on the right track.
“Spit it out Dan!”
“I’m trying to, but I know you’re probably not going to want to do this.”
“Well if you will ask me then we’ll see.”
I took a gulp and found the courage to finally let Chris in on the good news. In reality, my potential wrestling career depended on his answer at this point. After all, Rish wanted BOTH of us back.
“Okay, so I received a phone call from Rish.”
“Wait, you received a call from CWF Rish?”
“Okay, so what did he want?”
“Well, I know you’re in school now, but Rish wants us back in the tag team division. We have a shot at becoming the tag team champions again.”

Chris sat there still and motionless for a few seconds. His mouth hung open, as I could see that he was trying to think of how to respond to the news.
“I know it’s huge news, but we both have been thinking about stepping back inside the ring. I now I have.”
“I don’t know what to say Dan. I’m back in school now. I don’t know if I want to give this up after less than a month enrolled. Have you talked to Danny about all of this?”
“Yes, and he’s going to be supportive. He’s willing to watch Elias any time I’m on the road.”
“You’re asking a lot of me Dan. I’m happier than I ever have been. No stress, no headaches and no anger issues. I don’t know if I can go through that previous humiliation again.”
I could understand where Chris was coming from. We both went through a lot during our last run, but I honestly believed that this was our second chance. Rish wanted us back and was willing to pay big for us to come back. He needed us to be in the tag team division, and I really needed back inside that ring.
“I get it Chris. I felt the same way, but I think this is our opportunity to change things. You and I are remembered as the has-been Danger Boiz who couldn’t beat a soul. Now, we have the chance to change that and make a statement at Wrestle Fest. Rish wants us to appear however we see fit. I see the tag team title match being that statement. C’mon Chris. I know it’s a lot but we both need this.”
September 17, 2018
“Will you look at that. Chris accepted the offer and the Danger Boiz are officially back and ready to take the tag team division by storm. I know what most of you are thinking. Here we go again for another failing career. I get it. I really do. I didn’t have the best track record, but time has gone by and it’s a fresh new start for my brother and myself. At Wrestle Fest Chris and I made a statement to the champs. No matter who are the champs after Evolution, the Danger Boiz are coming for the gold to become the first three-time tag team champions…
In the meantime, I have the chance to showcase the new and improved Dangerous Dan when I step into the ring with an old rival Autumn Raven. My path to redemption begins with the soulless bitch, who tried to end my career. Autumn, you tried to end me once before, but failed at doing so. You talked the talk back then, but you most certainly didn’t walk the walk. If you were as tough and powerful as you think you are, then I wouldn’t be back…
You once tried to kill me and laughed at the situation. You were so caught up in that thick skull of yours that you forgot to finish the job. Well, my time has come to get the ultimate redemption on you Autumn. I don’t see gender when I step into that ring. No, I see a person who is in my way of climbing to the top of that rung. Autumn, I’m going to make an example out of you if it’s the last thing I do...
Revenge is a dish best served cold, Autumn. I'm coming for you and moving on to capture my seventh tag team tite reign. You think you have what it takes to defeat me? Then prove it at Evolution. Prove to me that you're not the bitch you used to be. I'll be the guy standing across the ring from you, slapping that smirk off your face. I'm Dangerous Dan and I'm your worst fucking nightmare. The ENDD is near, Autumn. Can’t you feel it?"

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